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12 Things About Aries


1. They LOVE the color red. No i mean seriously they love it, they’d marry it and have hot sex with it all day if they could.

2. Which brings us to point number 2, they’re really sexual beings. And they give off those pheromones that usually give other people shivery shivers, even they’re not really interested the said person per se.

3. But they are still immature by nature, in the sense that their inherent thinking process isn’t really complicated.  It’s childlike and endearing.

4. Aries are also stubborn melodramatic idiots who can and frequently will behave like spoilt brats if they don’t get their way.

5. Everyone’s heard of the Aries firey tempers but they have an icy temper too and that my friend is something to be scared of. Ice can cause worse burns than fire.

6. They are impetuous and rush into everything, love, jobs, friendships, walls. Especially walls. Oh and they don’t learn any better ever

7. They are also highly creative, it may not be immediately apparent but its there. Try checking out the coming-late excuses of the least imaginative Aries you can think of… you’ll see what i mean.

8. They’re like fiery suns in your atmosphere, at times you love having them around with their energy and sunshineyness but other times you want to hide and do a rain dance covertly.

9. They are incapable of doing things in a half-assed manner. If they don’t want to do it they will not make an effort and do what you will but they will just not do it.

10. They collect people they can look upto, every Aries i know has this one or two mentor-figure that they regard as god-on-earth e.g. elder brother, husband, and girlfriend etc.

11. They love being taken care of especially when they’re sick. Cuddle them and baby them and goo goo gaa gaa them and they’ll be purring little happy pussycats.

12. I have heard tell that they’re super passionate in bed. Never having actually been with an Aries in that capacity i can’t be sure but the popular opinion seems to run in that direction!


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