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13 Things a Delhi Girl Learns After Moving To Bombay



1. How to open an umbrella snappily

2. Hanging out of a local gives a better hairstyle than a blow-dryer 

3. Sev puris and Vada Pavs are excellent chaknas for drinks 

4. Sleep is optional 

5. Capris will never go out of style here because the hems don’t get wet in the rain

6. An hour’s walk in Juhu Beach’s (or any other beach’s) waves gives a pretty good pedicure and saves you 300 bucks

7. No one expects you to be on time anywhere during Ganpati and in fact they will think you have superhuman powers if you are on time

8. Squealing like a maniac because you saw Ranbir Kapoor is not acceptable. You have to be all suave and nonchalant and pretend like its nothing

9. Just because it’s sunny in the morning doesn’t mean it can’t rain in the afternoon and more often than not that’s EXACTLY when it does

10. Ladies will shove you off the train at a station and will then ask ‘aap theek ho?’ when you’re in an ignominious heap on the platform

11. People would rather not meet for months than travel on Mumbai roads during the daytime

12. Taxi drivers know everything autowallahs know nothing 

13. Once you’re here you will never want to leave except when its time to go to Goa

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