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5 Worst Indian Advertisements of All Time


What can be more annoying than commercials in the middle of your favorite television show?Annoying commercials, that’s what.

All of us have seen a lot of poor advertising during our lives, but sadly there’s nothing much we can do about it.What makes the adverts even more intolerable and irritating is the fact that we need to seem them so often, over and over again. Putting up with them becomes next to impossible.

Here’s a list of some of the worst adverts you can ever come across on Indian television:

5 – The Economic Times – the Power of Ideas [youtube=]

I didn’t see this coming from a brand I respect. The Economic Times, as part of its ‘Power of Ideas’ campaign, came up with this undeniably fail advert. Although the attempt was to make the advert look goofy – the output was much worse.

4 – ‘SirfDekhnekanahi’ – IPL [youtube=]

Dafuq did I just see? This advert combines shockingly poor advertising with irritating mannerisms from Farah Khan. Worse – we had to endure it throughout the IPL season.

3–Harpic Advert [youtube=]

We’ve been seeing this for years now. Hussain as the hygiene vigilante who conducts surprise toilet checks in every house in your neighbourhood. And somehow, no one seems to mind him barging in.

2-Crazy Feet – Vodafone [youtube=]

I still haven’t understood why everyone must exhaust their net packs by watching innumerable, pointless, and lame videos of people trying to impersonate a chicken. Not good, Vodafone.

1–Samsung S4 Launch – ‘Samsung Style’ [youtube=]

While we mention some of the worst Indian advertisements, how could this be left behind.The most epic fail ever – featuring the launch of the Samsung S4 where the talented (?)Ranveer Singh performs pathetically breaking all the records and making its way to #1 on my list of worst adverts. Some gems like ‘Aagey bhi camera, peechey bhi camera’ also feature as dialogues. 

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