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5 Best Odd Jobs in the World


If you think jobs circle is only limited to being a doctor, an Engineer or for that matter working in an ad agency, then you are completely mistaken. There are a set of jobs that are completely unique and with a handsome payscale.  Please don’t underestimate the power of human beings to think outside the box. They really do and when they do they make sure you drool.

5. Island Caretaker 1

Imagine an Island. Pearl blue water, fresh green tress, a modern state of the art house well equipped with all the latest technology (with wifi); no I’m not describing you a celebrity mansion- infact it’s a job. Yes you heard me right. There is a job called an Island Caretaker; your job profile includes keeping the island clean, taking care of the surroundings and for all of this you get handsomely paid. Best odd job ever and you walk away rich!

4. Panda Nurturer/Caretaker 2

Firstly, let me tell you this one little thing about pandas- it’s an obsession! Once you get hold on how they are as animals there is no way out! (Pointers out of personal experience). So now imagine taking care of this easy going breed of animals that pretty much eat, sleep, play and poop. But it aint of a less challenging job. You practically have to take care of a panda, like how a mother takes care of her child. And the handsome treat, of course you get paid like a mad scientist but nothing can overpower the fact that you get to spend your days with pandas. (P.S. It’s been my lifelong dream)

3. Waterslide Tester 3

Ever wondered who quality check the water slides at all the water parks? Professional water slide tester. SAY WHAT? Yes humans, there are a bunch of fun loving weirdos who do this for a living. Their job profile needs no further description they do what we pay to do and enjoy for a day, instead they get paid to make our fun time super awesome (such a noble cause I tell you). It seems so much fun to just lazy around from Water Park to Water Park testing freaking Waterslides your life. 

2. Toy Creator 4

I will not believe a single person on this planet, who says they don’t have a thing for toys. Liars! And some people embrace it like their religion. Let me tell you this. There are a bunch of human beings, who dedicate their lives in creating new and exciting range of toys. (Dedicating because, they give kids a reason to be kids and adults too). I myself sometimes have these crazy ideas of weird dinos taking over our planet and ruling it. I need toys now to represent my dreams. They are the holy odd breed I must tell you.

 1. Mystery Shopper 5

Imagine getting paid for shopping. Ladies thank me later (and gentlemen too). I have come across a dream job though it’s odd. Mystery Shopping. These set of individuals shop for companies at various shops to help them audit their staff and merchandising and what not?! Well I really don’t know about anyone else, but I’m surely trying my luck in this profession. I mean shopping for a livng is like a dream come true, practically for everyone on this planet (Now gentlemen don’t go denying that you wouldn’t want to buy brand new gadgets). I see that twinkle in your eyes people, I’m standing in the same god damn line.

I bet if you are tired and bored of the same mundane professions, I bet these will light up your working experience. Got to go, need to apply for a Panda Caretaker post. Peace.

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