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How Not to Make a Fool of Yourself Online

While having an online profile is no big deal these days, it is not very easy to maintain one. I’ve come across hordes of people who consistently make fools of themselves online – either by tagging dozens of people in their photos, or by launching a barrage of exclamation marks.

It doesn’t help. Stop indulging in such stupidity online. Before you find yourself stuck in any such situation and end up embarrassing yourself, here’s a handy guide to growing up online.

Behave like grown ups

Just like you stopped listening to Taylor Swift after you stepped into adulthood, it’s time for you to grow up socially and quit doing immature stuff on social networking sites. It’s time for you to stop putting up those overly expressive statuses followed by never ending string of emoticons and exclamation marks. Truth is, you are only making a fool of yourself.

Please do not end up doing something like this. pic1-exclamation

Liking your own status and photo

As if asking to like one’s status wasn’t enough,some people take self-satisfaction to a whole new level. They began to like their own statuses and photographs. It’s shocking, but it is one of the most common activities you would come across on Facebook. pic2-likestatus

It’s understandable that you want to be noticed and appreciated, but such levels of desperation that lead you to like your own statuses and photos only point towards your low self-esteem. 

Tagging all your friends in your own photo

Why on earth would you do that? Why would you tag 30 other dudes in photo featuring yourself?

There’s a good number of people who somehow are able to pull this off (and get away with it). pic3-tagphoto

This, again is one of those above mentioned fail attempts to get likes on your photo.While you may think this gets your snaps some attention, all it does is annoy the people who are tagged for no reason.

Stop using hashtags

Going the Twitter way, Facebook is full of statuses overflowing with hashtags lately. Unfortunately, most of them make absolutely no sense. Every single word you type out on Facebook need not be hashtagged, especially when you have no idea how to use it. pic4-hastag

For people #who use #hashtag in every second #word on their #facebook statuses without #actually knowing how to #use it, you might want to#check out pic5-hashtagrules

With the Facebook crowd going crazy after BBM was released for Android and iOS, your news feed is probably full of BBM pin statuses.

Whether it be iOS7 update or the release of latest Android version, while mentioning it in your status is fine, but it definitely does not have the “swag factor” you think it does. pic6-calmdownios

If you’re not someone who indulges in all this – great. If you do – please grow up.

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14 Reasons Why Girls Stalk Guys on Facebook


Now here’s a little known fact- girls stalk guys on facebook. Yes indeed the secret is out, every girl has at least once in her lifetime obsessively checked out a cute guy’s profile(whether known or wants-to-be-known) and lingered pensively over the ‘like’ button debating whether it would be normal or ‘stalkerish’. 

1. Is he really that cute all the time or was it just a good hair day coupled with sexy stubble…?

2. How many girls has he got on his profile anyway?

3. SMS language typer or a proper typer because (for me) sms language is so not cool anymore

4. Debate whether his photos can be added to the ‘Eye Candy’ folder

5. Just stare at the photos with a lustful/loveful look

6. See if there any common friends i can pump for more information or an actual introduction!

7. Are we cool or are we cooler together? Or maybe we’re just hot!

8. Candy Crush or Criminal Case or god-forbid Farmville

9. Is he gay?

10. Will he sing chamak challo or Bryan Adams or Maroon Five for my budday

11. If hes more selfie obsessed than me then i think i should move on

12. Find a convoluted topic to start a conversation that us guaranteed to go on for an hour!

13. Houston we have a problem, he says Gravity was nothing great.

14. Find the ex-gf and memorize her face to report to the TADA as a suspicious terrorist.

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My Top 5 ‘F’ Words

The F-word is not just the F-word. True, it is used around the globe to express anger, joy, happiness or disgust, but over the years we have held our own definitions of F word in our head and heart. While for some it is Facebook, to many others it is still Floyd. The F-word has crossed boundaries and forced us to create newer ones. Here are my top five F-words that I cannot live without.

1. Friday :  My Friday definition changed as I grew up, from ‘Yeah, no home work tomorrow’ to ‘let’s party tonight’. What remained same is the freedom, the joy, the happiness out of it. Be it School, College or Job, Fridays are always special, first day show of a Harry Potter movie with a best friend or pizza party with the team, Friday happiness is something so ineffable. Heck Yea Its Friday2. Friends: Happiness is having a best Friend, how true. From mending a broken heart to dragging you to a movie on a boring Sunday afternoon, from best birthday surprises to guffawing around, who can do it in a better way? And this, my friend is a never ending list. quality-friends3. Films: Films always inspire us in some way or the other. They lift us and take us to our happy place even if it’s for few minutes. Some of them even create an indelible impression in our mind.  And that is why they are marvelous, they give us hope. (Well most of them) “This part of my life… this part right here, this is called happiness”still-of-will-smith-and-jaden-smith-in-the-pursuit-of-happyness-large-picture4. Facebook:  No denying the fact that Facebook irrevocably changed our life. To me Facebook is more than just a social networking site. It has brought back my old friends, created newer ones.  To many others it is about finding their love, touting their businesses, searching jobs or simply relaxing after a hard day at work. No wonder, today Facebook is having over 1.5 billion active users. 137334805820734382345. Fun: We are so incomplete without it. I look for fun everywhere to keep the dullness away, to make the world sane and to know that there is good in the darkness. Fun makes us write, live and most importantly to keep us going. remember-to-have-fun

What is your F-word? Is it freedom, faith or fear, the music band that you can’t live without or the fashion brand that staunchly follow?What do you think about these top five F-words? How they influence you in your everyday life? 

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The Facebook Effect

In the days before the Internet, before social media, before one-to-many interaction was put at the fingertips of anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account, the statement that summed up the thoughts of the silent majority was: ‘I can’t make a difference, so I’m not going to try.’

Now, though, there is a feeling that, with the right content, one person can make a difference – thanks to the reach of social media. It’s a theory the Kony 2012 film put to the test. It’s a theory the spread of anti-government uprisings throughout the Middle East has affirmed. And it’s a theory the makers of a new YouTube video are counting on to help their content go viral and make a difference.



1. Mumbai Blasts 2011



The hashtags #heretohelp #needhelp went viral along with a google doc sheet that contained crowd sourced information like phone numbers for lifts, addresses for accommodation, blood types for donations, blood bank numbers, nearby hospital, police control rooms, names of missing persons etc. There were tweeple moderating the open source sheet to edit out information that seemed fake or malicious.

2. Anna Hazare Campaign

There is no stronger case study that disproves that online engagement for a cause stops at arm chair activism. With over 5 lakh fans on Facebook and remaining in the top list of trending topics in India during all of his fasting period, Anna Hazare not only just gathered the support of and mobilized millions across the globe online and offline but also sustained the interest of the people, tweeple and media with his determination with the Lokpal bill.

3.  60th Earth Hour

images (1)



It is the one of the globally imported campaigns that was the most widespread and saw a successful implementation in India. Five million Indians in public gatherings, residential houses, hotels, government centres and commercial centres switched off their lights in 65 cities. Of course, this is one of the most heavily budgeted and endorsed campaign by a non profit in India involving celebrity endorsement, advertisement, Government lobbying etc. But that doesn’t take the credit away from the simplicity of the act, its ‘virality’ potential, its lack of frills and controversial angle as well as the direct impact it has in making the common man feel like a part of ‘change’ i.e. in raising awareness towards global warming.


4. Bell Bajao Campaign


Domestic violence was once upon a time considered as “someone else’s private affair” until this campaign changed the popular perception, especially for many men and boys. The campaign not only moved many to come out of the closet of abuse on their blog but also inspired tweeple to live report incidents of violence in their neighbourhood or even their gym!

5. Justice For Keenan and Reuben

On October 20th, 2011 Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandez were heavily injured in Andheri West, Mumbai following an attack by a group of over dozen men. Keenan died a few hours post the incident while Reuben struggled for his life in Kokilaben hospital. Facebook and Twitter were abuzz with messages of shock and support with 100 people showing up to donate blood for Reuben in response to a tweet that was passed around. Mainstream media did not pick it up in their editorials or discussions until Reuben passed away 8 days later. Along with Zero Tolerance Campaign, they collected over a lakh signatures online and on a piece of cloth that was presented to Home Minister R.R. Patil to take stronger measures against sexual harassment as well as the public outcry online has led to the case getting fast tracked in court.