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3 Chick flicks to watch this weekend


1. Mean Girls-

Set in Chicago in the state of Illinois, this is the story of Caty Heron, a teenager who has been homeschooled and lived in Africa before her mom got a job at the Northwestern University. Caty, along with her two friends Damian and Janice decide to sabotage The Plastics, a group of three mean girls who think not of the consequences of their actions, but only of what they might gain from them. The movie goes on to deal with the problems that girls have when in high school. One never gets bored of this movie. When Karen Smith says, “On Wednesdays we wear pink!” or “So if you’re from Africa, why are you white?” or when Gretchen Wieners says, “That, is SO fetch!” or “We should totally just stab Caesar!”

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2. The Other Woman-

Carly Whitten is a successful lawyer. But she hasn’t had that good luck in men. She is forty and on the brink of frustration. Then she meets Mark King, a very successful business man oozing charm and confidence. He is smart and handsome, and everything that Carly has wanted in a man. On one fateful day, Carly goes to Mark’s house to surprise him, only to find that he has a wife, gullible Kate. As luck would have it, Kate and Carly end up being friends. They follow Mark, to realize that he has not one, not two (Amber is Mark’s mistress in the Hamptons), but many more mistresses than the one they discovered together. That is when they come up with a plan to beat the arrogant Mark King in his own game. Set in New York City, this movie is totally worth watching. It is enjoyable and fills your heart with warmth to see how the dire situation brings forth the bonding of the three women.


3. The Bridget Jones’ Diary-

This movie is based in London. Bridget Jones is an unsuccessful thirty year old woman. She borders on being an alcoholic, she is a chain smoker, and like every other woman she whines about how she needs to lose twenty more pounds. Regardless of how bad she is at her job, and how she meets no one but other failures, she hasn’t given up on love. She still hopes to find that one true love that will love her just the way she is. And she does meet him, only after many many many misunderstandings.



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