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Top 5 Famous Paan Shops In Delhi


Bhaiya laga dena ek meetha…Paan is extremely famous in India. Here you can find a great number of tangs in Paan and each one is tastier than the other.


In this article we will talk about the Top 5 Famous Paan Shops In Delhi where you can enjoy some of the best Paans:


1. Pandey’s paan shopNorth Avenue, New Delhi-01)


You will be shocked to listen that they are the official suppliers of paan to the Obama’s House. Maa kasam they have also served special paan to former US presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton alongwith many popular bollywood celebrities. Strawberry, Wild Blueberry, Custard Apple, Black forest, Fresh Fruit, roasted cashew, arey bhai these are not the flavors of ice cream or any dish. In fact they are the different varieties of paan that are served here. Hai na mast!


2. Prince Paan & Chaat Corner ( 29, M Block Market, Greater Kailash I, New Delhi-48)


Here you can find royally wrapped Paans that will force you to say those loving alphabets: Waooh! They are not like other nukkad paanwalas, they work for the high profile star-studded weddings of Bollywood. Chahe khud puch lo!


3. Basant Paan Bhandar (Near Mushaddi Chowk, Sarai Kale Khan, Nizamuddin)


Shop is in Niamuddin and I am sure you will love this place.  In the first look you may feel like the other street shops but believe me the Paan you get here will offer the best feeling of the world.


4. Yamu’s Panchayat (7 R-Block Market, Part I, Greater Kailash, New Delhi-48)


This Paan Palace is run by some girls and here you will get the chance to eat some nawabi style paans like Khwab, Mehfil-e-Khaas, Aadab & Shararat. May be it seem to be a little pricey but believe me jaisa daam vaisa kaam.


5. Garib Paan Bhandaar (Near Shangri-La-Hotel, Staff Gate, Janpath, New Delhi-01)


Try a Chocolate Paan! Sachhi they are known for making yummy Chocolate Paan. You can find this ultimate place at Janpath. And please check out this place alone not with your GF…faaltu mai kharcha ho jaayega.


Whether you like it or not, but you must taste the awesomeness of these places. I am sure you will become habitual to its fantastic taste. So tension ni lena ka…bas paan chabaane ka…and share karne ka

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