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Wear your passion on your sleeve!

Are you so passionate about something that it is all you think about? Do you worship someone so much that they become a part of your identity?

Haven’t we all seen that crazy friend who takes off his beloved team’s jersey that he had been flaunting and whirl it around like a cowboy when his Team wins? Haven’t we seen that familiar music freak on the road who beats his imaginary drumsticks incessantly. No prizes for guessing what he skins his laptop with or what does his bandana say. Yes, everything about him shouts out “I am the biggest fan alive”. Haven’t we awed that college gang who proudly showed their College sweatshirts off?

We all can identify with this level of worship for someone or something.. It could be that Hollywood hunk you can’t stop thinking about, it could be a bike that sets your pulse racing, a sport you breathe, a TV show, it could be a photo that makes you say “WOW!” every time you see it or even your alma mater. The ‘what’ may vary, but the ‘how’ does not.

Let’s just say there are some things you are so crazy about that if it was socially acceptable, you wouldn’t have mind shouting it out from the rooftops just so the whole world knows. Given rationality prevails, we settle for more subtle ways of expressing our devotion- like poster our walls with The Beatles, Bob Marley, Don Corleone, Fight Club and that awesome stuff; searching for bags that boldly declare those cult lines you can recite by heart from that epic film..and the list goes on and on. Sometimes we come up with awesome creative ideas ourselves but can’t find a way to bring them to life. And we continue to try to find a way, till we do.

We are the fans. We are the freaks. We are the cool fanatics. And we want to let the world know.


Written By Kriti Saxena

(B.Tech Student @ NSIT, Delhi)

Edited by Anuvi Srivastava (Co-Founder, PosterGully)

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We’re Hiring | PosterGully Campuspreneurs

PosterGully Campuspreneurs

A PosterGully Brand Envoy program

PosterGully BEP

Who is a Campuspreneur?

A Campuspreneur is a leader, marketer, networker, salesperson, organizer and brand advocate, all built in one.

Responsibilities shall include -

  1. Improving the brand outreach and footprint
  2. Handling social media marketing
  3. Creative marketing ideas/sessions that unite best designers on campus
  4. Organizing on-campus events aimed at mutual benefit for Postergully and the student community.
  5. Content writing
  6. Placing articles in Campus publications.
  7. Building and leading focus groups on campus to achieve the above objectives.


 How does the program work?

The selected envoys in a particular metropolitan area will be teamed together in a focus group and put in touch with a coordinator. The first two weeks will involve team work within the focus group, deliberations, mentoring, brainstorming sessions, Skype calls etc all culminating in a plan. Next is execution where skills and application will be thoroughly put to test.


We at Postergully have put in place a rigorous method of performance appraisal. Monetary rewards are merit based and given out twice every semester to the top ranked ambassadors in the country.

Candidates with the best cumulative scores at the close of the semester shall be offered full time internships in close touch with core team at Postergully giving him/her a chance to gaze upon the complex systems and technology making things work in the company.

Plus, every selected Campuspreneur receives the best training in marketing, sales, leadership and direct interaction with the top executives at Postergully. Besides, experience certificates are given out at the end of every campuspreneur’s tenure.

We don’t want to let our best people go, therefore the top performing campuspreneurs shall be offered full time employment upon graduation.

Who should apply?

Any undergraduate or graduate student from any college/university may apply.

An ideal candidate has the following qualifications -

  1. An outgoing, ambitious , self directing professionalism
  2. Experience in marketing, social media, organizing, business or entrepreneurship.
  3. Aptitude for problem solving and the ‘start up’ outlook.


Join us now by dropping in a mail at or call at +91(0)9557020793

What is it that we are after?

Postergully just got featured among the top ten Start-ups of 2012, at one of the events organised by  attended by the who’s who in the investment landscape. People have been congratulating and people have been envious…never mind. You ask us, once shiny, well -mannered blue eyed boys now grinding away our lives and we’ll tell you we’ve been chasing something else.
Recently, one of my senior contacts, head of sales at a multinational got sacked after missing a quarterly target. Couldn’t figure out why his voice seemed smelt defeat when I spoke to him thereafter. With all those years of great experience with a ‘Great’ company, he could do something again , perhaps make it bigger,better now. When I met one of our suppliers the very same afternoon, that kind of guy who’ll sit in a corner on a creaky chair with pajamas on, he said narrating his own startup troubles, ‘you know what chap, it was never easy, never is; but its hardened me to the extent that I don’t fear life anymore’.
Perhaps that is what we are after.
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- Utsav @ PosterGully
I’m now recruiting across domains for PG. Reach me out at Or +91-9557020793