5 Cartoon Shows That Every 90′s Kid Loves


The 90s and early 2000s were such an amazing time on Cartoon Network. You had such a plethora of good cartoons to watch, each with its own twists and mysteries. Here I will compile a list of 5 cartoon shows that I absolutely love from my childhood, and I am sure everyone else does too. I know I have skipped quite a lot of other good ones, but you need to call it a day at some point, don’t you?
NB – if you were born post-2000, you may interpret this title as, “5 Cartoon Shows You MUST Watch If You Want To Know What REAL Cartoons Are”. Ben 10 and Chhota Bheem suck stand no chance here.

1. The Powerpuff Girls




This one obviously had to be on the list. Who didn’t wish that their mum had drunk some Chemical X while carrying them?  Or if you are one of the underdog lovers like me, didn’t you find the story of Mojo Jojo a little sad and kinda cute? Everything about this show was so cute – Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Professor Utonium, the mayor, Ms Keane, everyone! And of course, to put the butterflies in your stomach to a rest, here is a picture of Miss Bellum’s face –

2. The Flintstones




Yabadabadoo! I have spent half my life trying to do the midair heel kick. I just cannot do it. But that is not the only reason I love The Flintstones! The realrockstarsof the 90s, the Flintstones were a wonderful trip into the Stone Age. It triggered your imagination like nothing else. I mean, who could have imagined running cars, petting a dinosaur and bowling like that? Yeah, okay smartypants, but for a 10 year old it was really fascinating. And it’s probably that same 10 year old who created this -

3. Dexter’s Laboratory




This show. Oh, the sibling love. I don’t think anyone could have shown elder sisterly love better than this. Dexter was such a cutie! I was appalled when my little cousin had no idea who Dexter was! This smartypants was a miniature version of the modern day programmer, always trying to automate stuff and creating portals to the other world. And, honestly, that Mandark dude was quite hot.


4. The Scooby Doo Mysteries




Two guys, two girls and one big, cowardly dog go around the world in their Mystery Van looking for ghosts and solving other paranormal crimes. All five characters, and the occasional Scrappy Doo, had their own eccentricities, and that is exactly what made the show so unique and popular. Besides, who doesn’t love some spooky stuff? Full disclosure, it was scary at times. But before you go, haven’t you ever wondered how these guys ever got the money to go around the world in their van?

5. Looney Tunes 




How can you NOT love this show. In my opinion this is probably the creative best any cartoon show has ever reached. So many characters, so many stories, one wildly amazing show. We have our master of wit and sarcasm, Bugs Bunny, his arch-nemesis, Daffy Duck, Mr I-Trust-ACME-Products, Wile E Coyote, the Usain Bolt of the cartoon world, Road Runner, and all the others! I could watch this show anywhere and anytime. And so could you, right, Doc?


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