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6 Reasons Why New Delhi Is Overhyped


The word ‘Delhi’ has a swag about it. People from Delhi have this misplaced sense of self importance, a sense of superiority which is pretty evident when you have them around.
While you keep wondering what’s the fuss about, we will tell you why more often than not, it’s overdone.

1-Delhi Chicks

We have had a plethora of Bollywood songs dedicated to the girls from Delhi which in itself is a sign of how they are the centre of attention. They may be hot and charming, but they may not be the best you can get. So Boys, keep your eyes as well as MIND open when you decide on dating someone from Delhi.


2 -Dilli ki garmi

While you may love to snuggle up in your quilt and relish a steaming cup of coffee in winters, the scorching heat in summer is surely capable of rewarding you with a bad day every now and then.


3- The TDC Concept

For people who are not yet aware, TDC stands for typical Delhi chutiya . There is no denying the fact that Delhi has no dearth of smart folks, but the number of TDCs always exceeds the former.



4-The traffic


Need I say more?  :p

5-The Sense Of Insecurity

Lip-smacking cuisines, out- of – world -places to hang out, shopper’s paradise and all that jazz is cool, but when it comes to security, Delhi is one of the least desirable cities to live in.


6- Rich Delhi Boys

Haven’t we had enough of ‘Jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai’ swag? :p

Well, this bunch of good-for-nothing rich spoilt brats is one of the major Delhi put offs.


P.S. – I’m a Delhiite. :P

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