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Bombay vs. Delhi


1. The weather

Delhi has an extreme weather. It will be either 50 degrees or 5, that’s it. There is no moderate temperature. Whereas, Bombay sees a moderate weather throughout the year, it’s a minimum of 16 to a maximum of 31.
Once on my trip to Delhi, I told a friend “Its cold over here man!”
he replied “You Bombay-waalas are such chicks”
I said, “At least, we don’t wear sweaters!”
Score: 1-0.

2. Nightlife

Delhi has a good nightlife. But, Bombay is way ahead when it comes to night life. Bombay has been able to produce high quality places of local and international brands that can be visited during the late hours and can be enjoyed to the utmost with the highest level of security. The brands like the Cafe Mocha and the Athena are spots where night life can be enjoyed at its best.Nightlife is way good in Bombay compared to Delhi.
Delhi guy, “You and your bloody cramped roads, how do you even travel at night?”
Me, “Well it takes us time but in the end I know my sister isn’t being followed by a rapist and she can go out at night”
Score: 2-0. Picture1

3. Transport

Bombay has local trains and Delhi has its own vast metro network. Hands down, Delhi wins. Its air conditioned, safe and much more comfortable.
Delhi Guy, “We have a metro!”
Me “We are coming up with a monorail”
Delhi Guy, “And for how many years has it been coming?”
Sigh. Score: 2-1.

4. History

With a long recorded history of around 1500 years continuously as the Capital of some dynasty or empire and intermittent lost history of 5000 years (as claimed through scriptures like Mahabharat), modern-day Delhi is an amalgam of numerous imperial cities dotting its landscape. Considered as the city destroyed and rebuilt several times, Delhi boasts of a rich variety of heritage monuments, ranging from Hindu-Indian to Indo-Turkic to Indo-Persian to Indo-Mongol to Sikh-Indian to Sufi to British! Bombay, on the other hand, doesn’t have significant history preceding British era. It was established as a major port city during the British times and boasts of several British era architectures and monuments such as the Gateway of India.
Almost everyone in Delhi is related to some or the other big shot politician. So don’t be amazed when you hear people screaming “tu jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai?”at each other at a traffic signal.

Score: 2-2! Picture2

5. The people

And then, there are the people. Delhi people are cold and heartless. Bombayitess are too busy to make time for a social life. Delhi people are more brand conscious than Bombaypeople. Bombay people are more helpful and friendly than Delhiites.
Once in a metro a man behind me screamed “hey asshole! Get out of my way!”
Me “so whatever happened to ‘excuse me’”
He replied “take your ‘excuse me’ and shove it up your ass”
I promise, you will never find such an insolent behaviour in Bombay. Not a chance.
Score 3-2!!! 
When I was leaving Delhi I asked my friend, “So where do you live exactly?”
“Noida”, he said. I gave him a big smile and said “Noida is not Delhi! Get it through your head.” 
Finally, well this is a battle that will never end. Paani puri vs golgappa, batata vada vs bonda, kanda vs pyaaz and what not! Nightlife vs having a life!
I hope this battle goes on and on because accept it we love to hate each other. Haha!
Who won? Who’s next? You decide 

I hope you guys loved what you read. If you have any more fights we can think of let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Reply Shashank Bhardwaj |

    How can you possibly say Bombay has better weather?
    It’s a perspective thing. Some people, like me, actually look forward to winters – something Bombay can never have.
    Revised score: 2 – 3.

  • Reply Sonal Sher |

    I actually wanted to write a mail to you, but there is no other option present. I am writing this as a person who has lived 15 years in Delhi and 2 years in Mumbai, 3 years in Bangalore, 2 years in Nagpur and has some perspective on how insensitive and also pointless such writeups are about cities. You want to write a long article comparing only the infrastructure of two cities, please go ahead. You want to compare crime rates – go ahead. You want to write about history – fine. But what you have written here is such a mediocre article which doesn’t either completely make sense nor is completely stupid. No, Delhi does only have two temperatures. It has six seasons – summer, monsoon, fall, winter and spring. And no mumbai is not a city of pleasant weather. It has 4-5 months of insane monsoons with the rest of the year being hot and Humid. Local transport does not only include locals and metro. It includes, buses, both govt run and private, plain and air conditioned, autos, taxis, cycle rickshaws, electric rickshaws and RTVs. People – Please travel in the ladies compartment in a local as a woman and then say that people are nice and pleasant in Mumbai. Just because one person in a metro used a cuss word does not make an entire city heartless. Rude perhaps but not heartless. By that account every time an aunty hurts me badly with her elbow in a local, every mumbaikar should become insane. But they do not. Every city has its own quirks and unless you spend time there you can not understand them, much less write a articles comparing them.

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  • Reply Rahul S |

    From my Personal experience, I have to say Mumbaikars act like major assholes to out-of-state people. You can literally get racial abuse/linguistic abuse everywhere. I am a South Indian and I have faced discrimination the most in Mumbai of all the major cities/states in India ( I have lived in 5 major cities including Delhi).

    Fuck you Mumbaikars.

    You are the fuckers that bring about a North/South Divide.

    Even Gujarati’s are very friendly, they are just calculative with money. It surprises me because they are your neighboring state. So much difference moving to a next state.

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