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8 Things You Didn’t Know About India’s Oscar Entry – The Good Road


‘The Good Road’ is India’s official entry to Oscar film festivals. I heard Karan Johar and Anurag Kashyap are troubled by the fact that ‘Lunch Box’ has lost the race. I was upset initially coz ‘Lunch Box’ is a good movie. Maybe the best that Bollywood has produced this year. But, after watching ‘The Good Road’ I truly vouch for it. It may even win India an Oscar!

Twitter has many chirps about the movie. Some showing their dissatisfaction and some praising the movie and its main theme. The fuss has been generated due to two main reasons and that are,it is Gujarati film and, Narendra Modi has showered praise on it! The reactions have started to come in viral proportions even from people who don’t know anything about the film. As I have seen the movie, I can tell you two things that the film is not about- 1) The film has nothing to do with good roads in Gujarat! 2) It is not about the Gujarati culture. It’s universal in its appeal and, that’s what makes it unique! The film is primarily about an urban kid getting lost on the highway while on a holiday with his parents. Here are 8 things you didn’t know about the film ‘The Good Road’-

1. Selected out of 22 shortlisted films

There were 22 entries from different parts of India for consideration this year. Films like ‘The Lunchbox’, ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ and ‘Vishwaroopam’ were short-listed but it was a unanimous decision by the 19-member jury to select ‘The Good Road’.

2. Has won a National Award

The film won a National Award this year as Best Feature Film (Gujarati) in the regional category.

3. “Real” over “Reel”

The true star of the filmis ShamjibhaiKerasia who plays Pappu and is a truck driver in real life.

4. Seen as ‘just a debut film’

‘The Good Road’ is seen only as a debut film and nothing more. Critics around the world have branded it a “Debut film” and, fail to understand that it is bearing the weight of representing the nation and the stigma of having left people like AnuragKashyap and Karan Johar heartbroken.

5. Let down by “professional” actors

While Shamji bhai Kerasia gives an immaculate performance without even having faced the camera ever in his life, it is professional actors like Sonali Kulkarni and Ajay Geh who spoil the movie with their uninspiring act.

6. Sound of Oscars

Oscar-winning Resul Pookutty (of the Slumdog Millionaire fame) has done the sound designing while Amitabha Singh who has shot films like Chillar Party and Khosla Ka Ghosla earlier, was the Director of Photography (DOP). Both have done justice to their individual roles. Kutch, where the movie has been shot has never been so wonderfully captured before.

7. Produced by NFDC

‘The Good Road’ has been financed and supported by the National Film Development Corp. NFDC is one of the co-producers of other front runners, The Lunchbox and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

8. Advertising Genius

Gyan Correa began making films at the Xavier’s Institute of Communications. His first assignment was a writing and direction assignment for UNICEF’s drug awareness TV campaign. This film was dubbed into 17 languages, and aired across the globe. Correa then moved onto Trikaya Advertising (now Grey), where he was agency producer for TV commercials. He also held additional charge as of several high profile TV serials like  Satyajit Ray’s “Satyajit Ray Presents”, Sridhar Kshrisagar’s “Jugalbandhi”, KalpanaLajmi & BhupenHazarika’s “LohitKinare”.

Correa left Trikaya to set up his own independent shop. As an independent director, he has made over 400 TVCs for India and the wider South Asian markets including most of the Johnson & Johnson TV commercials and Amul advertisements.

People skeptical about ‘The Good Road’ selection for Oscar nomination from India need to say a prayer of thanks that India has been spared the embarrassment of Viswaroopam – in which Kamal Haasan saved the world with the help of kathak and a microwave; and Rahul Bose played a character seemingly inspired by Mullah Omar, who plotted a nuclear attack on America using, wait for it, pigeons – being sent to The Oscars!

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The 5 People You Will Meet At The Bar This Saturday


Drinking at a pub is a enormous entertainment for many reasons. Trust me; it is more entertaining than watching a movie or watching robots, Wrestlers match! Why, you ask? You get to see the “real” person behind the everyday corporate honcho, or the tax collector or even the next door baby sitter! Here are 5 people you meet at a bar who will reveal their true colors after getting high-

1. The Blabbering Flamingo

A drink or two can get some people talking so much, that, you wait for him to stop for a breath so that you can go from behind and just gag the living lights out of him! A blabbering flamingo has a deep throat and talks out loud for everyone to hear about his mindless stories. That random person next to you at the bar — why not tell them all about that crush you have that you’re secretly hoping to sleep with later tonight while you wait for your drinks? Oh, and you know all those humiliating, supposed-to-be-private things you wouldn’t ever dream of letting another human being know? It’s time to let the bird fly! Ladies and Gentlemen, The “Blabbering Flamingo” (Patent pending).

2. Always on a shift guy-

Yes, they are always on a shift! This is the guy or girl who just finished up his/her shift, and is having a nice sip of tequila to cool down the rage he/she has gathered in the work place. What do you get out a drunk, enraged 9-5pm employee? An even more enraged employee, who thinks that he/she, has just won the lottery! Lucky for the bartender, coz his pockets will be full by just listening to the tool!

3. The wannabe “Neta”

A drunk wannabe politician? You think, maybe he will be the “change”. NO he is not! So do you think the ruling party is doing justice to the country? That’s it bro, you had it! If you ask this question or, even if a snippet of a politician pops out of the television, you had it. The wannabe Neta, will get into the mood of a live parliament session (In his head, he is actually in “The parliament”) and start criticizing each and every politician as if he knows him/her personally! How to find out if your wannabe Neta has mellowed down? That’s easy! Wait for him to actually start complimenting the works of a politician and,abracadabra, he is no more a flight risk!

4. The cry baby

Someone said something innocuous that you misinterpreted as an insult? Why not sob in their general direction in between outbursts of “Why do you hate me SOOO MUCH!?!”  Isn’t it just lovely! The cry baby has a tear duct filled with alcohol and it pours out every time you make him/her drink! Why does he hate me so much? Why did my boss yell at me? My ketchup bottle didn’t open today and, I had to eat the eggs without it.  All these and much more! The cry baby is definitely one of the first who you will meet in a bar.

5. The Mike Tyson

What the fuck did you just say?It’s time to misconstrue everything you see/hear as a personal attack until you’re essentially trying to slap everyone within a 15-foot radius in the face for looking at you with bitch eyes. Sound familiar? This guy (Or, you maybe!) is the Popeye of the drunkard world! He gets his strength after drinking and become a hybrid of Tyson+ Popeye! A flight risk any day of the year!  Stay away!

Drinking is injurious to health because of the reasons mentioned above! Everyone becomes a wannabe neta, the Mike Tyson, The cry baby, The Blabbering Flamingo, or, even the always on a shift guy once or even on numerous occasions. But, some get beaten up while doing so. It’s a risk to be one but, everyone wants to try one time to become completely insane! This is your chance people. Be insane for a day, without going into a loony bin! Drink responsibly.

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6 Reasons Why The Bazinga Man Will Beat Legen…out of the park…Dary!


The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother are among the most popular U.S. sitcoms. Their biggest cult figures are the narcissistic womanizer Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) and, highly intelligent scientist Sheldon Lee Cooper (Jim Parsons). Both have roles that are unique in their approach as well as characterization, Sheldon by his emotional and social incompetence and arrogance, Barney by his selfishness and narcissism. But, we have a winner. I will list down 6 reasons why Sheldon is the “cooler” one out of the two-

1. He is smarter

In one of the episode’s, Barney has loads of trouble to narrow down out of all the women he had “made love to” (somewhere cupid is committing suicide) the one women who had got to him and, made him prone to backfires. Whereas, Sheldon has a photographic memory, and can literally remember everything he has ever seen, heard, or experienced. He is capable of lecturing people on their own culture (Raj & Howard being classic examples of his religious teachings). He is smarty-smarty-smart!

2. A better actor

I know many people reading this post would have taken the next flight to Bangalore (Or, are in front of my door to kick me for such a comment) I say give me some space to prove myself right! Agreed, Neil Patrick steward is a jack of all trades- He can sing, he can dance and he can act but, his role can be done by anyone for that matter (I can picture many actors as possible replacement for him, For ex- Joe from “Friends”). Sheldon has a lot to do and, has to piss-off a lot of people all the time! He is batman for the nerds. He is “The Nerdman”. A dark knight who no one likes but, can’t do without. It’s hard to act with big words and, not having to laugh at all while doing so. I’m well aware that Neil Patrick Harris is no doubt one of the best actors ever but, I prefer Jim Parson’s acting style because it is unique, effortless and, meaningful.

3. Happy and Gay

Both of these actors are openly gay. A question open to all would be – Who would you picture to be gay out of the two? Barney? Never! Sheldon? Definitely yes! Barney is a landslide. Barney can act like a toolbar, but there’s a real person in there behind the act, and is capable of acting human. Might be an Inception-like act within an act, but its there. Yes, Barney Stinson is fundamentally more likeable. But, being who he really is, that is, an actor pouring sentimental glop all over the character. Neil Patrick Harris convincingly pulls off this role, which makes us really wonder how he can be gay in real life while pulling off this great, loveable, sleaze of a character. This doubt, this unevenness is what takes a lot of credit away from him as a convincing actor. With Sheldon, it’s clearly visible in his role play as well as, by the nature of his character that, Amy( His girlfriend in TBBT) will have to live unmarried ever after!

4. More confident

Sheldon is ruthlessly confident about his abilities. For example, he is sure of winning the Nobel Prize sometime in the future. He is sure of himself when he lectures other people about the facts they were not aware of. He is a genius, or to quote: “They call me a genius, because I am a genius”. Whereas, with Barney, there have been many instances where he has lost his confidence. Be it, with his friends, the bimbos that he hunts for, “challenge accepted” going awfully wrong and, stuff like that.

5. More complicated

Sheldon’s character is much more complicated then it seems to be. Sure, Barney has a twisted mind too (swinging to the devilish south). But, Sheldon’s complexity has made even his friends bring out conspiracy theories about his life and what not. Here are a few examples-

Leonard’s Theory

I think Sheldon might be the larval form of his species and someday he’ll spin a cocoon and emerge two months later with moth wings and an exoskeleton.

Howard’s Theory

Over the years we’ve formulated a number of theories about how he might reproduce. I’m an advocate of mitosis. I believe one day Sheldon will eat an enormous amount of Thai food and split into two Sheldon’s.

Raj’s Theory

Sheldon is actually a robot, which cannot meet the 3 Laws of Robotics by Isaac Asimov.

Penny’s Theory

Sheldon is a species of alien that must not move housing, so as to not confuse the mother ship when it returns to take him back.

Barney’s Complexity (Or, lack of it!) as explained by his friends-

Ted- He is a Jerk.

Robin- He is a pervert.

Lily- He gave me Herpes!

Marshall- I can slap him for no reason at all!

All signifying his meaningless, bimbo hunting lifestyle and, nothing more!

6. Knock, knock, knock Penny

“Knock, knock, knock Penny” beats “Legen… wait for it… dary!” any day of the year. First of all, it is not repetitive. It sounds repetitive but, Sheldon is able to pull it off every time with an elegance that is much more fluidic than Barney’s “Legen….dary” statement. Secondly…. There is no secondly. Bazinga!

To end it all, let’s consider a situation where both of them meet face-to-face. This is what their conversation would be like-

Barney: What up bro? (Raising his hand for a High-Five)

Sheldon: What up?? (Eyebrow raised in the typical Sheldon manner)

Semantically, your statement is wrong. If this is some urban slang, I will play along. First of all, your hand is up (Points to Barney’s hand). Secondly, if you look outside, the Sun is up.  Did you know that there is an initiative to celebrate the third Thursday of April as National High Five Day?

Barney: (Jolts from a fake nap) Sorry I slept off because it’s sooooo boring. (Hand still up). Come on, I can’t keep my hand up for so lonngggggg. (With a pleading face).

Sheldon: No. I am not touching that.

End of story. Bazinga!

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