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Top 7 Things That You Must Know About Stephen Hawking

May be you don’t know about recent developments in physics, but you have heard the name of Stephen Hawking. And this is all because of his amazing research work.

In this article we are sharing Top 7 Things That You Must Know About Stephen Hawking :

1.     Hawking is not just a scientist, he is a big celebrity. He has appeared on The Simpsons and Star Trek and has also provided narration that was sampled on a Pink Floyd album.



2.     He was born on 8th January 1944 simply means on the 300th anniversary of Galileo’s death. Is this just a coincidence or something else?



3.     In his childhood, he never tried to put effort in his studies. It wasn’t because Hawking was dull – he was considered as a slacker at that time.



4.     But his interest and curio towards the science gave his teachers the idea that they had a future “Einstein” among them.



5.     Hawking was lonely as well as bored for the first 18 months of his Oxford university education, because he found the university curriculum “ridiculously easy”.



6.     He was a coxswain in the university’s rowing team.



7.     After properly diagnosed with ALS, the doctor gave him a life hope of only 2 years but he proved him wrong.



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Top 8 Reasons Why Rahul Gandhi Is So Funny

Today everybody is making fun of Rahul Gandhi. Not only because of his bouncer speeches which is far away from reality but his certain actions are also responsible for his ruined image.

In this article, we will try to find out top 8 reasons why Rahul Gandhi is so funny:

1. He genuinely wants to help but his luck ditches him every time



2. He is a passionate guy but has no ideology, no objectives and at last nothing on his political plate.



3. His biggest negative point is: his cuteness. He has the ability to become next Shahid Kapoor.



4. Rahul is so emotional, several times he even starts crying between the rallies



5. He follows scripts rather than his mind. And don’t even proofread it.



6. His idol is Digvijaya Singh. Ab aur kya kahe



7. He wants to take responsibilities but don’t know how to handle.



8. He is desperate for PM seat. I think he must try to control his emotions and start investing his force in good direction. Bandi patana is a good option for Rahul baba!



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PosterGully Artist Interview: Rohit Malhotra

Rohit Malhotra



Q. How would you best describe your style of artwork?

Answer: I make designs on what i usually like. Sometimes they are related to superheroes (I am partial to Batman) and at other times to music or tv shows. Minimal designs are kind of my thing.


Q. What tools do you use for your artwork?

Answer: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.


Q. Personal view and market trend sometimes differ from each other. Do you use personal interpretation like the art that satisfy your senses or you like to do work according to the market trends?

Answer: I make stuff that i like to look at.


Q. What is your design process like; from where do you start your artwork?

Answer: I sometimes start off with a rough sketch and at other times i just fire up Photoshop and start experimenting.


Q. How did you get into graphic design / illustration?

Answer: My college club IE CSE (I love these guys) wanted some posters for an event so i decided to learn something and try to impress them. That is how it all started. My first design took me about 4 hours and it looked like roadkill.


Q. What do you do when not working?

Answer: I like to listen to music and play games on my laptop.


Q. What keeps you inspired?

Answer: Everything around me is an inspiration for something new.


Q. Do you remember the moment when the idea of becoming an artist struck you?

Answer: I may have toyed with the idea when i was in 4th or 5th grade.


Q. Do you have any advice for young designers?

Answer: Don’t get discouraged when you make something and it doesn’t turn out like you wanted it to. Work on it. Make it exactly like you imagined it to be.

 1 aspect of design you value the most?

Answer: The sheer simplicity of designs sometimes gets to you.


 1 font you use the most often?

Answer: Bebas Neue

1 design-related book you would recommend every budding designer?
Answer: None



1 design magazine you can’t do without?
Answer: Behance and Dribbble are amazing enough. Sometimes Deviantart. (These are websites not magazines)

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Top 7 Slangs That We Use While Driving

We can see some weird shit out on the road, whenever we drive. And after that some popular slang are always there to describe the overall situation of that shit in our mother tongue.

In this blog, we will discuss about the top 7 slangs that we use while driving:


1. Abbey Andha Hai Key

This simply means what the f*uck are you doing on this shitty road with your shitty vehicle. My car’s bigger than yours, so I have the first right on the road.


2. Aaja Lele

So much traffic on the road and still you are trying to rush your vehicle. Are you asli superman!


3. Chu*iya Hai Kya

This is the most popular slang among Delhi and Mumbai people. Even Oxford is trying to incorporate this unique word in their upcoming edition.


4. Abey O Tau Hat Ja

We usually use this term to get a side from our respected elders.


5. Baap Ki Sadak Hai Kya


Why don’t we like people who remind us that road is still owned by our government.


6. Aaj Traffic Bahut Hai Yaar


I can imagine Tushar Kapur with an Oscar but i can’t believe that this issue can be solved in India.


7. Tu Nikal Pehle

It means someone is saying respectfully that you can go first… Because Hum to Velle hai saale!

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