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10 Most Badass Looking Nokia Phones Ever

nokia ngage

Of course you’ve had a Nokia phone sometime in your life. In fact, most of our first handsets were Nokia phones. While Nokia may be best known for its sturdiness, there’s no denying that the company also experimented like crazy with its designs – and gave us some of the most unique looking phones ever. Some of the most unique designs are:

#10 – Nokia 7370:


Here’s what set the 7370 apart – a rotating display! You could turn this phone’s screen all the way to the other end, covering the keypad. Loaded with features, it also had a 2MP camera and 8 MB of memory onboard.

#9 – Nokia 7610:


Released in 2004, The 7610 remains one of the more famous of Nokia’s phones. I’ve hated this device for its screwed up keyboard layout that always had me correcting what I typed.

#8 – Nokia 6800:

nokia 6800

The Nokia 6800 was released in 2002. It was among the first to feature a two-in-one keypad – both QWERTY and normal. While that may have given it functional advantages, it sure did make the handset look rather weird.

#7 – Nokia 7900 Prism:

nokia 7900 prism

Released in 2007, Nokia experimented with the keypad again on this one – only this time, the result wasn’t so bad. We could still type on the 7900 prism – and the triangular design for the keys was good on the eyes too.

#6 –Nokia N-Gage:

nokia ngage

The N-Gage has got to be on this list. Featuring one of the most unique designs ever – the handset released to much hype (all of us wanted one as kids) – and failed to sell. Of course it would – you had to hold the handset perpendicular to your ears (and not across them) to make phone calls. Wtf?

#5 –Nokia N90:

Nokia N90

Not sure if camcorder or phone – the Nokia N90 had 2 screens on either side of its rotating display.

#4 –Nokia 5510:

nokia 5510

Among the most bulky Nokia phones I’ve seen – this 2001 device came loaded with what they called ‘multimedia’ features – and still featured a monochrome display. It did include an MP3 player though – I’ll give them that.

#3 –Nokia 3650:


This 2003 device was among the first to feature a rear camera. I’m not sure how many photos you could click with the amazing amount of memory on board – 3.4 MB. All the functionality was however, dwarfed by the focus on its design – another circularly laid-out, confusing keypad sat proudly on the device.

#2 – Nokia 7600:

nokia 7600

With the keypad positioned in such a haphazard way – the Nokia 7600 makes the 7610 look good. Aside from feeling weird to hold in your hands with that crazy shape, it was also a nightmare to make phone calls holding it next to your ear.

The Nokia 7600 was 3G ready and shipped with 30MB of memory.

#1 – Nokia 7280:

nokia 7280

I must confess – I have never ever seen a design quite like this. Looking more like a USB flash drive than a phone, the Nokia 7280 had no keypad. Worse – it didn’t have a touchscreen either. So how do you get it to work? By using a scrollable navigation wheel.

It’s no surprise the phone didn’t sell – there’s no way we’d like to type our entire messages by scrolling through 26 characters all the time.

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