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Top 7 Best Ways To Pass Time In Office


Passing time in office hours is not an easy task. But nothing is impossible as we are here to help you in this. There are Top 7 best ways to pass time in office:

1. Open two windows on your computer. On one side you can do official work while on the other side you can do whatever you want. Watch videos, do chatting on dating site, watch Savita Bhabhi and much more options are available.


2. Washroom is a good option, if you need peace. As it is the only place where nobody will ask “what are you doing here”. But if somebody asks…Just pee and ignore him.

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3. Eat snacks! This is the best thing which you can do to kill time in your office hours. Even you need not to take stress, if you will eat in excess, as 2nd option is again ready for a change.


4. You can clean your space or rearrange things on your table. This will also give you the ability to exercise some creativity.


5. Take a break as it can give you the feeling of relief when you really need it. Get away from your work space, step outside and do something which give you pleasure.


6. Do kapaalbhati-AnomVilom! Yeah this is the only activity which can give you a healthy body along with time pass in office hours.


7. Edit your resume again. Why so??? As if you get caught on not doing your work, you may need this in future!



Mazaa Aya na? So for what you are waiting, share it na. And what you do for time pass? Tell us right below in the comment section, we are waiting aankhein bichakar.

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