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What Does Your Favourite TV Show Say About You?

Chances are you will have watched at least one episode of each of the television shows mentioned below. But which one you classify as your absolute favourite from among the most popular shows on the block says a lot about you!

1) The Big Bang Theory (1) the big bang theory
You enjoy lighthearted (if slightly deprecative and a touch offensive) humour, and political correctness doesn’t concern you a whole lot.While you are fun, you get bored easily and move to something else quickly. You probably don’t care much for detail and fanciness, and are easygoing and laidback by nature.

2) Grey’s Anatomy (2) grey's anatomy
You love drama but consider yourself to be above the high school and soap opera kind. The scrubs and fancy medical terms are fun too, but what you thrive on is the intricate plot twists and complicated interpersonal relationships. Your life probably contains a few knotty relationships of your own, and it would be unsurprising if you often find yourself in complicated social situations.

3) The Walking Dead (3) the walking dead
You have a taste for violence and competition, and like to be kept at the edge of your seat.You have a high threshhold for pleasure. You would be unhappy being in a small, comfortable bubble and are likely someone who seeks excitement, adventure, and stimulation in life. You are also something of a badass.

4) Mad Men/Suits (4) suits and mad men
Power is important to you. You relish sophistication, style, and wealth. To you, intelligence matters more than physical strength. You are probably a lone wolf and don’t play well in a team setting, and are not sorry about looking out for yourself first. You have what it takes to make the hard decisions to succeed, and have the potential to be at the top.

5) Game of Thrones/Breaking Bad (5) game of thrones and breaking bad
Attention to detail is your biggest forte. Regality and power excite you. You are a clever one who is smart enough to be patient when it comes to getting things right, and have a knack for planning. There is a good chance you have a great appreciation for poetry and literature.

6) Sherlock (6) sherlock
You are almost certainly a reader. You relish the pace, unpredictability, and detail that comes with a well-written story. You are a lover of all things classic, but at the same time you are open to enjoying innovation and novelty. You are intelligent, well aware of it, and proud of it. You have certain standards, and are not afraid to voice your opinion if you disagree with something or find it silly.

7) Homeland (7) homeland
You enjoy a lack of predictability, and are someone who lives in the moment. But at the same time, you need your comfort zone to fall back upon. You have a firm sense of right and wrong, and if you believe in something, you will go down fighting for it tooth and nail. Your mind works fast and you have an opinion on pretty much everything.

Which is your favourite show from among these? Comment below and tell me, and feel free to add other shows and what you think they say about you!

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10 Most Popular English T.V Series in India

All of us at some point or the other been addicted to an English TV show, be it on the channel, or online, or downloaded shows on the computer. I have reached such stages of extreme addiction that I became an unproductive vegetable and spent day after day watching Grey’s Anatomy. Finally, I had to erase my hard drive clean to ensure I return back to normality.

But here is a list of the most popular English TV shows in India.

  1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S : No matter how many years pass since the show has ended, it will continue to live in the hearts of all its fans. And it will still garner more hits on Youtube than any new series. I remember how I wept, as the show neared its end and finally terminated with a memorable finale.  logo
  2. How I Met Your Mother:This show has come the closest to what FRIENDS was. The sharp humor, the strong friendship, the accidents and the fiasco – depiction of normal life, with all the shortcomings, is truly relatable.  HIMYM_Wallpaper_1600
  3. Big Bang Theory: One reason to downright fall in love with the show – Sheldon! Sardonic yet charming, Sheldon manages to keep the viewers engaged, throughout. The makers of the show have done a great job, with all the science jokes, the awkward nerds, the witty dialogues and diverse topics of jest. 431311
  4. Grey’s Anatomy: Who could believe that a show based on the livesof doctors in a teaching hospital in Seattle could manage to hold the audience’s attention, as it approaches Season 10! The authentic portrayal of the daily challenges that the doctors face, strong characters and a touch of drama tying this all together. A brilliant show (and my personal favorite) grey-s-anatomy-greys-anatomy-1663492-1024-768
  5. Castle: Suspense, thrill, crime and murder! Add to this spicy blend a sizzle of the chemistry between the lead pair, detective Kate Beckett and the famous crime novelist Richard Castle and what you have is a formula for a successful TV show. Castle-Tv-Show-wallpapers-castle-tv-show-wallpapers-30445709-1280-800
  6. White Collar: Again, a crime based series, with a pinch of drama and humor to make it a complete package. The series revolves around how an ex con man, the dashing Neal Caffrey helps the FBI in catching white collar criminals through his experience and skills. 85011-white-collar-white-collar
  7. Two and a Half Men:Adult humor, the happy go lucky life of two bachelors and their encounters with the opposite sex make it a show filled with bone tickling laughter.  Two-and-a-Half-Men-Wallpaper-two-and-a-half-men-32201632-1280-1024
  8. Modern Family: Peppered with diverse characters having laudable traits, this family comedy is a thorough entertainer. Each character is well fleshed out and the occurrences in their daily life make for a good laugh.  picture-41
  9. Lost: An unconventional topic to make a TV series on, Lost has managed to hold the pulse of the viewers, since the first series. A plane crash, survivors on a deserted island, struggling to stay alive, and their encounters with their fellow survivors, the supernatural element and their own past lives, make for an interesting watch.  LostPoster
  10. Breaking Bad:An amazing tale of the protagonist who turns antagonist to support his family. The show is a crime drama, with some dark humor and emotional upheavals thrown in, in good amount. It raises the questions of morality through the lead character Walter White.  breaking-bad-drinking-game-1024x640

Which is your favorite TV series. How far have you gone in your obsession to watch back to back episodes of a series?

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