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Top 7 Best Ways To Pass Time In Office

Passing time in office hours is not an easy task. But nothing is impossible as we are here to help you in this. There are Top 7 best ways to pass time in office:

1. Open two windows on your computer. On one side you can do official work while on the other side you can do whatever you want. Watch videos, do chatting on dating site, watch Savita Bhabhi and much more options are available.


2. Washroom is a good option, if you need peace. As it is the only place where nobody will ask “what are you doing here”. But if somebody asks…Just pee and ignore him.

uCpkFGEQmm5rBIjQxGcn_Bathroom Creeper
3. Eat snacks! This is the best thing which you can do to kill time in your office hours. Even you need not to take stress, if you will eat in excess, as 2nd option is again ready for a change.


4. You can clean your space or rearrange things on your table. This will also give you the ability to exercise some creativity.


5. Take a break as it can give you the feeling of relief when you really need it. Get away from your work space, step outside and do something which give you pleasure.


6. Do kapaalbhati-AnomVilom! Yeah this is the only activity which can give you a healthy body along with time pass in office hours.


7. Edit your resume again. Why so??? As if you get caught on not doing your work, you may need this in future!



Mazaa Aya na? So for what you are waiting, share it na. And what you do for time pass? Tell us right below in the comment section, we are waiting aankhein bichakar.

7 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Obama & Michelle’s Married Life

In this article we are sharing some secrets that you didn’t know about Obama & Michelle married life!

1. Before becoming president, he promised Michelle that he would quit smoking but he didn’t.



2. Obama proposed his wife two years after they began dating. On a date he brought out the ring with the dessert. (A completely offline romantic thing, but guess, it worked)



3. Even in a busy schedule, this couple set aside some moments for one another and they even exercise together in the morning.

Michelle Obama, Elmo, Rosita


4. Michelle’s Shrimp linguini is Obama’s favorite meal



5. Barack Obama’s profession was propelled into the national spotlight when he gave a speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. On his way to the stage, Michelle gave him a hug and said, “”Just don’t screw it up, buddy.” (That was something touchy)



6. In an interview Michelle revealed an embarrassing thing about Obama. She said Obama was featured in a black pin-up calendar when he was studying at Harvard. However it was completely rejected by the all-female board.



7. Initially Michelle wasn’t interested in relationship with Obama, but soon she changed her opinion. On their first date, Michelle and Barack saw the movie Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing.



We hope you find these secrets interesting and funny. Feel free to share your views in the comment section below.

PosterGully Artist Interview: Debangshu Moulik

photo (9)


1. How did you get into graphic design / illustration?

I have been drawing ever scince I remember,I have got the walls of my house to prove that.I haven’t have had any formal training in art,so I mostly had to make do by learning from youtube videos. In 9th standard I got a job offer from tinkle(but they rejected me as I was too young). That really gave me a spark to take up art seriously and since then I have never looked back.
Beta, Kitne Percent - NGPS3904 (Copy)

2. How would you best describe your style of artwork?

My artwork is more of the cartoony genre of art. I has become a mix of the various styles I have had in the past.
Proud To Be A Vella - NGPS3812 (Copy)

3. What is your design process, from where do you start your artwork?

I usually start by brainstorming for an idea. Then I start sketching this idea onto paper. In this stage I see that if the various aspects of the design are in co-ordination. After this I scan this sketch in my computer. After scanning I ink this sketch digitally and then colour it in photoshop. This entire process amounts to about 4 hours of work.
The Bong  Roshugulla - NGPS3809 (Copy)

4. What tools do you use for your artwork?

I use regular pencils for sketching. If I’m inking traditionally I use brush pens or just normal brushes. For drawing digitally I use a wacom bamboo one small. The softwares that I use for digital art are mainly photoshop and manga studio 5.
Maa Ke Haath Ka Khaana - NGPS3811 (Copy)

5. What do you do when not working?

When I’m not working I’m usually studying,playing video games,reading graphic novels,or just….imagining.

6. How do you stay inspired?

I usually tend to stay inspired by looking at other peoples art,although I do have my own share of artist blocks.

7. Do you have any advice for young designers?

Gee guys,I’m the one who is young here( I’m 15..),anyways if I HAD to give to fellow designers it would be that don’t be scared (or lazy) to explore new mediums for your art.

8. What is the most fun part of being a designer?

Well,probably the most fun thing about being a freelance designer is that you get to work in your boxers!!
No Shave November - NGPS3810 (Copy)

1 aspect of design you value the most?


1 font you use the most often?

I tend to letter my art myself,But if there is a time constraint I usually use ‘Dead Flower’.

1 design-related book you would recommend every budding designer?

Just refer as many ‘the art of …..’ books of animated movies as you can.

1 design magazine you can’t do without? online or offline


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5 Most Mysterious Mysteries That Are Still Unsolved

We are so advance that we have found out the micro-organisms; the planets, the galaxies, the facts, and millions of things  that were impossible to find out and yet we are far away from finding answers to some questions that  makes it hilarious for me.!
There is nothing that the rational mind cannot  understand. Challenging the finest of scientific developments and the logical minds, stand there few mysteries that  Just   remain unsolved.!!!! Thousands of generations have lost sleep, trying to poke their nose into them, but they can’t even figure out a point which promises to ruin another few generations’ sleep.

While the strive for solving the jigsaw continues, let me tell you those 5 MYSTERIES so that you try finding the answers too  :D

5.  Bermuda Triangle bermuda

BAM..BAM..BAM!  The first thing that crops in my head since the time I read about it in my sixth grade in a hindi story book.  Called as  ‘The Death Triangle’, ‘The Hoodoo Sea’, ‘The Graveyard of The Atlantic’ and ‘Devil’s Triangle’ is notoriously known for swallowing up numerous ships and aircrafts.

BERMUDA! DUDE HOW? How does it swallow so many things and yet we do not find even a trace of the left  overs :P
Located on a water stretch between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rice, the death triangle is said to be a result of various phenomenon like methane gas bubbles, fluctuations in the electromagnetic activities, underwater rock formations, bad weather, extra terrestrial invaders and even human error. Although there’s no proper answer to this riddle now, hoping that the coming inventions would help us get one.!  You have any idea  how is possible?


4. Intuition intuition

Gut feeling, sixth sense, instinct, feeling and inner voice!!!! Call it what you feel it sometimes! Everyone is blessed with this aspect of nature. Though one cannot exactly tell what it is, but I am  sure as hell that it is there and will be present when we summon it.

 Intuition is defined as “ability to acquire representation or knowledge about things, apparently without reasoning”. It is this intuition that helps us decide often without any rational justification and it turns out to benefit us. Many incidents are reported where decisionswere made using the sixth sense and later turned out that they were right.  We all live in a mystical world, probably because there exists a little mysticism inside us. 

3. ALIENS – a myth or reality? Aliens

It’s a sin to exclude them when talk of mysteries.  A constant subject of study, discussion, debates et al since ages, the extraterrestrial or aliens often provoke us to question if at all we are alone in the universe.? Extraterrestrials have caught  the imagination of many a film makers, quite a few turning out to be blockbusters. . I ALWAYS  wanted to have a alien hidden at my home since I saw KOI MIL GAYA and literally practiced the calling aliens tone :D

UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). UFOs are said to be alien air crafts that aren’t readily recognized, is said to be in a shape of a huge disc. Many UFOs sightings have happened in the past with vague and weird descriptions. A few scientists believe in the possibility of their existence while a few condemn it calling it hoax  or a figment of one’s imagination. While people
continue to research about it, at the moment there is no exact answer to it.

What will you do if a alien stops by your house ? :D well enjoy the trip to universe ! Happy alien watching :D

2. Who came first? who came first


You must have come across this poll at least once in your lifetime. So who came first?

Was it the chicken or the egg?

This trick question is favourite of all times. With no evidence and lack of sure shot theories; this is one of the unsolved mysteries of all times. No amount of research, mythological stories or folklore has helped us to get an answer to this
knotty question.  Still you can always run to the poultry farm.. stalk the chickens.. ask them? NO! :D

Some questions are best left unanswered.!!

1. We can’t find it… Mom finds it easily. HOW?! mom finds it

ME : Mom where’s my RED SHIRT?

Mom: It’s in the second shelf of the cupboard.

ME : But mom I can’t find it! *Mom walks into the room(GIVES ME A LOOK ),reaches out to the second shelf and emerges with the red shirt*. This mystery undoubtedly takes the entire cake. People claim that when they are looking for something very keenly they fail to find it but when they ask their mothers to find it, the object magically appears and then the mother finds it.

 I’m sure no amount of scientific reasoning and research will help us get to this one. I KNOW THIS HAPPENS WITH YOU! NO! DON’T DENY IT :D  Cheers to our moms!

We live in the most extravagant and magical world full of mysteries and secrets.. some we have found out and some will always remain mystery.  Whatever superpower made this world and is ruling it. HATS OFF AND *BOWS* ! While you try to find out the answers to a few of these remember some other mystery might cross you way! Cheers!

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