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6 Famous Fads Among Indian Youth


What is the latest fad among the youth of India?

Everyone knows them, is surrounded by them, but do we really notice them in our day to day lives?

I do, so here is a list of the latest fad amongst the youth of India.

1. Posting dedications to the family and loved ones on Facebook. Facebook

I mean, really? How difficult is it to walk across the bedroom and say to them directly. I am sure they would appreciate that more than posting something on a website!

2. Buying smartphones Smartphone

Yes, we know the price of your phone and how it is the latest model in the market, but have you ever actually stopped and thought as to how much of the features you will ever use other than just keeping up with the peers?

3. Buying a DSLR Photographer

Okay, so clicking pictures is your hobby and you spent your (parent’s) hard earned money to buy a top of the line camera, but that doesn’t elevate you to call yourself a photographer. There is much more to it. It’s an art, and honestly, proper photographers don’t edit their pictures with fancy effects. What they click is all natural.

4. Instagram, Facebook and… #hashtags Hashtags

Seriously, you don’t know the meaning of hashtags. Preceding every word with “#” doesn’t make your status cool. What it does is reaffirms that you are a n00b.

5. Blackberry Messenger BBM

How many apps and social media networks do you really need to stay in touch with the same people? It’s not as if you will get new people to talk to on every new application.

6. hI…. hOw ArE yEw…. I M sOoOoO kEwL…. wAnNa hAnG oUt…. lolzzzzzz

Stahhhppp!! English is a beautiful language, please don’t ruin it. You are neither doing any favours to yourself, nor to the reader.

So which one of them are you?

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