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9 Cult Moments From ‘Andaz Apna Apna’


“Teja main hoon mark iddhar hai.”

Sound familiar? Anyone who claims to be a movie buff is most likely to be an Andaz Apna Apna fan as well. I, for one, consider it to be Number 1 in my list of the Top 5 Hindi funny flicks. 

For all those unlucky blokes out there who haven’t seen this film, here’s a quick recap.

Amar ‘Haila’, smartass (Aamir Khan), and Prem ‘Ooi maa’, bumbling nitwit (Salman Khan), are two ambitious guys from Bhopal who want to make a quick buck by conning people. Both buffoons sell their father’s bangle shop and hair salon respectively to land in Ooty. Both also decide to woo the London-returned wealthy heiress Raveena (Raveena Tandon), accompanied by her friend-cum-secretary Karishma (Karisma Kapoor).

Basically, whoever marries Raveena will inherit all of her dad Ram Gopal Bajaj’s (Paresh Rawal) fortune. Little do they know that Bajaj has a look alike twin, Shyam, aka Teja (Rawal) who, with the help of his Paplu (Shehzad) Taplu (Viju Khote), is scheming to get his hands on the riches himself.

Another character called Crime Master Gogo (Shakti Kapoor), a cross dresser between a pirate and superhero, also has his eye on the money.

What follows from start to finish is an unstoppable session of laughs, more laughs and yet more of it. The good thing about AAA is that it is a clean entertainer and does not resort to tasteless humour or cheap gimmickry. Although shockingly low on production values, it doesn’t matter whether the backdrop is Ooty or Film City because of its frothy, engaging content.

Come to think of it, Andaz Apna Apna doesn’t have an out-of-the-world story, nor does it bank on narrative. It is purely a dialogue-cum-(comic)-action-cum-performance-based film.

My 9 favourite scenes in the film include:


1. When Amar and his father fantasise about becoming rich and famous.

2. When Amar and Prem land at the same guest house and squabble but instantly turn into an epitome of brotherly love – Lord Rama and King Bharata – when the manager shows up.

3. When Amar is forced to gobble down kaali mirch ke laddoos. 

4. When Prem tries to propose to Raveena only to find himself making unusual visits to the loo instead.

5. Amar making a football match out of glass of sherbets. 

6. Karishma telling Prem she is Raveena and Raveena is Karishma.

7. Amar and Prem chalking down a game plan to kidnap Uncle, ie Ram Gopal Bajaj.

8. Amar, Prem getting rebuked by Uncle and a couple of reels later the reverse. 

9. The entire climax.

Even though AAA did only an average business at the box office, its popularity is unbelievable on the video circuit.

I have a mini set of friends who adore Andaz Apna Apna with the same intensity as I do. In fact, my colleagues and I once had a Who Knows the Most Dialogues Contest from AAA.

Goes without saying I won :)

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©Sukanya Verma


19 Reasons Why Having Food Is Better Than Having A Boyfriend

Nineteen reasons why having food is better than having a boyfriend

  1. A plate of lip smacking beef steak will never flirt with your friend while you are away.
  2. In this chimerical world filled with disappointment, the taste of chelo kebab will remain same and will bring happiness over and over again.
  3. Convincing your dad about your boyfriend is a hard task that we girls dread the most but when it comes to food he is already convinced.
  4. Your boyfriend will get little conscious (if not more) if you add extra pounds to your body, but food will never complain, you can have as much as your heart wants.
  5. Boyfriends come with endless demands, that thing never tends to stop.
  6. Picking a food is easy as they come with labels (you are well aware of its ingredients) but picking a boyfriend is effing difficult. You will never get to understand what’s going on in his mind.
  7. Food smells damn good while guys mostly stink (Their sock? eew!).
  8. You always have to put that extra effort to impress him, from buying that sexy outfit to sitting at the parlor for long hours. When it comes to having food, all you need is appetite.
  9. Chinese, Indian or continental you can savor each flavor a day but dealing with the same boyfriend year after year is a complete headache.
  10. Your boyfriend can ruin the chance of fulfilling your dreams.
  11. And they never come according to your specifications.
  12. A plate of deliciously hot, fried prawn can be perfect but perfect boyfriend? Are you kidding me?
  13. You cannot order for a new boyfriend online unlike pizzas (or through telephone).
  14. Put a Playstation and a strawberry cake in the same place and they will not even look at each other, the cake will do the talking only with you but don’t even try this with him. Guys and games are inseparable.
  15. Because cheesecake will make you feel same, forever.
  16. And also you can forget everything else in this world while you will let your fingers dig into the yummy mutton curry.
  17. You need to invest much less on food when compared to boy friend, price of Onion is high, I agree but surely less than the pair of Puma shoe you bought on his birthday.
  18. Also, you can enjoy having food any time of the day. Biriyani is just a call away. But boyfriend? He will show up once in a fortnight and that too after hour long fights.
  19. Because your boyfriend might throw a tantrum if you shared this post.

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10 Ways To Tell You’re Shit Drunk

Ever been at a party and you think you’re drunk, but you can’t tell if you’re only tipsy or full-on “uhoh!”-drunk (and you’re too drunk to tell difference)? No worries! Here are 10 simple ways for you to confirm to yourself that you are not just high, but shit drunk:












Via @CollegeHumour

Happy Teachers Day #MyTeacherSays

#MyTeacherSays “It’s may I drink water, not can I drink water.”
#MyTeacherSays I end the lesson, not the bell
#MyTeacherSays if you don’t go to college you won’t get a job
#MyTeacherSays you are the worst class i ever had
#MyTeacherSays we’re two lessons behind the adjacent class..

What does your teacher say?