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10 Things That Prove One Direction Is Taking Over The World


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Reasons that prove One Direction is taking over the world and you should be afraid:

I’d like to straighten my bowtie and clear my throat and thank my little sister for all the information. Google doesn’t know as much as your token One Direction fan.

1. You can’t open a Youtube video without Vevo telling you about the newest One Direction single.

2. Your sister is begging you to download the new album, and you’re almost completely sure it’s the third one just this year.

3. It is literally impossible to switch on a music channel or open a magazine without seeing the band’s surprisingly good looking British faces grinning up at you.

4. On a bad day, before you shriek and close the magazine, you can’t help but think, damn, that one dude has some fine cheekbones. Not to mention longer eyelashes than you. 

5. Your sister is really excited for your birthday, and you’re touched, except it’s because Zayn Malik has his a few days after.

6. Your Youtube history is most likely angry feminist music or compilations of puppies falling asleep, but Youtube insists upon recommending “Top Five Cutest Harry Styles Moments!” ( Why, Youtube. Why.)

7. Your indie music hipster friend says, apologetically, that she quite likes that one song off the album. tumblr_mqnrp67z4G1sr0o1wo1_1280

8. You open any sort of music playlist online, and even if it’s called “Angry music to have an existential crisis to”, you can bet your favourite shoes it has at least one song by One Direction. With no explanation.

9. Most thirteen year olds you speak to know more about the band (including time of birth and number of siblings) than you do about your college major.

10. It doesn’t matter if you don’t follow One Direction fan accounts on Twitter or Tumblr – a picture of Harry Styles with his daily Starbucks with a photoshopped flower crown will appear on your dashboard. (As a sidenote, no one knows why the flower crown manips are so popular. Its like Gangnam Style all over again.)

The end of the world as we know it is quite near.

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