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5 T.V Shows You Just Can’t Miss This Season


Winners and losers are emerging at a record pace just a few weeks into the fall 2013 TV schedule. There are a few legitimate hits so far. Let me take you through the one’s that hit the jackpot for me-

The Crazy Ones images (8)

What it’s about: Father-daughter ad execs (Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar) take on the industry — and will sink to any level for success (i.e. the pilot features the pair performing a rap for Kelly Clarkson, playing herself).

Why you should watch: William’s return to television and Gellar’s endless supply of charm are enough to warrant a view.

Trophy Wife la-et-st-abcs-new-comedies-mixology-trophy-wif-001

What it’s about: A reformed party girl (MalinAkerman) hopes the “third time’s the charm” when she becomes Pete’s (Bradley Whitford) third wife, and inherits three stepchildren and two ex-wives (Marcia Gay Harden and Michaela Watkins).

Why you should watch: Despite a cheesy plot, it delivers fresh humor, steeped in irony with a surprising sweetness. The characters’ complex dynamics make it a “Modern-er Family.”

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. download (4) 

What it’s about: Phil Coulson, of the “Avengers” movie, returns to lead a covert peace-keeping organization that investigates supernatural activity.

Why you should watch: The pilot received a standing ovation after its premiere at San Diego Comic-Con; so if you’re already a Marvel fan, it’s golden.

The “Avengers” spinoff delivers stunning special effects, a diverse and complex crop of characters, and deadpan “Whedonesque” dialogue. It also helps to be called the “most promising new fall series” by the TCA.

Hostages images (13)

What it’s about: A family (Toni Collette, Tate Donovan) is caught in the middle of a massive political conspiracy, which the FBI agent on the case (Dylan McDermott) has a surprising role in.

Why you should watch: Standout casting combines actors from “American Horror Story,” “House of Cards,” “Entourage,” and “United States of Tara” — with McDermott delivering an “undeniable menacing” performance.

Breaking Bad- Season 5 download (5)

I keep the best in the list for the end! The meticulous, intricate design that has gone into the most seemingly innocuous details is staggering, and the classical dramatic influences have become more and more clear, with comparisons from Hamlet to King Lear (to summarize just the Shakespeare connection) all holding various allegorical truths.

Why you should watch it- Coz it’s freakin awesome!

While the answer to the question of which series comes out trumps will ultimately always come down to a matter of subjectivity, Breaking Bad’s taught, interwoven storylines, beautifully developed characters and thematic richness that just begs for further analysis means there’s no denying its place on the elite pedestal of TV drama.

Missed the list-

Big Bang Theory Season 8

I have seen the first few episodes of the season and it doesn’t look as promising as the earlier ones. So Big Bang Theory has not made it to my list. I hope it continues even after such dismal series opening. Fingers crossed!

Have a few to add to the list? Speak Out!

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  • Reply Akhil |

    The Big Bang Theory is currently in its 7th season, not 8th. The Crazy Ones and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have been disappointing too. I’d rather watch Modern Family and Supernatural.

    • Reply arjunclicks |

      Sorry for the mistake Akhil. I have already told the admin to change it. Thanks for the input. I think supernatural has run it’s course and has to retire soon! It’s not like it used to be. Moreover, aren’t we all just fed up with the vampire stories? ( Not you but generally). Modern Family–umm yes I think it deserves accolades for the way it has held the audience. But, it too seems to be fading away with the script now. The list is basically for the new seasons that are out there as of now. Not the old ones. Breaking bad is an exception here but, cummon! its BREAKING BAD!

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