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Ten Awesome Things About Having a Younger Brother



1. Who amongst us hasn’t been dragged kicking and screaming to boring family functions? From prodding relatives who have no idea what personal space is to well-meaning acquaintance whose idea of small talk is to ask about your exams and future plans, these occasions are a necessary nightmare. On such occasions, a younger brother is indispensable because you can easily kill time poking fun at the said relatives and indulging in discreet mimicry.

2. From broken vases to incomplete homework, ruined clothes and undone chores, a younger brother makes an excellent scapegoat to get out of trouble. And he doesn’t even demand very expensive bribes in return!

3. If he happens to be of the nerdy persuasion, all your technological problems can be safely deferred to his expertise. Be it buying a new phone, getting rid of laptop trouble or downloading software, he is up to the task.

4. You will always have someone to watch super-hero flicks with! And if both of you happen to be interested in memes and other pop-culture commentary, you are in for a session that is fun on meta levels!

5. You have someone who looks up to you and holds you to a certain standard and that makes for a very handy external conscience.

6. Parents are easily persuaded to buy the more expensive gadgets because these will (presumably) be shared.

7. You always have a ready partner for video-game or board-game sessions. It’s kind of hard (and a little narcissistic) to play chess by yourself.

8. Shared childhood memories and experiences are always a source of great joy (and blackmail in future times!)

9. Your taste in movies, music, sports and other areas is inevitably widened when you have another person in your life forever blabbing about his interests. And sometimes, once in a blue moon, this leads to great discoveries.

10. Convoluted, complicated inside jokes and rituals!

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