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Artist Interview: Manu Jayasankar

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1. How did you get into graphic design /  illustration?

I always enjoyed sketching since I was young. And I did take up art as a subject while I was in school but it was more like a hobby than a serious career choice. But in my final year of school, I dropped out of my entrance coaching class without the permission of my parents and decided that I wanted to become a designer. It was a risky thing to do but I had made up my mind by then and I must say that it has turned out pretty good.


Cristiano Ronaldo Artwork  By Manu - NGPS3858 (Copy)


2. How would you best describe your style of artwork?

My works are very much into figuration and realism.


The Terminator Artwork By Manu - NGPS3862 (Copy)


3. What is your design process, from where do you start your artwork?

When I work on self-initiated projects, I choose subjects that would let me explore and experiment. The project should be something that helps me learn something new. After I choose a subject, I do research – conceptualization – compositions – design – and then finally refinement.


Sugar Skull - NGPS3861 (Copy)


4. What tools do you use for your artwork?

I have 3 different illustrative styles with which I work on different projects. There are pencil renderings which I later digitize and clean up using Adobe Photoshop, then ink on paper illustrations made using my Rotring pens and then digital art made using my wacom tablet.
Sports Legends  Red & Black - NGPS3849 (Copy)

5. What do you do when not working?

I am football crazy. I try and play football at least once a week and watch games over the weekend. Then later in the night I practice mixing on my traktor S2, DJ-ing is another great passion of mine.

Medusa Artwork - NGPS3854 (Copy)

6. How do you stay inspired?

I would say that us designers are in this profession because we truly love and enjoy what we do. We do get mentally exhausted a lot of times because of the amount of work but that wouldn’t last long.
Robocop 1987 - NGPS3847 (Copy)

7. Do you have any advice for young designers?

Well I’m just 22 years old and making a mark as a designer. But I would advice the young designers to work on self-initiated projects when they get free time because that is something that would let them learn a lot more about their strengths and weaknesses compared to a lot of the general class projects.

Muhammad Ali  By Manu - NGPS3845 (Copy)

8.  What is the most fun part of being a designer?

The most fun part of being a designer is that you are having fun while you are working and that you make money doing it!

1 aspect of design you value the most?

In design, you are always learning something new.

1 font you use the most often?

I don’t work on a lot of typographic projects, so I don’t use a particular font a lot of times.

1 design-related book you would recommend every budding designer?

I did my specialization in image-making so the books I refer to are mostly illustration related. I think any student who wants to become an illustrator should check out the book series “Illustration Now”.

1 design magazine you can’t do without? online or offline

I think ‘Its Nice That’ is a brilliant blog filled with inspiring works.

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