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5 Best Google Doodles of 2013


 “I have discovered a truly marvelous proof of this theorem, which this doodle is too small to contain. “

But a doodle is never too small because it gives us heart full of inspirations to start our day with. Here I have for you, my friends, five best Google doodles from 2013. Enjoy the doodle journey with me.


I love Google for this, for mingling imagination with our favorites. Thanks a ton to the doodler who created this, for bringing back memories and for that immeasurable glee.  The scene, as you can guess, is taken from ‘Pather Pachali’, directed by our all time favorite filmmaker, Satyajit Ray.  Apu chasing his sister Durga along the kash reed fields, both merrily excited to watch a train pass by. Oh! What a lovely. Also, if you haven’t still, do read the entire trilogy and later watch the movies.  They are more delicious than the best chocolate sauce you will ever get in the market.


I loved the way how doodlers paid honor to us on Women’s day, stylish expressions in the form of cartoons. “Creating this Doodle, while lots of fun, was quite a challenge. After all, women make up more than half of the population.  How can they be fairly represented in just one illustration”?  Says Betsy Bauer, the Doodler.  Oh do check that nerdy face in the top right corner, so defines me. 


Mothers, round the globe, ‘to cry, or not to cry’? Look at those cute little strawberry kids, look at the big yummy cake and look at the Oh-so-surprised Mom. Indeed cute on Mothers Day.


This time doodlers pay tribute to labors from different fields, irrespective of the gender.  The doodle pictures a young lady working on a computer, a gardener watering the plants, a male painter painting the letter O and a woman engineer working with tools, thanks to Google for such inspirations on Labour Day.


Do you miss Teachers’ day celebration in school? Whatever be your answer, you are bound to love this. I was madly nostalgic. Check Potter glasses (well almost), graphics sheets, scale and that orange tome. Doodle-fi to the doodler for letting us re-discover such wonderful moments.

 From ‘Ice Cream Sundae’ to ‘Douglas Adam’s 61st birthday’ Google Doodles have always been my source of inspiration and imagination. What about yours? How Google doodle makes your banal Monday morning interesting? What do you think about these ‘five best Google doodles of 2013’? Share with us your doodle inspiration.

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