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12 Things about Librans



Before you read this let me tell you… I’m a Libran and so that basically means that Librans are the awesomest sun-sign out there! And I’ll try to be fair in a very typical Libran way and write both sides of the story but c’mon! I have to tootle my own horn! (And no I don’t want to know what all you guys thought of that line)

  1. We’re a smiley bunch of people, even when to be angry we’re smiling
  2. We are incapable of deciding something quickly. We need to weigh every inconsequential action and reaction and our feelings on the same before we do anything
  3. Saying that, we can also be rather impulsive but mostly about stupid things.
  4. We have 2 moods. One is the sunshiney happy one that you read about and that people gush about. The other mood is that of a cranky crocodile from Lake Placid who’ll probably eat your hand and then say it wasn’t tasty enough.
  5. We are a dietician’s worst nightmare. We love food and especially sweet food! Bengalis have nothing on Librans for the sweet tooth.
  6. Because of the previous point Librans are usually curvy. Even thin skinny ones have all the lovely curves in the right places.
  7. Dimples. All Librans have that…whether it is on the chin or the cheek(s) or the forehead or the bum!
  8. We love to argue; somehow the day is not complete without a debate or discussion about an absolutely inane topic.
  9. Librans are horrible with money, we spend like crazy and we have no self control when it comes to shopping.
  10. ‘Hopeless romantic’ is a synonym for a Libran. We want hearts flowers candies and serenades and all the love in the world. Incidentally we also need the entire world to know that we are in love.
  11. We’re flirts, like not in a playa sort of way but we just flirt without even knowing we are doing it. Its like an inbuilt social skill.
  12. We are fiercely loyal and protective about the people we love. Don’t ever make the mistake of hurting a Libran’s friend, the retribution will not be pretty and can last well over a lifetime.

Don’t you wish you were a Libran? ;)

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