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Top 5 Famous Paan Shops In Delhi

Bhaiya laga dena ek meetha…Paan is extremely famous in India. Here you can find a great number of tangs in Paan and each one is tastier than the other.


In this article we will talk about the Top 5 Famous Paan Shops In Delhi where you can enjoy some of the best Paans:


1. Pandey’s paan shopNorth Avenue, New Delhi-01)


You will be shocked to listen that they are the official suppliers of paan to the Obama’s House. Maa kasam they have also served special paan to former US presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton alongwith many popular bollywood celebrities. Strawberry, Wild Blueberry, Custard Apple, Black forest, Fresh Fruit, roasted cashew, arey bhai these are not the flavors of ice cream or any dish. In fact they are the different varieties of paan that are served here. Hai na mast!


2. Prince Paan & Chaat Corner ( 29, M Block Market, Greater Kailash I, New Delhi-48)


Here you can find royally wrapped Paans that will force you to say those loving alphabets: Waooh! They are not like other nukkad paanwalas, they work for the high profile star-studded weddings of Bollywood. Chahe khud puch lo!


3. Basant Paan Bhandar (Near Mushaddi Chowk, Sarai Kale Khan, Nizamuddin)


Shop is in Niamuddin and I am sure you will love this place.  In the first look you may feel like the other street shops but believe me the Paan you get here will offer the best feeling of the world.


4. Yamu’s Panchayat (7 R-Block Market, Part I, Greater Kailash, New Delhi-48)


This Paan Palace is run by some girls and here you will get the chance to eat some nawabi style paans like Khwab, Mehfil-e-Khaas, Aadab & Shararat. May be it seem to be a little pricey but believe me jaisa daam vaisa kaam.


5. Garib Paan Bhandaar (Near Shangri-La-Hotel, Staff Gate, Janpath, New Delhi-01)


Try a Chocolate Paan! Sachhi they are known for making yummy Chocolate Paan. You can find this ultimate place at Janpath. And please check out this place alone not with your GF…faaltu mai kharcha ho jaayega.


Whether you like it or not, but you must taste the awesomeness of these places. I am sure you will become habitual to its fantastic taste. So tension ni lena ka…bas paan chabaane ka…and share karne ka

Top 7 Places To Visit After A Break Up In Delhi

Travelling alone after a break up helps you to move on, as well as makes you understand that there are such an awesome spots in Delhi to explore than to cry for a partner who don’t give Bhaav to you. So be prepared as we are going to explore Top 7 places to visit after a break up in Delhi




This is the cheapest place to go if you want to wash your tears with some alcohol. And we know you really need cheapest at this time as we can understand the situation of a person who was in a relationship.


2. Pratapgarh Farms


This is an awesome place to hangout with friends. You only need to spend 600Rs and you can enjoy all the adventurous activities like Dances, camel rides, gulli-danda, tractor ride and much more. But don’t forget to take Mud bath; it’s specially made for you guys.


3. Bluo,Ambience Mall,Gurgoan


It’s a great place for bowling and you can also enjoy superb ambience here. Even for bowling you don’t need to wait; you just need to spend 250 bucks.


4. Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya


You could visit this place in evening and experience the power of Sufism. Beautiful qawali will surely help to refresh your mood. Believe me!


5. Palika Bazar


If you want to do shopping just to forget about your breakup moments, then this option is perfect for your pocket.


6. Sri ram centre


If you are drama lover, this place is for you. You can watch various plays at Sri Ram Centre. But before coming, you need to check the timing and must choose the light comedy plays inspite of heavy rone-dhone wale drame.


7. Pranthe wali gali


Here you don’t need any partner to accompany you; you just need an empty stomach to enjoy delicious hot paranthe. I am sure you will forget the name of your bf/gf after eating such good stuff. I know kuch jyada ho gaya!


If we have missed something, plz tell us right below in the comment section. Liked the article? To share kar na pagle!

6 Reasons Why New Delhi Is Overhyped

The word ‘Delhi’ has a swag about it. People from Delhi have this misplaced sense of self importance, a sense of superiority which is pretty evident when you have them around.
While you keep wondering what’s the fuss about, we will tell you why more often than not, it’s overdone.

1-Delhi Chicks

We have had a plethora of Bollywood songs dedicated to the girls from Delhi which in itself is a sign of how they are the centre of attention. They may be hot and charming, but they may not be the best you can get. So Boys, keep your eyes as well as MIND open when you decide on dating someone from Delhi.


2 -Dilli ki garmi

While you may love to snuggle up in your quilt and relish a steaming cup of coffee in winters, the scorching heat in summer is surely capable of rewarding you with a bad day every now and then.


3- The TDC Concept

For people who are not yet aware, TDC stands for typical Delhi chutiya . There is no denying the fact that Delhi has no dearth of smart folks, but the number of TDCs always exceeds the former.



4-The traffic


Need I say more?  :p

5-The Sense Of Insecurity

Lip-smacking cuisines, out- of – world -places to hang out, shopper’s paradise and all that jazz is cool, but when it comes to security, Delhi is one of the least desirable cities to live in.


6- Rich Delhi Boys

Haven’t we had enough of ‘Jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai’ swag? :p

Well, this bunch of good-for-nothing rich spoilt brats is one of the major Delhi put offs.


P.S. – I’m a Delhiite. :P

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Bombay vs. Delhi

1. The weather

Delhi has an extreme weather. It will be either 50 degrees or 5, that’s it. There is no moderate temperature. Whereas, Bombay sees a moderate weather throughout the year, it’s a minimum of 16 to a maximum of 31.
Once on my trip to Delhi, I told a friend “Its cold over here man!”
he replied “You Bombay-waalas are such chicks”
I said, “At least, we don’t wear sweaters!”
Score: 1-0.

2. Nightlife

Delhi has a good nightlife. But, Bombay is way ahead when it comes to night life. Bombay has been able to produce high quality places of local and international brands that can be visited during the late hours and can be enjoyed to the utmost with the highest level of security. The brands like the Cafe Mocha and the Athena are spots where night life can be enjoyed at its best.Nightlife is way good in Bombay compared to Delhi.
Delhi guy, “You and your bloody cramped roads, how do you even travel at night?”
Me, “Well it takes us time but in the end I know my sister isn’t being followed by a rapist and she can go out at night”
Score: 2-0. Picture1

3. Transport

Bombay has local trains and Delhi has its own vast metro network. Hands down, Delhi wins. Its air conditioned, safe and much more comfortable.
Delhi Guy, “We have a metro!”
Me “We are coming up with a monorail”
Delhi Guy, “And for how many years has it been coming?”
Sigh. Score: 2-1.

4. History

With a long recorded history of around 1500 years continuously as the Capital of some dynasty or empire and intermittent lost history of 5000 years (as claimed through scriptures like Mahabharat), modern-day Delhi is an amalgam of numerous imperial cities dotting its landscape. Considered as the city destroyed and rebuilt several times, Delhi boasts of a rich variety of heritage monuments, ranging from Hindu-Indian to Indo-Turkic to Indo-Persian to Indo-Mongol to Sikh-Indian to Sufi to British! Bombay, on the other hand, doesn’t have significant history preceding British era. It was established as a major port city during the British times and boasts of several British era architectures and monuments such as the Gateway of India.
Almost everyone in Delhi is related to some or the other big shot politician. So don’t be amazed when you hear people screaming “tu jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai?”at each other at a traffic signal.

Score: 2-2! Picture2

5. The people

And then, there are the people. Delhi people are cold and heartless. Bombayitess are too busy to make time for a social life. Delhi people are more brand conscious than Bombaypeople. Bombay people are more helpful and friendly than Delhiites.
Once in a metro a man behind me screamed “hey asshole! Get out of my way!”
Me “so whatever happened to ‘excuse me’”
He replied “take your ‘excuse me’ and shove it up your ass”
I promise, you will never find such an insolent behaviour in Bombay. Not a chance.
Score 3-2!!! 
When I was leaving Delhi I asked my friend, “So where do you live exactly?”
“Noida”, he said. I gave him a big smile and said “Noida is not Delhi! Get it through your head.” 
Finally, well this is a battle that will never end. Paani puri vs golgappa, batata vada vs bonda, kanda vs pyaaz and what not! Nightlife vs having a life!
I hope this battle goes on and on because accept it we love to hate each other. Haha!
Who won? Who’s next? You decide 

I hope you guys loved what you read. If you have any more fights we can think of let us know in the comments section below.

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