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10 Reasons Why Pokemon Is Simply Awesome


Pokemon! Ah, the word brings back so many good memories, one of my favourite cartoons till date. I remember coming back home as early as I can from school just to watch this cartoon in the evening! As kids Pokemon was one of the conversations we always had with our friends discussing about the latest episode. Oh and the video games? Loved them even more. Here are ten reason why I think this cartoon series was simply awesome! :D

 1)      Well the first and foremost reason being the presence of creatures which can startle you with their powers. Be it the adorable little creature Togepi or the massive and fierce Charizad. These pokemons amazed us with the abilities they possess which made them the talk of the town amongst kids.

2)      Friendship shared among Brock, Ash and Misty. They have been together through thick and thin and watching their friendship get stronger, at one point of time or another you would have thought of your friends and yourself being those characters.

3)      The mystery behind the evolution of pokemons. I think most of us would have scored full marks if we had pokemon as our subject during our school days. Attentively watching every episode, our curiosity regarding how these creatures evolved fascinated us even more.

4)      Legendarypokemons. Yeah, this was one of my favourite things about this cartoon series. Most of the cartoons at that time were quite random and hilarious but pokemon was one of those cartoons which made you think. Think and know more about these amazing creatures.

5)      The villains! I am quite sure all of us would have called them the stupid-est villains time and again and no episode was over without them coming into the scene and creating havoc. However it was because of them that made us giggle!

6)      Bond shared between Ash and Pikachu. This was a special bond which made all of us go “Aww”. Their relationship often reminded me of the bond I share with my dog.

7)      Jigglypuff! By far the most epic-estpokemon ever! Round like a ball she can put you to sleep with her singing!

8)      Psyduck! Oh, how can I forget this one? The most annoying pokemon! Never the less I’ve always liked him.

9)      Watching this cartoon made you wish that pokemons were real! How awesome life would be, yeah? *Sigh*

10)   Misty’s song. I am not sure how many of you out there have heard this song but this is one beautifully written romantic song which Misty sings for Ash. Makes me love pokemon all the more!!

P.S – Remember those days when you used to get Pokemontazoos along with the Cheetos packet? I bought one packet everyday just to get those tazos and show it off to my friends! :D

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10 Reasons Why Gossip Girl Is The Best Chick Flick Ever

293.gossip.girl.nymag.042108Gossip Girl is one of those typical teen dramas which all of us loved or hated at one point of time. The characters Serena and Blair became household names as we witnessed the typical lives of people residing at the Upper East Side in New York City. From sexy clothes to boyfriends to gossips this show has everything that can entertain a teenage girl. Here are few reasons why I believe gossip girl is the best chick flick serial compared to the others.

  1. Firstly, the hot guys!  This serial teen drama has all kinds of guys – geeky, playboy, goody two shoes and so on. Best part? All of them are hot! Well, they surely do look gawky in first season but it gets better later on! ;)
  2. Chuck and Blair! The relationship they share makes you yearn for something similar to that. They are by far the most dazzling couple on screen.
  3. Gossip, gossip and gossip! One of the reasons why we enjoy watching gossip girls is due to the sheer amount of gossip, its non-stop! Moreover it’s highly fascinating to see how these gossips unfold which do get on the nerves at times but never the less you can’t stop watching it.
  4. Fashion! Apart from drooling over the guys on the show, one can’t get over the gorgeous dresses worn by Blair and Serena. It makes every girl wish they could own their wardrobe! *Sigh*
  5. New York City. Almost every girl I know dreams of going to that city someday and watching it on the serial which is popularly known as the city that never sleeps makes you want to go there even more.
  6. Georgina! No chick flick is complete without a sneaky snobbish girl who tries to ruin lives of others. Georgina is a perfect example of this. Although she is one villain you grow to love.
  7. Frenemey = Friend + Enemy. I never really understood what this term stood for until I watched gossip girls. Blair and Serena share this love and hate relationship. In real life too most of us would have that one friend who would fall under the category of Frenemy, we can’t tolerate them and can’t live without them either.
  8. Parties. Every season has episodes depicting the party lifestyle of the Upper East Side. The kind of parties which would make some of us crave for it or run away from.
  9. Chuck Bass. The name says it all. This charismatic personality portrayed by Ed Westwick is the reason why some of us continued watching gossip girls till the end. What makes chuck bass so appealing is how gradually this character evolves throughout the 6 seasons. He won more hearts than the characters Nate or Dan did.
  10. “What’s the difference between gossip and scandal? So glad you asked. Anyone can commit a minor indiscretion and generate a day’s worth of buzz, but in order for gossip to birth a true scandal it requires the right person to be in the wrong place. Take one ‘it’ girl on a pedestal, add a crowd eager to see her fall, and give them the means to knock her down.”

It was for dialogues like this in the serial that made Gossip girl so fascinating.

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9 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Low


Feeling depressed? Hopeless? Helpless? Wondering what to do when you feel all low and have no clue about how to cheer yourself up?

Here’s a list of things that you can probably try out -

1)      Sleep it off. This is the most inexpensive and simplest thing to do when you’re down. Just sleep and once you wake up that low spirited mood would have vanished.

2)      Chocolates! Yeah, the age old suggestion to do when you’re depressed. Eat chocolates, your favourite ones and eventually you will feel much better. Oh and there is a research to support this theory too!

3)      Retail therapy! Well this is for girls mainly and can get quite risky because some of them might end up doing impulsive shopping which is obviously a bad thing. However if you are still in your senses and have a good control over your hands when it comes to spending money while depressed then this one is for you! Shopping can always cheer one up!

4)      Comfort food! Gorge on all those junk food that you love, stop worrying about the calories you are taking in and just munch on them. (I usually opt for this one when I’m feeling low and does wonders to me! :P)

5)      Read a good book. No, I’m not talking about those mushy books that can make you cry. The point of reading a book is to make you feel better and not worse so go to your nearest library and choose a book that you think can lighten your mood up.

6)      Watch a movie/serial. Again, don’t watch those cheesy movies that will make you cry in every scene. Watch a happy movie! I always opt for those marvel or Disney movies they never fail to bring a smile on my face. :’)

7)      Make a list. Yes, you read that right. Make a list of all the things you want to do in the coming 2-5 years. Those adventure trips you want to take or those things you wish to buy and try to plan out how you are going to achieve it. The point here is to divert your mind to another task and as you get involved in making the list the morbidity will slowly wear off.

Oh and if you feel low again read that list or make another one like shopping list/must visit restaurant list etc. (Yeah, you must have guessed by  now I have a whole set of lists that I’ve made. :D)

8)      Pinterest. Sit in front of your computer and log onto Pinterest, it’s like a window to the world of window shopping, literally!

9)      Talk to your pet! Call me crazy but trust me if there’s something that can instantly make you feel better is talking to your pet dog/cat. Cuddle up and talk to them, minutes later you’ll find yourself smiling again! J

If you have any more suggestions regarding what can be done when you feel low, list them out in the comments, all of us could definitely use them if the above ones fail to help! :D

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10 Awkward Situations All Of Us Have Faced


All of us have had some of those really embarrassing and awkward moments in our lives and wished that it wouldn’t pop up in our mind so often making us feel stupid. :P But one can surely get some satisfaction thinking that perhaps they aren’t they only ones who always end up in such situations.

I am someone who has embarrassed myself in public innumerable number of times but I’m over that embarrassment and tend to just laugh it off. It makes such instances more bearable. :P

Coming to some of the really awkward situation one faces, I’ve realised all of us encounter this in some point of time or the other. Here is a list of 10 such situations -

1)      Waving back at someone who you thought was waving to you but was instead waving to the person standing behind you. (Always happens to me, always!)

2)      Falling on stairs or even floor especially when a lot of people are around. There is nothing more embarrassing than having people stare at you while you try to get back to yourself. (Happened to me so many times!)

3)      Banging into a glass door which you didn’t notice. :P

4)      When someone passes a sarcastic comment which gets on your nerves but you have no comeback for it.

5)      First day at a new work place or college where you no absolutely no one and the only thought running in your head is “Oh my god this is awkward, I just want to be done with this day” while you try hiding this awkwardness with a smile on your face.

6)      Running into an acquaintance or your classmate after years at a mall and have nothing to talk about after saying hi and asking what they are currently doing. The awkward silence that follows is indescribable and all you want to do is say bye and walk off.

7)      When it’s your birthday and people around you sing for you and you have no idea what to do. It’s like the most awkward situation ever since you are completely clueless about how to react. :P

8)      When you see a doppelganger of your friend or classmate and run to them telling hi without thinking twice or realizing that the person isn’t the one you know.

9)      Constant eye contact with a stranger. This can get so uncomfortable and awkward sometimes, unless well it’s a cute guy you are having an eye contact with! ;)

10)   Even though you are over 18 years old, watching sex scene on television or merely a making out scene with your parents can be so embarrassing. I still keep a book with me when I am watching some movie on television with my parents and every-time I feel that a sex scene might just come up I tend to act as if I’m reading the book and not watching the TV. :P

If you’ve come across any more awkward situations like these, list them down in the comments. 

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