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4 Moments When Arnab Goswami Is The Most Badass Guy On T.V

arnab goswami

Arnab Goswami has had a meteoric rise to fame. He’s become a household name in almost no time – and he’s done all of that on his own. That doesn’t mean all of the attention has been positive though. Goswami has trended (on Twitter and everywhere else) because more often than not – it’s his shouting (rather than his debates) that all of us look at. As the joke goes – On a TV remote, if Manmohan is Mute, Arnab is full volume.

arnab goswami

Here are some of the most memorable Arnab Goswami moments we’ve had:

#4 – Arnab Goswami in Hindi:

Goswami goes all out in Hindi for a full five minutes in this debate. And he’s equally vicious in this language too. Or even better, some would say. The debate gets better as it progresses. Check it out:


#3 – Goswami vsJagdishTytler:

Arnab: “Let me tell you right at the start. Do not try to be aggressive with me. Do not try to patronize me. Don’t try to lecture me. And don’t try to question me.”

If this isn’t swag, I don’t know what is.

It gets better though –3:00 onwards, Arnab completely surprises Tytler in a move that’ll have you in splits!


#2 – ‘Never Ever’ with MeenakshiLekhi:

Meenakshi Lekhi made a fool of herself when she said ‘If you can say what you want, I’ll also say what you want’. But that’s not the point.

This went viral a couple of months ago. Pay attention to the debate, and you’ll probably agree Arnab is in the wrong here. But well, who cares – this is the Newshour! Arnab’s Newshour! Never ever, ever ever, make Arnab angry again :P


Raka Ashok has come up with a pretty catchy mashup (Arnab mashups are apparently the ongoing trend these days) of this here:


#1 – ‘Dented & Painted Women’ with Abhijeet Mukherjee:

This 7 minute segment is perhaps the most memorable ArnabGoswami moment for most of us. Ever since he made a joke out of Mukherjee on this show – he’s only gotten more notorious, and loud.


This video too has its own audio mashup:


Bonus – TVF Spoof:

A combo of many Arnab moments (including Lekhi’s) and mannerisms in 13 minutes – this video is hilarious!


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