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6 Funniest Parents Texting Experience | Don’t Share With Your Mom

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Let me tell you this, my parents are a very special breed of humans. They are funny and they don’t even know about it. And how did I discover this? I did it through the hidden texting talents my parents just acquired.  Their curiosity just makes it even funnier.

So I thought I’d compile the funniest texts parents send to their kids. Sit back and enjoy the fun ride to funny text land.

Their funny attempt at understanding the ‘SMS Lingo’.

Well for us its convenience, but for them it’s like a crash course for being one of us (that’s what they want us to believe).  Well let’s give it to them at least for trying. And the list of funny screen grabs we have makes it totally worth it! Plus, when they misunderstand the acronyms, like LOL- Loads of Love (originally you know what it stands for).

1 a

1 b

The Autocorrect War

They are the unsung heroes of the autocorrect war. I mean just imagine, one moment they want to know where we are and bam! The autocorrect happens to play the role of a comic mediator.  Such funny screen grabs of utterly funny, embarrassing and hilarious texts makes my day. It’s totally for the win. This is the only reason why I want my parents to keep texting me. 2

The ALL CAPS dialect

There’s nothing in this world funnier than the ALL CAPS dialect. It’s like they are shouting virtually. But in some hilarious cases, they just don’t know how to get the ALL CAPS option down. Personally this the funniest trait of newly text friendly parents can ever have. 3

The- Ican’tfindthespacebar phase

Every parent, every single parent with a new smart phone has gone through this particular funny phase. Mysteriously they can find everything on their phone but not how to use space bar while texting. And that just gives us one more reason to laugh out loud (not on our parents, duh! On the funny texts). 4


I don’t even know how they manage to do this with their smart phones. I can barely manage to find the setting section where you can switch languages, but in this case our parents are a step ahead of us, they explored the deep dark corners of the smart phone and change the language and then magically forgot how to switch back to the original default mode. Trust me the screen grabs will speak for itself. 5

The yearning to understand the concept of EMOJIS

Last but not the least, their commendable effort I understanding the new generation sign language. I’m talking about the outbreak of emojis.  For us it was a blast communicating with these silly bunch of yellow faces and random symbols for them it’s like trying to understand the Latin language. But you cannot drain out the funny out of the context. 6

So, I hereby conclude saying leave your parents alone with their smart phones, they’ll figure the gadget out sooner or later. Just like how they figured you. Peace.

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Top 5 Quirky Travel Destinations You Can’t Miss In 2014

Kenya, Nairobi region, the Giraffe Manor

I’ve always believed myself to be a little quirky…with everything.  And recently I’ve been stung by the travel bee, really bad. I’ve been making a list of places to visit before I hit 25. I created a list of places to visit, which are out of the ordinary and worth all the time in this world.

These places really exist and I was as flabbergasted and amazed as anyone who’s ever going to be, after reading this list of places, of course. You better have a pocket calendar and a pen on you; because you’ve got to mark dates to visit these places as soon as you read about them and plan yourself a self indulgent trip.

Destination No. 5 – Kakslauttanen, Finnish Lapland- Finland

We have seen people living in an Igloo, only in some random kiddie book, or in some movie. We equator species have no luck for the Igloo staying experience. But what if you’re obsessed by the thought of having to experience the Igloo stay (Join the club; I’ve been dying to live in one).  Your dream is about to be fulfilled. This certain place in Finland, called Kakslauttanen offers a state of the art Igloo stay experience.

Here you can stay in an Igloo and enjoy the vicinity like it’s no one god damn business. You can make yourself comfortable in a Log Cabin and hold your horses- a Glass Igloo. Imagine lying on the bed and gazing into the deep dark night sky through your glass igloo roof. Some view to fall asleep to eh?

Destination 5 a

Destination 5 b

Destination 5 C




Destination No.4 – The Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island-Canada

The person is just plain lying when they say they don’t fancy an idea of a Tree House. I mean a cozy place high up on a strong branch of a tree. Well paint me crazy, I’d jump at the thought of such a structure. And these Canadians have read my mind. There’s place called The Free Spirit Spheres in Vancouver, which embraces the Tree House concept like no other.

Spherical Tree House suspended off a tree. It’s like spending time amidst the nature and sleeping with the trees. I can only imagine the overwhelming feeling of cozying up inside a sphere that overlooks a heartwarming view of trees, and almost kissing the sky. Destination 4  b

Destination 4 a

Destination 4 c

Destination 4 d

Destination 4 e

Destination 4 f



Destination No.3 – Poseidon Underwater Resort- Fiji

If offered to stay underwater for a night without being hooked to a massive tank of oxygen and roam around, along with the fishes like they are your neighbors seems so astounding.  Poseidon Underwater Resort does exactly the same. You can stay underwater and I no kid, you can make fish friends too.

It’s lushly situated on a private island making it even more unbelievable experience.  I mean come on, a private freaking island. Holy baked Cannoli, I googled the place like a maniac who’s just a minute away from a very unusual obsession. Well, insanity sets me apart and I’m a sucker for quirky ideas. And I’d love to state that they make ‘Sleeping with the fishes’ sound like fantasy.

Destination 3 d

Destination 3 c

Destination 3 b Destination 3 a





Destination No.2 – Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya

I, myself would like to call me an animal lover. And if I wasn’t quirky I would probably have to visit just another zoo some place where these lovely creatures are caged. But I wasn’t going to settle in for just another zoo experience.  And God bless Kenya and the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi. Now picture this your are staying in a lavish and country house with a vast green land stretching as far as your eyes could gaze and Giraffes openly and freely roam around the property.

This is not a scene out of a movie people; it’s an actual place in Kenya which allows you to get up close and personal with a Giraffe.  These tall, adorable creatures roam around the property like birds in the open sky. Imagine the idea of being friends with a Giraffe. I just can’t get enough of this idea. A giraffe peeking through the manor’s window, it’s like the most liberal idea of a zoo I’ve ever come across. And it’s got my kinda place written all over it.

Destination 2 a

Kenya, Nairobi region, the Giraffe Manor

Destination No.1 – V 8 Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany

This particular place is the cherry on quirky destination dream cake. V8 Hotel in Stuttgart Germany took the ‘themed hotel’ idea a lap ahead, literally! Germany is known for its automobile revolution and the Germans have embraced it like nobody else’s business. They have this pseudo garage/ Race car themed rooms, wherein you can sleep in an actual race car bed. I really don’t know why I wasn’t aware of this place before because it has completely blown my mind away.

Now, my brains might need a little bit of oiling but I’m not taking any sort of pit stop to go bunk at this amazing one of a kind themed hotel. And I hereby wave the chequered flag that there’s only victory here if you take my advice.

Destination 1 b

Destination 1 d

Destination 1 a

Destination 1 c


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The Hiddles Fever


Fellow beings!  Before I start off with the deep study of Hiddles Fever, I advise you to sit with a paper bag, there’s a possibility you’ll be at loss of breath every time you see the specimen.

What we know of The Hiddles Fever?

Not a very long time ago, a certain breed of superheroes were introduced to us, The Demi Gods. (And we thank our existence for it).

The bandwagon was a perfectly sculpted handsome men, and amongst them is Thor (aka Chris Hemsworth) – an obvious tease. Running around the realm with his hammer and sharp carved abs. He was bound to make us girls drool. But it was otherwise, for me and a million other people on planet earth. Thor’s badass brother Loki – played by Tom Hiddleston stole, robbed and what not with our hearts.

And I give you The Hiddles Fever, his fandom and slowly and steadily everyone; they just can’t get enough of Tom Hiddleston (oh and damn sure that I am one of those crazies)

The Hiddles fever is hence an outbreak, of fangirling and storming your feeds on every social platform available with Thomas William Hiddleston 1

Tom, just being Dapper.

Early onset of The Hiddles Fever

It might start off with just a tad bit of curiosity. Who plays Loki in the movie? And it will then progress, and yes you have been infected and all you do is watch funny GIF’s of Tom, read about his dapper sense of styling, looping his interviews on YouTube. And being very neutral here; that man deserves all the web space.


I bring you, Tom ‘just being perfect’ smile.

The very reason of his flawless existence turns my berries pink. His face and it’s symmetry – I call it the Loki Left and Hiddle Right (Please see the smoldering image of the specimen neatly dissected) I cannot assure your well being after a thorough analysis of his angelic face.


The lesser known symptoms

The lesser known symptoms that may give rise to your Hiddles Fever are innumerable, by that I can write an encyclopedia on the condition but I’d list the top three that’ll surely twitch high your fever levels.

  1. I kid you not; this man can ride a horse. Ride like a Knight in shining armour. 4
  2. That god like bearded look of his.  – I mean how on earth can someone be so flawless with a beard! 2
  3. And hold on to your seat everyone; this last one can literally blow your mind away! Nothing, I mean nothing on this planet can beat this man’s dancing skills and holy lord! his ‘Snake Hips’

The Cure

I’m not quite sure if there is any cure, but what the heck, who needs one!? I’ve packed my sanity in an old dusty bag and tossed it out of the window. So here I am, all crazed, insane, nonsensical, preposterously accepting I’m down with The Hiddles Fever.

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BITSTRIPS – We Officially Hate You

Someone please save my news feed! It’s under attack; some phony, annoying comic strip app has taken over it! And people are actually falling for it!

I am talking about none other than our very own Comic Strip app on Facebook, Bitstrips.  You guys don’t need an introduction to this extremely obsessive app; put the words in there- Cartoon, self, weird punch lines and viola! You’ve cooked up an absolute recipe of social disaster. I was a very active part of this madness too, but then my sanity kicked in and here I am shining the same light on my fellow lost beings.

 Well, it started off very innocently. Just like any other app, it stood the ‘This looks interesting’ phase expeditiously. But what followed was frenzy. It’s just like the phrase we use ‘mazak, mazak mein zyada hogaya’.  Picture7Picture8The whole idea about a comic strip based on your daily life looks amazing! Ain’t it? No. Sorry to pop your bubble. We really don’t care about your daily life unless you are a mischievous 6 year old boy named Calvin and his sardonic stuffed tiger named Hobbes.  If you don’t fit into the above mentioned category I fail to identify that weird post on my news feed. Picture6I understand your enthusiasm, seeing yourself all cartoonised and being so witty and funny (Trust me, it’s all in your head), but for the sake of humanity STOP throwing unruly number of bitstrips on our news feed. I mean one or two maybe 4 is fine but posting 10 – 12 bitstrips a day is just plain crime. A warning should hit your screen just like ‘Smoking Kills’ ones – Obsession Kills! Picture4And oh my! The amount of shitty punch lines it accompanies with is the reason why I have no faith left in the term – Sentient being. It’s more like shitty beings. I am really curious now; do they pretend to be dumb? Or they really are dumb. Only god almighty has answers to these questions. Picture3And you won’t even believe it, all these comic stripping on your news feed actually made me fall in love with those innumerable Candy Crush requests. I know!  completely insane theory right?! But really I happen to confront this revelation in my head that I don’t mind those entire Candy Crush request over these absurd, mind numbingly foolish Bitstrips. Picture2Lastly, the painful effort at being funny, which truly takes the cake (R.I.P Humour). Those punch lines which you think are hilarious they actually are a disturbing testimony of how not to be funny. And who can forget the deceiving art of creating your own ‘Avatar’. It’s a comic strip app for heaven’s sake not a salon de beauté. Picture1The moral of the story is we truly had enough of this app, like we are 100 percent sure we are done with it. And I am eagerly waiting for some other app to appear on the virtual space so we can all happily get over this over rated comic strip frenzy. Picture5

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