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What if Inception Was Made in India?

Christopher Nolan dazzled us (and our minds) with Inception when it released in 2010. While the complexity of the plot was orgasmic to some, it was overly difficult to understand for many others. In fact, that’s a major reason we’ll probably never see a similar movie from Bollywood for a long time.

But what if we did? What if we did get an Indian Inception? I don’t know how much they’d dumb down the plot – but I have a fair idea of who all would make a great cast. Here’s my ideal cast for a hypothetical Indian Inception:

Cobb – Aamir Khan cobb-aamirkhan

Who else but Aamir Khan would suit this role best? The actor has already portrayed a mentally disturbed personality in a previous film. He’d do Cobb justice, no doubt.

Mall – Kangana Ranaut mal-kangana

Aside from the strong physical resemblance, Kangana also happens to be a perfect choice for a semi-psycho wife.

Arthur – Farhan Akhtar arthur-farhanakhtar

All Arthur does in Inception (apart from defying gravity) is explain the plot to us confused viewers. Farhan Akhtar, with his intelligent reputation, would do a good job at it for the Indians.

Eames – Akshay Kumar eames-akshaykumar

Eames comes across as a sarcastic and witty man – someone Akshay Kumar is known to be.

Robert – Ranbir Kapoor robert-ranbir

Rich, suave, and confused –RanbirKappor.

Saito – Saif Ali Khan saito-saif

Whether it’s getting murder charges dropped for a fugitive, or buying an entire airline – Saito can get things done. Saif Ali Khan can pull off that powerful persona.

Ariadne – Dia Mirza ariadne-diya

There really is no one else who can look young enough to be a student.

Yusuf – Arjun Rampal yusuf-arjun

The hair. Enough said.


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10 Things Bollywood Teaches You


1.       You are an amazing dancer. Everybody is an amazing dancer. Just hop on to the streets and you’ll see that not only you, aunties, uncles and everyone around you will turn into a pro dancer.

2.       The other name for “being in a relationship” is “we’re just good friends.” So next time you want to subtly drip a hint that you are in one, you know what to do. ;)

3.       Sequels are a perfect excuse to spoil the first movie.

4.       You can get away with absolute crap, how much ever stupid it is saying that the audience didn’t understand the depth. No. We didn’t get it because it’s such absolute bullshit.

5.       If your dad/mom/family member is an actor/actress in the industry it automatically implies you are “qualified” to be one. Even with 0 talent.

6.       This is an old trick. Want to be in the newspaper? Want some publicity, juts get into fights, club brawls. That should do it.

7.       Here’s one good thing! It is totally acceptable to have curves.

8.       Have a sidekick. Someone less good looking/smart.  Always. Makes you look better.

9.       Cars are toys that can fly. (Google Rohit Shetty)

10.   When a woman says no, dance. If she glares, start singing. When she hides, stalk her home.

What has Bollywood taught you? Comment and let me know!


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