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Five Awesome Things About Delhi University



With all the bad rep that Delhi University’s decision to implement FYUP has garnered, I thought it was time to remind everyone of the nicer aspects of this antique institution. Here they are:

1. No dress code.

Other universities might have regressive dress codes or a strict formals-only policy but DU is extremely friendly to those who are sartorially inclined. From t-shirts with politically incorrect slogans to barely-there shorts, from bathroom slippers to killer heels, DU welcomes it all. And while I wouldn’t recommend it, some hostel students have been known to turn up in their night suits.

2. One meets people with all kinds of obscure, esoteric, weird interests.

Like 13th century Norwegian love poetry? You will find like-minded people here. Crazy about a specific sub-genre of anime? Play the ukulele? Read only Asimov’s sci-fi? It’s quite literally impossible not to make friends here!

3. The professors.

This sounds nerdy but bear with me. DU has some of the best faculty in the country. These are people who have graduated from universities spread all over the world and hobnobbed with the who’s who of academic fields. A professor who loves the subject can change a student’s life. I know because it happened to me.

4. The extra-curricular opportunities.

DU is vast. It only figures that it would have societies for every activity available to mankind- films, theatre, sports, music, quiz, literary, journalism, social work. DU also has affiliations with foreign universities and student exchange programs. And numerous scholarships.

5. Food!

If you happen to be a hosteller, this criterion is nothing to scoff about since the bad quality of hostel food is nothing short of legendary. What saves the student from starvation, at least in North Campus, are the numerous affordable food joints- Kori’s, BYD, Rico’s, China Bowl and the more local college canteens and hangouts. Not only do these places provide sustenance, they are also cultural, intellectual hang-out zones. These are the times you will look back on nostalgically when mid-life crisis and arthritis attack.

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    hi neha, this is awesome post ! being d.u guys i suggested you more- classes that we bunked,seminars that we have fun ,and stuffs that helps alot.

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