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10 Reasons Why ‘RUSH’ Should Win an Oscar

hemswortgh_648x365_2397271878-heroI think I must have been the last person to watch RUSH. Actually i know I was, i went for the last show on the last day and i’m so thankful that i did. Because to put it simply RUSH IS AWESOME!!! I mean i could barely sit in the car afterwards without wishing for a checkered flag and some mind-melting revs and of course Chris Hemsworth in the driving seat. This movie needs an oscar!!!  

  • Chris Hemsworth strips often.
  • Niki Lauda. Now say the name with an Indian accent. Now imagine that happening throughout the movie.
  • The sounds. Oh my f-in god the revving sounds. I kid you not my panties fell off.
  • The dialogues. The smartass don’t-give-a-fuck repartee.
  • Chris Hemsworth’s blue eyes gleaming with intensity, whether of winning or scoring.
  • That scene where Niki tries to put on his helmet again.
  • The cinematography. The details, the blowing grass, the rain falling in Japan.
  • The whole thing of if he’s good at what he’s paid to do how it matters what his reputation is in other matters.
  • Niki Lauda being the annoying endearing asshole.
  • The car sounds or did I already mention that here?

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10 Things to Do When You Suffer From Temporary Insomnia at 3 a.m When Everyone Else is Asleep


  1. Stalk some random kid from your batch and wonder why you never talked to him.
  2. Make insanely detailed and nitpicky collages and not upload them.
  3. Wonder about the dynamics of snail sex and wonder if they spend half their life doing it.
  4. Obsessively look over yourself and see all kinds of damage ranging from tanned feet to pimples to a double chin or a pair of teapot ears
  5. Attempt to eat everything in house in the belief that it was quantity not quality of food that put us to sleep.
  6. Search for alcohol and discover that your best friend drank it all while you were in the other room
  7. Click an insane amount of selfies thinking you’re oh-so-sexy but look like a weird stoned raccoon instead.
  8. Think back on your life, not find anything to change so promptly start a parallel universe where you’re a cyborg fighting aliens.
  9. Stare hypnotically at the fan.
  10. Make a list.

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14 Reasons Why Girls Stalk Guys on Facebook


Now here’s a little known fact- girls stalk guys on facebook. Yes indeed the secret is out, every girl has at least once in her lifetime obsessively checked out a cute guy’s profile(whether known or wants-to-be-known) and lingered pensively over the ‘like’ button debating whether it would be normal or ‘stalkerish’. 

1. Is he really that cute all the time or was it just a good hair day coupled with sexy stubble…?

2. How many girls has he got on his profile anyway?

3. SMS language typer or a proper typer because (for me) sms language is so not cool anymore

4. Debate whether his photos can be added to the ‘Eye Candy’ folder

5. Just stare at the photos with a lustful/loveful look

6. See if there any common friends i can pump for more information or an actual introduction!

7. Are we cool or are we cooler together? Or maybe we’re just hot!

8. Candy Crush or Criminal Case or god-forbid Farmville

9. Is he gay?

10. Will he sing chamak challo or Bryan Adams or Maroon Five for my budday

11. If hes more selfie obsessed than me then i think i should move on

12. Find a convoluted topic to start a conversation that us guaranteed to go on for an hour!

13. Houston we have a problem, he says Gravity was nothing great.

14. Find the ex-gf and memorize her face to report to the TADA as a suspicious terrorist.

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10 Annoying Things about Being a Very Tall Girl


1. The cute dress you want would probably be of tunic length instead of actual bum-covering dress length. Unless you have the fashion sense of Rakhi Sawant.

2. If you like wearing heels, even small ones, everyone will be like “But you don’t need heels!” Not understanding that it’s about the feel not height!

3. You’re mission on date-hunting outing is not looking for a cute or hot guy. It’s about looking for a guy who doesn’t look like a pipsqueak with you.

4. You will never have the perfect posture since you’re always hunched over while talking to people who decided to have Bournvita instead of Complan.

5. Old ladies, old men, kids and even random folk would approach you in departmental stores to get something off a high shelf.

6. People in queues or in kiosks would actually get scared and jump if come up behind them. Even if you’re wearing ribbons in your hair.

7. Modeling agencies will forever try to get you to sign up for their 75000rs journeys through hell to become a starving toothpick that may-or-may-not be addicted to cocaine.

8. No matter how well you can do something in a group performance, you will always be at the back and look like a disembodied head.

9. Everyone will just assume you play basketball. Hello, there are short basketball players too! Get over it!

10. One question that everybody will ask – ‘Why are you so tall?’ Like it was a life choice we made between getting a haircut and choosing a college.

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