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Top 3 Things To Do Online


I’m very much a child of this generation. I love me some couch potato-ism. I love just sitting in my sweatpants, in front of my laptop. Day in, day out. Surfing the web. Reading stuff. Generally having to be literally dragged out to socialize. To a large extent, I blame my job for this, but I turn and look at my friends and people around. What do I see? Even they need to be dragged out, and away from their laptops to socialize. This world is simultaneously comfortable and yet lonely.

Which is why, it pays to have a few trusty sites to turn to whenever you need some cheering up. Or, whenever you need to while away time. And no, as addictive as they might be, I am a firm believer of not depending on Zimbio quizzes or 9Gag for my entertainment. This list really isn’t about all that. Why? Because as addictive as they might be, they are simply too commercial and popular for their own good. You know, that phenomena where something just becomes so huge that the original vision and creativity get lost somewhere down the line? Yep, that’s what I hate about those sites. For that matter, even, The Onion, XKCD, and even Oatmeal. Good sites which just managed to flush themselves down the drain.

If, like me, you are also pissed off with the hoards of 9Gag shares on your social feed, you’d do well to check some of these really neat little resources.

  1. JL8: Drawn by Yale Stewart, the JL8 webcomic is about the Justice League. When they were 8 years old. Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and a host of other popular characters, imagined as kids. This comic somehow manages to retain the cute naivety of childhood while balancing out the defining characteristics of each of these characters, as we have seen in DC comics. So, Flash is always a motor mouth, having a lovable relationship with Green Lantern, while Batman is more aloof and generally pissed off and awkward. Think of the DC characters, filtered via the sensibilities of Calvin and Hobbes. Wildly inventive, always knowing, and an amazingly loving take on these characters, the comic is bound to keep you hooked. Only downside? Yale’s output tends to be highly irregular. You can check out the comics at Though, I find the presentation at to be much better.


  1. Team Coco: Yep, you can easily catch this on TV. But then, there’s something about Conan which just makes you want to keep coming back to it again and again and again. Maybe, it’s Conan O’Brien’s unique brand of extremely self deprecating humour. Or maybe, it’s the knowledge that in the sea of megastar TV talk show hosts like Fallon, Kimmel, Letterman and Leno, there’s a seemingly regular everyman also putting out the funnies. Zany, smart and always funny, is the perfect 3am visit. Yes 9Gag, you’re no good.


  1. Incredibox: Come on. Admit it. At some point, you’ve always wanted to create your own music track, haven’t you? Well, over at, you can do just that. This neat looking site lets you choose from any of the 20 pre-recorded loops and remix them into a “song” of your liking. Adding to the site’s appeal is the fact that 6 random hand drawn dudes seem to be the ones providing the voice for your loop. Think of it as one adorable cartoonized beat boxing septet. Oh, and, it’s not just the visuals which are addictive. The loops are also extremely mixable. Who knows, you could just come up with something you like so much you might want to sync to your iPod.


Did I miss something on this list? Maybe you have a resource I haven’t even heard of yet. I’d love to hear from you all about more such resources!

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