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Top 6 Reasons Why You Need An iPhone Case

iPhone..OMG…it is among the top selling phones ever! If you have one… you know it better. Also, it is one of the most expensive phones in the market; thus you need to keep this baby Protected!
And this is the place we come in! There are a huge number of iphone cases accessible…and here is the reason why you need one!

1. Protect it before any damage occurs

Well the most obvious reason is to keep it protected from drops and scratches. Suppose you have dropped your iPhone on the floor and when you try to pick it up…you notice the broken screen! Maa kasam jaan nikal jaayegi…


2. Make it scratch free

The fact is that, simply putting any kind of iphone case on your iPhone will keep it “scratch” free! Simply means nayi naveli dulhan


3. Your iPhone looks So cool!

iPhone looks really sweet but we can take it to the next level with best iphone cases! They come in all shapes and hues, and many companies even allow you to plan your own custom iphone cases.

4. An Awesome Gift

The best part is that you can also present these cool iphone cases as an awesome gift to your loving friends!


5. Since It’s Worth It!

In case you’re burning a big amount on the iPhone, then it will be a good match to spend some more pennies to buy best iphone cases to shield it!


6. Save extra money

It’s a major problem for iphone users; you have to pay extra money every time whenever you go for repairing a scratch or broken parts.

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Top 8 Best Examples Of Minimal Bollywood Posters

We all know Bollywood is known for offering classic movies like Mughal-e-Azam, Deewar, Kahaani and much more. But sometimes it is also acknowledged for making terrible movies like Humshakals, Aap Ka Suroor, Rascals and the list goes on!

This is the post, where we are going to share Top 8 best examples of minimal bollywood posters of some remarkable bollywood movies:

1. 3 idiots

Aal Izz Well
Pants down and palms up! It’s a bubbly, entertaining and emotional tadka kind of film that leaves you smiling.

2. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara


Artist: Inderpreet Singh

A fantastic inspiring movie! It takes you throughout the simple moments of life, which every one fails to spot out due to their hectic schedule.

3. Chennai Express

30_2_eba93dfd-23e7-434b-a75c-e6e29f81c795_1024x1024Artist: Aishwarya Bandiwadekar

We all are aware about the one fact that in bollywood Rohit Shetty is just there, to entertain you. And moreover he always carries a dictionary in which ‘Bakwaas’ word is totally missing.

4. Sholay


Artist: Simran Anand

Sholay was the once-in-a-decade super duper hit that smashed all box office records. And how you can forget its epic dialogues: Ye haath mujhe dede Thakur!

5. Fanaa

3_db4aeec5-dde0-4541-95a8-058a049e8c22_grandeArtist: Simran Anand

This movie rides high on excitement and expectation. And also offers some surprising and loud emotional moments. Truly emotional kar ditta!

6. Happy New Year

PG23_2_d3a230b5-f31e-4d2b-9af8-36548234fb41_grandeArtist: Shome Makhija

Farah & ShahRukh: really like a Rab Ne Bana De Jodi. There are many funny moments in this film which surely make you LOL.

7. Andaz Apna Apna

PG072_grande Artist: Sahil Agrawal

This is the only film which can easily bring a sweet smile on your stressed face. Yeh Teja Teja kya hai, yeh Teja Teja!

8. Goliyon Ki Raasleela: Ram-Leela

PG54_Copy_grandeArtist: Rachit Tank

This film is all about the raw sexual energy and explosive chemistry between the two best characters, Ram & Leela.

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Top 7 Best Ways To Pass Time In Office

Passing time in office hours is not an easy task. But nothing is impossible as we are here to help you in this. There are Top 7 best ways to pass time in office:

1. Open two windows on your computer. On one side you can do official work while on the other side you can do whatever you want. Watch videos, do chatting on dating site, watch Savita Bhabhi and much more options are available.


2. Washroom is a good option, if you need peace. As it is the only place where nobody will ask “what are you doing here”. But if somebody asks…Just pee and ignore him.

uCpkFGEQmm5rBIjQxGcn_Bathroom Creeper
3. Eat snacks! This is the best thing which you can do to kill time in your office hours. Even you need not to take stress, if you will eat in excess, as 2nd option is again ready for a change.


4. You can clean your space or rearrange things on your table. This will also give you the ability to exercise some creativity.


5. Take a break as it can give you the feeling of relief when you really need it. Get away from your work space, step outside and do something which give you pleasure.


6. Do kapaalbhati-AnomVilom! Yeah this is the only activity which can give you a healthy body along with time pass in office hours.


7. Edit your resume again. Why so??? As if you get caught on not doing your work, you may need this in future!



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PosterGully Artist Interview: Rachit Tank

Rachit Tank



Q. How would you best describe your style of artwork?

I take inspiration from my surroundings – Movies, TV shows, POP culture, Gaming excite me the most.  Mixing these with little dosage of humor and satire is what I do. I am still very young to design but the few years I have spent making posters and other design, I made both minimal and full illustrated designs.


Q. What tools do you use for you artwork?


I use sketch book, diary, graphite pencils, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop


Q. Personal view and market trends sometimes differ from each other. DO you use personal interpretation like the art that satisfy your senses or you like to do work according to market trends?


I run a little Facebook page called Paneer Pixel Masala with two of my friends from Jaipur (Padmanabh and Meghna) where we post our artworks and other random things on the page. So while most of the time it is what we like and follow but sometimes trends do play a role in what is to be made next.


Q. What is your design process like; from where do you start your work?

50th Ride poster
I usually get ideas in unusual places so for initial ideation and making rough sketches I use my sketch book. Then I play around with the concept on paper and soon I find myself watching a YouTube video. After I am done procrastinating I take a picture of the final design import it in illustrator and then use the software to create the artwork or the design from scratch.


Q. How did you get into graphic design/illustration?

My parents and elder brother were good at drawing so I had exposure to it at a very young age and Drawing was almost a daily habit in classroom like every child I drew everywhere in class- The table , chair , book cover, behind notebooks. But the actual journey in design started with me searching “How to create your own cricket team” in class 8th and discovering a cricket forum online which had these banner design competitions. The entries made me curious as to how people did that. How there was a trophy from another image on some random background and that is How I met your mot…*clears throat* Photoshop. Later came all the other software from adobe creative suite. Then I started reading and watching blogs, videos etc related to design. Also I am glad I never stopped sketching on paper, the paper and pen/pencil still plays a major part in the creation of any artwork I make.


Q. What do you do when not working?

I am in first year at MIT institute of design and for me Work means College assignments, so when I am not working I make artworks or do freelance work. But if I want to completely relax I turn on my dubstep playlist and dance.


Q. What keeps you inspired?

public transport-01
My surrounding, as I said earlier and also the fact that there are people doing way better work than me


Q. Do you remember the moment when the idea of becoming an artist struck you?


My career choices in chronological order is Pilot>painter>artist>Masters in computer science>Animator>Graphic Design. That is all I remember


Q. Do you have any advice for young designers?

I just turned 20 this January so technically even I fall into the category of young designers, but for people even younger than me just have fun, do not copy


Q. 1 aspect of design you value the most?

I love that it requires very less math


Q. 1 font you use the most

I am not ashamed to say this but Arial and my recent love corbel


Q. 1 design-related book you would recommend every budding designer?

rolling in the deepsmall

I have not read any, yet

Q. 1 Design magazine you can’t do without?

I usually check abduzeedo.

See more of his work here -


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