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Top 7 Places To Visit After A Break Up In Delhi


Travelling alone after a break up helps you to move on, as well as makes you understand that there are such an awesome spots in Delhi to explore than to cry for a partner who don’t give Bhaav to you. So be prepared as we are going to explore Top 7 places to visit after a break up in Delhi




This is the cheapest place to go if you want to wash your tears with some alcohol. And we know you really need cheapest at this time as we can understand the situation of a person who was in a relationship.


2. Pratapgarh Farms


This is an awesome place to hangout with friends. You only need to spend 600Rs and you can enjoy all the adventurous activities like Dances, camel rides, gulli-danda, tractor ride and much more. But don’t forget to take Mud bath; it’s specially made for you guys.


3. Bluo,Ambience Mall,Gurgoan


It’s a great place for bowling and you can also enjoy superb ambience here. Even for bowling you don’t need to wait; you just need to spend 250 bucks.


4. Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya


You could visit this place in evening and experience the power of Sufism. Beautiful qawali will surely help to refresh your mood. Believe me!


5. Palika Bazar


If you want to do shopping just to forget about your breakup moments, then this option is perfect for your pocket.


6. Sri ram centre


If you are drama lover, this place is for you. You can watch various plays at Sri Ram Centre. But before coming, you need to check the timing and must choose the light comedy plays inspite of heavy rone-dhone wale drame.


7. Pranthe wali gali


Here you don’t need any partner to accompany you; you just need an empty stomach to enjoy delicious hot paranthe. I am sure you will forget the name of your bf/gf after eating such good stuff. I know kuch jyada ho gaya!


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