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19 Things That Only People With OCD Will Understand



  1. Impeccable cleaning is your religion.
  2. So much so that after finishing up the dinner at the restaurant, you have that terrible urge to clean the table.
  3. Or even the dirty restroom at the Club.
  4. You have solution to clean every types of stain (Monica Geller, Huh?).
  5. Lack of symmetry and order kills you often.
  6. Everything in your kitchen is labeled and ordered. And the other way round drives you crazy.
  7. Your wardrobe is always neatly organized. Period.
  8. And a friend’s disorganized closet makes you insane. Remember Sheldon from Big Bang Theory right?
  9. You try to even out the lipstick and the eye liner for the umpteenth number of time.
  10. You always understand if anyone touched your bookshelf.
  11.  You check things, recheck and repeat, tending to fall in an infinite loop.
  12. You are terribly superstitious, well mostly.
  13. And very conscious when it comes to numbers. Like every time you see 2 and 16 you are one happy baby. (yeeaah 16 can be divided by 2)
  14. You cannot for your life see a creased bed sheet.
  15. You make routines for everything. Yes, even before going out for shopping.
  16. Parking your car gives you one hard time. It always has to be perfectly aligned.
  17. By now you have learnt the order of magnets on your refrigerator. In worst case you have a picture taken in your cell phone.
  18. When it comes to packing you know it all. And no one else knows it better.
  19. Beware! You are just going to have panic attack seeing that it ends in 19 and not 20.

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