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11 Amazing Minimal Movie Posters

Here’s an incredible collection of posters from our most loved hollywood movies. They are designed by our talented artists. Which is your favorite?


Taxi driver


Artist: Inderpreet Singh

Taxi driver is a 1976 American neo noir vigilante film directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Paul Schrader. The film was well appreciated by film directors, critics, and viewers alike as one of the best movies ever.


Jurassic Park


Artist : Pseudoshit

Jurassic Park is a 1993 American sci-fi film directed by Steven Spielberg. The film fixates on the anecdotal Isla Nublar which is an islet located off Central America’s Pacific Coast. Here a tycoon philanthropist and a group of hereditary researchers made a wildlife park of cloned dinosaurs.


Fight Club


Artist: Dhwani Mankad

Fight Club is a 1999 film based on 1996 novel of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk. The film was directed by David Fincher, and stars Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter.


Pulp Fiction


 Artist: Inderpreet Singh

Pulp Fiction was broadly viewed as the most powerful American motion picture of the 1990s. The film is known for its varied dialog, humorous taste and violence.


Fast and the Furious


 Artist: Inderpreet Singh

The Fast and the Furious is an American media firm including in making a series of action films, which fixate on unlawful road hustling and heists.


Into The Wild 


Artist: Dhwani Mankad

In 2007 the considerable book by Jon Krakauer called ‘Into The Wild’ was released as a film directed by Sean Penn. This film precisely depicts the colossal work and examination made by Krakauer on the life of Christopher McCandless.


The Avengers


Artist: Dhwani Mankad

The Avengers is the mixed adventurous story of  Super Heroes like Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow.


Usual Suspects

53_2_a0b72012-fe00-4618-8c48-12994d30fddb_1024x1024 (1)

Artist : Sunanda Puneet

Close to the end of The Usual Suspects, Kevin Spacey, in his Oscar-winning performance as handicapped rascal Roger “Verbal” Kint, says, “The best trap the Devil ever pulled was persuading the world he didn’t exist.” This may be the key line in this story as the whole story revolves around it.


The Hobbit


Artist : Captain Kyso

The Hobbit takes after the journey of home-loving hobbit Bilbo Baggins who try to win an offer of the fortune protected by the monster, Smaug. Various games, both authorized and unlicensed have been released on this movie.




Artist : Siddharth Ahuja

Interstellar is a 2014 epic sci-fi film directed by Christopher Nolan. The film emphasizes a group of space explorers who go through awormhole looking for another home for humankind.


The Godfather 


Artist : Siddharth Ahuja

Popularly viewed as one of the best American movies ever made, the multi-generational adventure The Godfather is a benchmark for films.


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3 Chick flicks to watch this weekend

1. Mean Girls-

Set in Chicago in the state of Illinois, this is the story of Caty Heron, a teenager who has been homeschooled and lived in Africa before her mom got a job at the Northwestern University. Caty, along with her two friends Damian and Janice decide to sabotage The Plastics, a group of three mean girls who think not of the consequences of their actions, but only of what they might gain from them. The movie goes on to deal with the problems that girls have when in high school. One never gets bored of this movie. When Karen Smith says, “On Wednesdays we wear pink!” or “So if you’re from Africa, why are you white?” or when Gretchen Wieners says, “That, is SO fetch!” or “We should totally just stab Caesar!”

1 (1)


2. The Other Woman-

Carly Whitten is a successful lawyer. But she hasn’t had that good luck in men. She is forty and on the brink of frustration. Then she meets Mark King, a very successful business man oozing charm and confidence. He is smart and handsome, and everything that Carly has wanted in a man. On one fateful day, Carly goes to Mark’s house to surprise him, only to find that he has a wife, gullible Kate. As luck would have it, Kate and Carly end up being friends. They follow Mark, to realize that he has not one, not two (Amber is Mark’s mistress in the Hamptons), but many more mistresses than the one they discovered together. That is when they come up with a plan to beat the arrogant Mark King in his own game. Set in New York City, this movie is totally worth watching. It is enjoyable and fills your heart with warmth to see how the dire situation brings forth the bonding of the three women.


3. The Bridget Jones’ Diary-

This movie is based in London. Bridget Jones is an unsuccessful thirty year old woman. She borders on being an alcoholic, she is a chain smoker, and like every other woman she whines about how she needs to lose twenty more pounds. Regardless of how bad she is at her job, and how she meets no one but other failures, she hasn’t given up on love. She still hopes to find that one true love that will love her just the way she is. And she does meet him, only after many many many misunderstandings.



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Is Warner Bros Finally Getting It Right?

It’s been no secret that for years now, Warner Bros has made a hash of its DC properties on screen. While they might have started the current trend of superhero tent pole films (take the likes of the original Superman series, or the Burton-Schumacher Batman films), with Marvel struggling to get anything going for them, the tables have well and truly been turned of late. Marvel has managed to score such slam dunks as the Iron Man series, the Thor films, and above all, the Avengers universe. In the same time, Warners has struggled to even ape the Marvel model. They hoped to get a unified universe off the ground with their Green Lantern film, but well, that film has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 26% for a reason.


When it was announced at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, the mecca of all things comic and geek, that Warner Bros would be attempting a unified universe again with their sequel to 2013’s box office superhit (but critically “meh”) Man of Steel, I was sceptical. It isn’t just that I don’t trust Snyder completely right now. Or the fact that without Nolan present to look over his shoulder, David Goyer can turn out to be a shockingly clunky writer. It was just that it all felt too rushed. A new version of Batman less than 5 years before Nolan’s definitive take? How do you manage that, man? How can you even hope to top Nolan’s take? Or even differentiate your own take?


And then they cast Ben Affleck. Yep, Daredevil was all shades of terrible, but I was willing to get behind that guy. He seems perfect Bruce Wayne material. Specially an older Bruce Wayne. Plus, his recent escapades as a director suggest he actually has a head for story and pacing and nuance—all things that the “visionary director of 300 and Watchmen” (Zack Snyder) lacks. Maybe, it was a silent admission of Warner Bros’ part that Snyder still needs some sort of guidance when it comes to character development. And this was just reiterated when Affleck got his Oscar winning writer, Chris Terrio (Argo) on to the project. Yep, things seemed to be looking up.


But then, bombshells were dropped on us. Wonder Woman would be in the project. Maybe they were rushing a bit, but it could work. Oh wait. They just cast Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman! A woman, notorious for how skinny she is, would be playing a female superhero notorious for how buff she is! Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. And a Lex Luthor with hair. All these were wild departures from not just the norm, but what any fan of these properties could have (and would have) hoped for. Especially considering that the great Bryan Cranston was such a perfect fan favourite for Luthor.


For all these reasons, Warner Bros might have felt the pressure coming into this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Coming to the biggest geek event on Earth, with fans firmly sitting on edge, waiting to tear you to pieces for any sign of disrespect to their beloved characters, is not an easy thing to do. And boy, did Warner Bros put on a show!




As this insane first character look at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s Wonder Woman proves, WB and Snyder really seem to have gotten the character look down to a pat. And really, the Wonder Woman costume has proven to be one of the toughest to get right on screen. A skirt too short, and you get slammed for having a “leery eye”. A departure from the comic book costume (as the 2011 Wonder Woman pilot tried by giving the character a blue pants), and fans go up in an uproar. But this costume really seems to convey the character’s toughness and vulnerabilities, even making up for Gal Gadot’s slight built.


But more than this reveal, fans went giddy after getting their first look at actual footage from the 2016 film. I’m sure you have all read descriptions of the footage (if you haven’t, it’s a tease to an epic showdown between Batman and Superman, with plenty of mood and atmosphere about the two characters). Some of you might have even seen bootlegged versions of the footage (if you haven’t its best to wait till an official release of the footage. It will literally blow your mind). After watching this footage, I really have no doubt that Snyder and co have found their own (cinematically) unique take on the character. A faithful adaptation of the character from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns (which also, coincidentally, had a showdown between Batman and Superman), this version seems grittier and more ruthless than anything Nolan ever committed to screen.




Snyder has never let fans down when it comes to the visuals. And that is particularly true of the clip shown too. Oodles of style, immense teases, and atmosphere right for such an epic showdown. Even knowing this tendency of Snyder’s I am suddenly more than silently optimistic about the film, and about the entire unified DC universe. There seems to be great talent involved, and the choice of teases (till now) seem to suggest that those in control have a firm understanding of what is needed. And, for that, I believe Warner Bros deserves hearty congratulations.


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Life-lessons from Hollywood Rom-Coms


Romantic Comedies, or Rom-Coms as they are colloquially known, are one of the most derided genres in Hollywood. Men scoff at the mere mention of them, women are supposed to swoon and studio executives churn them out by the sack full in the hopes of making assured money. In the gilded world of the Romantic Comedy universe that is clearly set in a galaxy far, far away, everything conspires to bring together our blandly handsome hero and our air-brushed perfection of a heroine. Here are some life-lessons that these movies offer to what they clearly consider a naive, sheep-like audience:

  • The most attractive quality a woman can possess is clumsiness. Not independence, wit, charm, kindness or ambition, oh no. One of the sure-fire ways of spotting the female lead is to look for the woman who manages to trip on a smooth, bare floor while looking adorable. Here’s a YouTube compilation for your viewing pleasure-


  • The two implausibly photogenic leads meet in the cutest circumstances which will make for a good story at the wedding reception. Either he sees her angelic face fortuitously in a video stored on a camera he has to repair (Wicker Park) or she falls in love with his many virtues while they pursue her boyfriend through picturesque Ireland (Leap Year) or she falls into his arms by accident and subtlety be damned.


  • A relationship can be clinched only after a grand declaration of love. Either it’s standing at the beloved’s bedroom window with a boom box or crashing her wedding to declare your undying love or kissing her on a spectator-filled baseball field or tearing madly through airport security to stop her departing plane.


  • There will be an odd assortment of people artistically positioned throughout the leads’ life with very specific roles to play. The heroine has a plain or definitely less-pretty best friend whose only job in the world seems to be to passive-aggressively disapprove of the male lead and dispense sage love advice. There is most likely a sassy black doorman or hotdog-vender or landlord to provide colour. Maybe even a lovelorn, bespectacled geeky male who is there to make the hero look more desirable.

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