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12 Things About Virgos



So this is actually a series i’m going to do called Twelve Things. Its going to cover every zodiac and of course its going to be very subjective and biased and based on personal opinion! 

And here’s the first one on Virgo, happily my dad, one of my best buds, a bestie, my jeej and my boyfriend all happen to be Virgos so i think i’ll hit the mark straight with this one. 

1. They can criticise  the sun for shining at the wrong brightness level

2. They are annoyingly neat and are proud of it.

3. They are also amazingly level headed and soothing when you’re a panicked mess.

4. Often they lose their minds and act like Librans but they will never admit to that.

5. In fact they’ll never admit to being wrong.

6. But they will admit that they love you or hate you. Frequently.

7. They laugh very weirdly and dont realize it when you’re laughing at their laugh and not the joke

8. Their eyes are black holes that can swallow your soul. In a nice way.

9. They will nag you and nag you and nag you some more and be all annoyed that you asked them not to nag you.

10. If you can get them away from their bed/ book/ tv/ computer, you’re Superman no matter what anyone says.

11. They’re a bunch of emo sentis. Make them watch the Google ad and you’ll see its true.

12. They’re exasperating and annoying and i love every single one of them.

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