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10 Reasons Why Pokemon Is Simply Awesome


Pokemon! Ah, the word brings back so many good memories, one of my favourite cartoons till date. I remember coming back home as early as I can from school just to watch this cartoon in the evening! As kids Pokemon was one of the conversations we always had with our friends discussing about the latest episode. Oh and the video games? Loved them even more. Here are ten reason why I think this cartoon series was simply awesome! :D

 1)      Well the first and foremost reason being the presence of creatures which can startle you with their powers. Be it the adorable little creature Togepi or the massive and fierce Charizad. These pokemons amazed us with the abilities they possess which made them the talk of the town amongst kids.

2)      Friendship shared among Brock, Ash and Misty. They have been together through thick and thin and watching their friendship get stronger, at one point of time or another you would have thought of your friends and yourself being those characters.

3)      The mystery behind the evolution of pokemons. I think most of us would have scored full marks if we had pokemon as our subject during our school days. Attentively watching every episode, our curiosity regarding how these creatures evolved fascinated us even more.

4)      Legendarypokemons. Yeah, this was one of my favourite things about this cartoon series. Most of the cartoons at that time were quite random and hilarious but pokemon was one of those cartoons which made you think. Think and know more about these amazing creatures.

5)      The villains! I am quite sure all of us would have called them the stupid-est villains time and again and no episode was over without them coming into the scene and creating havoc. However it was because of them that made us giggle!

6)      Bond shared between Ash and Pikachu. This was a special bond which made all of us go “Aww”. Their relationship often reminded me of the bond I share with my dog.

7)      Jigglypuff! By far the most epic-estpokemon ever! Round like a ball she can put you to sleep with her singing!

8)      Psyduck! Oh, how can I forget this one? The most annoying pokemon! Never the less I’ve always liked him.

9)      Watching this cartoon made you wish that pokemons were real! How awesome life would be, yeah? *Sigh*

10)   Misty’s song. I am not sure how many of you out there have heard this song but this is one beautifully written romantic song which Misty sings for Ash. Makes me love pokemon all the more!!

P.S – Remember those days when you used to get Pokemontazoos along with the Cheetos packet? I bought one packet everyday just to get those tazos and show it off to my friends! :D

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Typical Story Of A 20 Something IT Guy


Fresh from college, we join some IT-major, hoping of earning big bucks, having a good life, give it out everything for the first two years. And THEN, things start to change.

The rebel is…reborn!

After toiling for many months, crisis kicks in. Life has headed in a never ending tunnel, with people ending up at crossroads. Everything becomes confusing and meaningless all of a sudden.

People who had a fun/wild time in college start reminiscing about the good ol’ days. Friends are getting older, old girlfriends are getting married, life is changing. And then rebel is reborn. You buy the coolest, most expensive motorcycle in town. Frontiers never explored become the next destination. Now, 2 years down the line, riding the bike in lashing rains, a car seems to be a better option. Hell, even the Maruti 800 would do!

Digital cameras!

Super expensive, easy EMI Schemes, and a sudden craving of change makes most of us fantasize about owning that super cam. You have an idea which you want to capture via the lenses. For weeks and months you take suggestions from every moving thing and then settle on that one piece.

And then it begins. You start taking pictures, spam your friends’ FB walls with the status “My first Photos with my brand new camera”. And the certain people who used to like your pictures before, even they start to ignore you.

Like being the rebel experiment, even this on fizzles out.


Some of us keep on rediscovering the love of alcohol. This liquid beauty keeps on adding meaning to life and purpose to weekends. Saturdays become exciting. Pub hopping starts and the dreadful combo of increasing prices combined with rising monthly EMI payments on costly with near stagnant salary eat into the Pub hopping budget. And suddenly, house parties seem to be a better option.

Lets get married!

So you are in a stable relationship for quite some time now, and think you have finally found your soulmate. Yet, you barely make enough to sustain yourself, yet she is mulling over marriage. Not to forget those over enthusiastic relatives who want to write your fate and destiny at every point, asking the same question every time they see you.

You keep stalling her, and then before you know it, she is gone. She stops replying to the messages, stops responding to the calls, cuts off all communication and you get to know from a friend of a friend that she is getting engaged next week. It all finally makes sense. Everything you had imagined…has not disappeared.

Suddenly, the coolest motorbike, the super expensive digital camera, the brand new car seems pointless. You are 24 and lost.

Back to basics: Lets study!

Now that you have experienced almost everything (or as you claim), life has become truly uninteresting. You are 26 now, your girlfriend has either left you or never had one. You are doing the same boring work for the past 3 years. Nothing excites you anymore. The EMI has expired and the camera is now safely locked in the cupboard. Turns out, everyone 2nd person is now a photographer, and you weren’t a great artist anyway!

Time for something new – Time to do MBA from the US!

The monotony of life is unbearable. And then it hit you as well. You dream of dating white chicks, clubbing in Germany…basically getting away from everything where you currently are. You want something new in life, and MBA is a perfect choice. Not only you get a degree out of it, but also a chance to settle in a new country.

Start studying for GMAT, learning by-heart the meaning of every single word in the English language. It’s either the MBA, or you threaten quitting if your project doesn’t initiates the H1B. “Onsite, here I come!”

Fast forward 6 months, and you miss everything about home. The home made coffee, your friends talking total nonsense after getting pissed drunk in a local bar, the roads of Delhi…The list keeps on expanding as long as you stay in Phoren.

Everything has changed!

You come home after 2 years of Phoren to see how almost everything has changed. Your anaemic friend is fat; your fat friend is thin. The guy who didn’t have an ounce of hair on his face now sports a beard…Huh?!

Some of your friends are married. In one extreme case, they have already had kids! “How can a guy who behaved like a kid when I left, have one?”

“Ok, I’ve tried to accomplish everything what I wanted. I’ve succeeded in some, failed in some. I am running out of ideas. Lets just say yes to Mom… Lets get married”

Like any other night, you are skyping with Mom and Dad. They suggest marriage, You say no and that ends here. You get up, and head to work. They go back to sleep. Next day the insistence is a little more stronger. And more the following day. The day after that…you finally succumb to the parental pressure and say, “yes”.

You have seen the world, have met new people and are now pessimistic about Arranged Marriage. But…there is no option. You are in Amreeka, you can’t find a decent Indian Girl there of your caste who meets your long list of parameters of a perfect woman.

And then, you actually get married to someone who was a complete stranger only 6 months ago. Your life changes forever.

…And this is how the 20s come to an end.

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