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To me,

Let me ask you a question. Does it really feel outstanding to be mediocre?  Like you have to have an opinion or a favorite TV show just because everyone else does. Is it that lovely to be a part of the herd? What if you step on the other side?

Oh! Don’t judge me. I’m just as tired as someone looking for something creative to keep me hooked online. I don’t need socializing; I can very well do that when I’m not looking for a creative rush. It just hit me our virtual space lacks creativity. We are a bunch of horses running in the same carved street over and over and over again. For a change I want to be a Unicorn.

Okay, I know you’ll probably think of something or a website where you get to decorate a blank space with some quote you overheard in a movie? Or something your favorite character on your favorite TV show said in the season finale. Trust me that level of interesting is passé. And also quoting Rumi and Ernest Hemingway, well good for them they are heartily remembered but what about you?

I am looking for a self expressing platform where I get to be me. Blog? Twitter? Facebook? Trust me these places are too crowded to lend a fresh perspective. Once in a while you might, I don’t deny that but well really like always? I hardly doubt.

So as cheesy as it might sound I want to be my own Rumi. I want to creatively paint a wall full of my quotes and god knows why I want to sell it too. I know a lot of people speak the same words, and infact hey are far more talented than I am.

With this thought imagine a virtual space where you can paint your own words or something meaningful your best friend or your mother said and make it into a piece of art. That’s what I’m really talking about. Kind of refreshing and new to even think of. I bet you’d feel too much to ask for, but is it too much to stand out from the crowd.

Too early for me to think about standing out? I don’t think so. I don’t want to crawl where the rest of the planet is brisk walking. Clearly I don’t want to stay back. I want to be creatively empowered and French kiss that kind of feeling right in the face. So Humans, I know you want to express, design and play with words and show off your love for yourself. And I’m waiting for that moment to strike me too.

I want to sit one day painting my own posters and inspiring someone else somewhere and vice versa. Well I can sincerely hope that kind of virtual space hits real soon. Till then we can all write letters to our future self like this one and read it some time when you are looking for something.

P.S.  Can you really wait, to make that poster yours?


Me (Of course)

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Artist Interview: Manu Jayasankar

profile pic

1. How did you get into graphic design /  illustration?

I always enjoyed sketching since I was young. And I did take up art as a subject while I was in school but it was more like a hobby than a serious career choice. But in my final year of school, I dropped out of my entrance coaching class without the permission of my parents and decided that I wanted to become a designer. It was a risky thing to do but I had made up my mind by then and I must say that it has turned out pretty good.


Cristiano Ronaldo Artwork  By Manu - NGPS3858 (Copy)


2. How would you best describe your style of artwork?

My works are very much into figuration and realism.


The Terminator Artwork By Manu - NGPS3862 (Copy)


3. What is your design process, from where do you start your artwork?

When I work on self-initiated projects, I choose subjects that would let me explore and experiment. The project should be something that helps me learn something new. After I choose a subject, I do research – conceptualization – compositions – design – and then finally refinement.


Sugar Skull - NGPS3861 (Copy)


4. What tools do you use for your artwork?

I have 3 different illustrative styles with which I work on different projects. There are pencil renderings which I later digitize and clean up using Adobe Photoshop, then ink on paper illustrations made using my Rotring pens and then digital art made using my wacom tablet.
Sports Legends  Red & Black - NGPS3849 (Copy)

5. What do you do when not working?

I am football crazy. I try and play football at least once a week and watch games over the weekend. Then later in the night I practice mixing on my traktor S2, DJ-ing is another great passion of mine.

Medusa Artwork - NGPS3854 (Copy)

6. How do you stay inspired?

I would say that us designers are in this profession because we truly love and enjoy what we do. We do get mentally exhausted a lot of times because of the amount of work but that wouldn’t last long.
Robocop 1987 - NGPS3847 (Copy)

7. Do you have any advice for young designers?

Well I’m just 22 years old and making a mark as a designer. But I would advice the young designers to work on self-initiated projects when they get free time because that is something that would let them learn a lot more about their strengths and weaknesses compared to a lot of the general class projects.

Muhammad Ali  By Manu - NGPS3845 (Copy)

8.  What is the most fun part of being a designer?

The most fun part of being a designer is that you are having fun while you are working and that you make money doing it!

1 aspect of design you value the most?

In design, you are always learning something new.

1 font you use the most often?

I don’t work on a lot of typographic projects, so I don’t use a particular font a lot of times.

1 design-related book you would recommend every budding designer?

I did my specialization in image-making so the books I refer to are mostly illustration related. I think any student who wants to become an illustrator should check out the book series “Illustration Now”.

1 design magazine you can’t do without? online or offline

I think ‘Its Nice That’ is a brilliant blog filled with inspiring works.

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