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19 Things To Do In A Flight Journey



  1. Laugh awkwardly every time you make eye contact with any co-passenger.
  2. Pretend you have one super genius cell phone that you don’t need to turn off.
  3. Talk bullshit with God. Inform ‘We are near’.
  4. Sleep talk. Loudly.
  5. Wake up from a dream, ask the next person for weed/condom.
  6. Also lean on his shoulders and cry endlessly.
  7. Draw ‘make love, not war’ posters and distribute to same gender co-passengers.
  8. Walk into the aisle. Start bhasaan dance or sing like Justin Bieber.
  9. Try to jump out from the window every time you see a fat lady.
  10.  Read Playboy. Every 10 minutes yell ‘I’m reading Playboy, anyone wanna join?’
  11.  See a kid and say you own 100 Play Stations, 10 Disney lands and 1 zoo.
  12.  Ask if anyone is willing to lend his monitor. Say you are dying to watch Krrish 3, now.
  13. Play air guitar in front of the rest room.
  14. Find an angry uncle. Give him a free hug. And run.
  15. Order Pork Sushi and Red Beer. Always.
  16. Find some one sleeping. Put lipstick on him. And watch.
  17. Shout over the phone ‘No there is no Bomb here’.
  18. Okay, come back to the aisle again and give an emotional farewell speech.
  19. Shout ‘Saaachin Saaachin’. 

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