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5 Reasons why having a Brother is Fabulous



Hello there humans. The chill outside has turned a fuse on inside of my brain. And it got me thinking how lucky I am to have a brother.  Besides sharing the last piece of pizza and strategically hidden bag of chips, I do feel I am blessed (sometimes in a very cunning way).  Just remember two’s always a party; and when it’s your own blood, its house thrashing – mind wobbling kinda party. (Excuse my hyperbole, my sibling needs that kind of theatrics of words; you see he is a drama queen). So why I think having a brother is simply fabulous.

5. You have got an extra brain to think.

Ever wondered what it is like to have an extra brain. Ask a person with a notorious brother. The kind of pranks and circus you can indulge in. Ha! And you never go out of ideas, because he is like your back up fuel. And he’ll always add fuel to the fire of your ideas. Light away suckers!

 4. Your personal bodyguard

I don’t need no pepper spray or Swiss knife. I am well equipped and by that I mean I have a full time body guard around me. My brother. It pays off to be tiny and having an older brother who closely resembles big foot. It scares weirdos away. And times when he is not around speed dialing pretty much awakens the beast. Now you tell me, am I lucky or what?!?

3. My well secured Piggy Bank.

I aint no economist and by that I am nowhere close to saving up my money and ‘thoughtfully’ using it. I have a weak heart; I buy everything that remotely touches my heart and bam! I am broke in a minute.  That’s when my brother saves the day and me from being a complete beggar.  He practically acts as a bank for all my hard earned money. The best possible bank anyone could ever ask for eh?

2. Free of Cost Therapist

There are so many things, people or even events that wreck havoc in our brains, that making it through the day without venting out all the day’s fatigue to someone is impossible.  Plus all the good shows and music can’t keep you company all the time (I wish, it did). Voila! That’s when the genie’s out of the bottle (Precisely, my genie needs a bigger bottle, huge bottle). My brother can be a tough nut to crack but he is a good listener. Not only mine but I guess all the brothers are hands down, great listeners.  And that make them a Grade A+ Therapist.  They listen; they think; they ease.

1. A Shoulder to Cry On

And last but not the least, no one and by that I mean NO ONE on this planet can ease your pain like brothers do. They have these weird ways to make your smile intact on your face. Trust me when I say this, the fart jokes work! And the long drives too. Plus sometimes those they stack our secret snack cabinet and leave a funny note like “Fatty, go easy”. But with that kind of love I’d rather go fat than say no to that loving gesture.

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