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12 Things About Pisces


Presenting the 2nd zodiac of the Twelve Things series!

Pisces! Mystical! Musical! Melodramatic!


Twelve things about Pisces

1. Philosophy is their bread and butter. If you know a Pisces you know that they can take the smallest quibble to the most far fetched conclusion which still sounds logical somehow.

2. Logic is their mistress, sometimes they’ll act like its the only thing keeping them alive but are also adept at acting like it never existed.

3. Mix up Devdas, Byron and Mozart and you get a Piscean soul which according to them was rent and torn in half by scheming and alluring femme fatale or roadside romeo. 

4. Which makes this next point that they are highly sensitive and hopelessly romantic. Their hearts are not on their sleeves, THEY’RE RIGHT IN THEIR HANDS BEING FLUNG AROUND EVERYWHERE! 

5. They are uncannily accurate in their deductions or guesses. Check your psychic’s birthday shes probably one. 

6. They love to fight and argue as long as its in the spirit of disagreement sans anger but that doesn’t mean they don’t get angry, they get murderously and sometimes illogically angry too.

7. No matter how introverted a Pisces is, he/she will still be a social butterfly. They will know everyone or everyone will know them, even if it is in a niche sort of way/ 

8. If they bestow a title on you – friend, girlfriend, dad etc. they really actually mean it and expect you to live up to it. And heaven help you in dealing with the emotional drama if you don’t

9. They are annoyingly paranoid. Like a shadow is the ghoul from Insidious and every balding guy is his/her dad 

10. They must have an addiction. Whether it be alcohol, gum, hiymym whatever! Most of the times its something harmless but once in a while it gets dangerous like getting supportive of Narendra Modi.

11. They never have trouble getting along with the opposite sex. I mean its just not fair but its true, they seem to exude a certain something… pheromones? virility? love potion?

12. Remember the whole point about mischievous angelic but evil smiles? Yep that was inspired by a Piscean. I don’t think i have ever met one who doesn’t possess this particular peculiarity. 

That’s all folks! 

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