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9 Reasons to watch Gone With The Wind right now

1. When you see the beautiful, radiant face of Scarlett O’Hara, whining about how everybody talked about the incoming war dampening her spirits, not because she cared about it, but because “I get so bored, I could scream!”


2. The feisty heroine of the film, our dear Scarlett knows exactly how to garner attention of men truly enchanted by her. It is that which makes it unbelievable for her when her confidants announce that Ashley Wilkes, her love interest, is going to marry Melanie Hamilton, a plain, boring, mute lady.


3. Scarlett is one of the few unconventional country girls.  She hardly ever pays attention when she “prays”. She doesn’t care about anything that anyone says. She flirts shamelessly with every man she sees, because well, she knows she’s got it.


4.  When Mammy, the housekeeper of O’Hara house chides Scarlett for her misgivings, she repeats it in a funny, totally grammatically incorrect manner. It is adorable to see their relationship throughout the movie.


5. It is with blonde, blue-eyed, honorable, well-loved and serious Ashley Wilkes that we all, along with Scarlett, initially decide to fall in love with.  He is courteous, soft and kind. He is wise and sees the world impartially, just as it is. Although Scarlett understands not one word of what he utters, she decides she wants him the most, and tries to get him as desperately as she can.


6. When she says, “Fiddle-dee-dee!” to tell everybody that the Devil may care, and “Great balls of fire!”, and works all alone mingling even with the Yankees like a hard-headed businesswoman, you know she is incredible, as Rhett would marvel- “What a woman!”


7. At the start of the movie, comes in a tall, dark, rich, handsome man- Rhett Butler. He is unlike any mild mannered gentlemen that flock to Scarlett. Oh no, he is a cad and of the worst kind. He has no honor. “The only cause I believe in is Rhett butler!”. He is a man every lady would stay away from. Except, he is so charming and smooth, no one can help but give into him and concede to his demands and suggestions.

7 (2)

8. Well, well, well, how can I not mention Miss. Bonnie Blue Butler, the sweet little adorable child of Rhett and Scarlett? I would go through the movie again and again, she to hear her speak!


9. The movie’s end is VERY surprising, and in the end you realize, each minute of your time spent on this movie has been worth it.



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