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18 Things To Do While You’re Shopping



1. Try out bras on top of your clothes.

2. Walk up to the stranger and say, ‘you again in this dress, what’s wrong.

3. Shake hands with mannequins.

4. Sneak into the Opposite gender dressing room. Watch.

5. Try some Harry Potter spells in the kids section.

6. Take out a blanket, spread it on the floor. Sleep and snore.

7. Put random things at someone else’s cart.

8. Start screaming, ‘Have you seen my X?’

9. Dance in the escalator.

10. Come out from the trial room, dressed like Joker.

11. Sing ‘I’m a disco dancer’ on top of your voice.

12. Go to the lingerie section and ask whether they sell Mangoes?

13. Go to a stranger and ask, ‘where is the free section?’

14. Give candies to random kids, if they don’t say thank you, tell the truth about Santa Claus.

15. Go to an angry kid. If they say ‘Get Out’, come back to him with your Boy Friend.

16. Laugh. Stop. Cry. Don’t stop.

17. Knock into the trial room and ask can you come in.

18. Ask people if this is happening in your dream.

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    Hahaha.. Its very funny. Very nicely you shared your thoughts with us. Thanks.. Actually I always read blogs on this website: but now I have also bookmarked your website in my browser.

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