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5 Reasons Why Liam Neeson Is Awesome


Liam Neeson has it all – the swag, the voice, the amazing action he brings to us on the big screen. He’s played some of the most memorable characters in some of the most epic movies we’ve seen – and he does it so effortlessly. What makes him so awesome?

1- Your attention is going to be Takenas you read about the awesomeness of Liam Neeson. If you don’t know who he is, I can tell you he is the one who mentored Batman, led the A Team, and rescued his daughter from Paris single handily. Even though he has played a negative role in Batman Begins, something in Neeson doesn’t allow you to dislike him. There is this inherent liking for him that doesn’t go away, no matter which role he plays.


2 – If you still are not convinced, let me tell you that this man with his particular set of skills, acquired over a very long career, the charm and the wits, is the epitome of suaveness. The handsome bold self that he is and the intensity with which he has played every single role is what makes him one of the most appreciated and highly rated actors of Hollywood.


3- He is Irish and with that boxer physique (from his previous profession) can surely make anyone go weak in their knees (irrespective of their gender) :P


What makes his acting even more engaging and attractive is his deep, intense voice. It is yet another reason which keeps the audiences glued to the screen while Neeson is casting his acting spell.

4- I’m sure every girl in this world would want a father like him, after Taken. The retired CIA dad, becomes a complete bad-ass and with his very efficient skills kicks the ass of those Albanian sex-traders and saves his daughter.


His style of acting is incomparable and the way he has pulled off his character in Taken is just out of the world.

5 – His ability to make his presence felt and the fact that he can get audiences of all age groups to connect to him and his characters makes him even more popular. He is like the guy-next door , a guy with his own areas of perfection and flaws, someone common masses can identify with.



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