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Fourth Season of Game of Thrones off to an exciting start on HBO Defined


Fourth season of Game of Thrones off to an exciting start on HBO Defined


The fourth season of the much-loved and talked about HBO television show Game of Thrones premiered on the 6th of April. For the first time ever, Indian viewers were able to catch the premiere on their own television sets – in high def, no less – on the 13th, within days of the American premiere, something unheard of in India up until now.

So far, Indian fans of this gripping show had no regular access to it, but that has changed now – thanks to HBO Defined. The amazing medieval fantasy drama now officially airs in India on this channel shortly after the American air date, every Sunday at 9pm.

The highly anticipated new season kicked off with the appearance of a new character Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne, checked off a name on Arya Stark’s hit list and gave her back her beloved sword Needle, and gave Jaime Lannister a cold family welcome back to King’s Landing after his long imprisonment. Though still just as meticulously detailed as before, the show continues to move its story at an impressive pace, which starving fans (who had been crossing off dates on their calendars since June 2013) are more than happy to devour.

So, if you’re eager as I am (and I know I’m absolutely brimming with eagerness) to know what happens next in the fast-declining Stark family’s fight for survival, the fate of the cunning Lannisters, the onward march of the determined Khaleesi, and the continuing battle for the Iron Throne, what are you waiting for? Go subscribe to HBO Defined to catch the best show on the block in high definition with zero ads! Subscription is available to users of all major DTH providers in India.

Come the weekend, make sure you’re fully stocked with popcorn to chew on during the edge-of-the-seat excitement of Game of Thrones!

What excited me most about the first episode of the new season is that Arya has finally got Needle back – there is a small sense of triumph at the victory of this beloved character, don’t you think?

So what is it about the season premiere of Game of Thrones which excited you the most and what do you hope to see on the show this season? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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5 Tips To Succeed At Keeping Your New Year Resolutions

Made a New Year’s Resolution which you really want to follow through but are not sure you’ll be able to?
In keeping with the “new year, new me” theme, I present to you a slightly self-help book-ish but helpful nonetheless (this is all written through personal experience) guide on how you can be more successful at going through with your resolutions to the end of the year and not lose hope by February!

5 Tips To Succeed At Keeping Your New Year Resolutions

1)     Keep your resolutions realistic.

The biggest mistake most of us make while creating resolutions is to set unrealistic goals for ourselves. This ends up leading to failure to follow through with our resolutions, because we find the goal unattainable and eventually just give up on it.
So, the first step to increasing your chances at successfully following through with your resolutions is to be realistic. Be honest with yourself about what you can reasonably hope to attain, and form your resolution around it.

2)     Put it in writing.

Writing down your resolution on a paper and putting it up in your room can be more helpful than it sounds. Put it in a spot where you will see it every day – this can be your wall, your ceiling, as your phone or computer wallpaper, anything.  Just as long as it’s always there for you to see. This will help the message sink into your mind and will serve as a constant reminder until you are habituated to making a conscious effort to follow through with your resolution.

3)     Rope in a ‘resolution buddy’.

Whether your goal is to start working out more often or to attend college more regularly, you will be much likelier to stick to your resolution if you have a partner to do it with. Pick someone and make a pact to follow your respective resolutions faithfully, and to question each other regularly. Your buddy can be anyone at all – a friend, a sibling, a parent, anyone.
Yours and your buddy’s resolutions can even be completely different – the point of this arrangement is simply to be accountable to someone else. When we have to answer to someone, we automatically become more committed towards the task because we feel we have to prove ourselves.

4)     Remind yourself of the awesome result of succeeding!

Think of the end result of your goal, and visualize it when you feel your commitment levels dipping. Incentives are powerful motivators when they are something you truly want, and can push you to keep trying when you feel you can’t do it anymore.
Promised yourself better grades but feeling too lazy to study? Think of the happiness you’ll feel when you see an A+ on your mark-sheet and the pride on your parents’ faces. Decided to lose weight but not feeling like hitting the gym today? Think of being able to fit into those awesome new jeans, the rush you’ll feel looking at yourself in the mirror, and all the compliments you’ll get on your new body.

5)     Don’t let a few slip-ups make you give up your resolution entirely.

A lot of people tend to throw their hands up and say “That’s it, I failed, I give up” when they slip up on a resolution. Don’t do this!
Remember that you are, after all, human. It is okay to make a mistake. So if you end up slipping up once, don’t give up. Keep going. Every habit takes some time and effort to develop, so give yourself a chance to do that. At the end when you have followed through with what you promised yourself, you won’t even think of the slip-ups – only the success!

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10 People You Will Meet in College

You might meet multiple versions of each of the following, or find one person who contains more than one of these personalities. But chances are that you will come across all of these at some point during your college life.

Try to figure out which one you are, too!


1) The Nerd

Why don’t we start with an old classic? We all know a nerd – the person who attends all the classes, takes all the notes, and saves everybody’s life on the day before the exam.

2) The One Who Always Sleeps In Class

This person manages to roll out of bed and trudge to class every morning, but that is the extent of what you can expect from them. Staying awake in class? Sorry, boss. This person is likely to often be seen in pajamas, moaning “Why did I sleep at 5 a.m., maaaaan?”They still continue to sleep at 5 a.m. everyday, though.

3) The Parday Person

Quite simply, this person lives to party. You’re probably used to their endless Instagram updates of themselves all dressed up five nights a week.

4) The Politically Opinionated One

This person is super tuned in to all the political happenings of the country/world, and can start off on a rant at the drop of a hat. He/she is also probably really into films made by people like Satyajit Ray and wears a lot of cotton kurtas.

5) The One Who Has It All Figured Out

This person has their life all planned out – whether it’s studying for next week’s test (they are part of the rare breed of college students who does that thing called studying in advance) or where they want to work ten years from now.Okay, so the second one is probably a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point.

6) The Mysterious One

There is always that one person whom you know nothing about outside of class. Where do they live? No one knows.What is their last name? No clue. And what they do with their time outside of college is the biggest mystery of all.

7) The Eternally Chilled Out One

This person never takes anything too seriously. They just kind of…coast through life. While everyone is stressing out over stuff like exam marks and the attendance blacklist, this person is too busy relaxing to let anything ruffle their feathers.You’re not sure whether you want to be more like them or shake them by the shoulders and go “You need to start giving a s***, dude!”

8) The Perfectly Groomed Fashionista

For most of us, placing ourselves under running water and dressing in jeans and a T-shirt is about all we can manage when there’s a morning lecture to get to. But no matter if it’s 7 o’clock on a freezing December morning – this person is always perfectly put together. There are sometimes guys too, but a majority of the time this person is usually a female. Perfectly straightened hair, an outfit that attracts at least five compliments, and the envy of all the girls. No one will ever figure out how she does it.

9) The Extra-Curricular Freak

This person is part of every single fest, competition, performance, and seminar there is. Chances are, they probably constantly flood your Facebook with event requests, promotional posts, and messages asking you to register for something or the other.

10) The Cool Senior

The one who’ll tell you which teachers you can mess around with, which teacher’s stuff you must submit on time, and the best way to cut corners on projects. We all need one of these to make college life easier and to teach us so we can play this role ourselves when the time comes.

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20 Signs You’re Driving On An Indian Road

20 Signs You're Driving on an Indian Road

Inspired by my recently obtained driver’s licence and my lovely friend Rameez, I present this list of idiosyncrasies that you will surely know if you’ve ever driven (or even just been in the car) on the roads of an Indian metro city!

1. Taxis and rickshaws whimsically swerve left to right to left to right (and left again) between all three lanes at 60 kmph on the highway.

2. If you leave a gap of so much as an arm’s width between your vehicle and the divider, rest assured that an overenthusiastic motorcyclist will find a way to squeeze himself into the space.

3. Your vehicle’s suspension works full-time absorbing the shocks from all the potholes and bumps on the road.

4. 90% of the pedestrians walk on the road wearing earphones and withzero awareness of their surroundings. And if you dare honk at them, they look at you as if “Cars on the road?! What is this nonsense?!”

5. You are totally used to the sight of four men sandwiched together on a single motorbike.

6. It is a regular thing to see women riding pillion on scooters/motorcycles with their faces and bodies wrapped up in a way that is fit to give Egyptian mummies stiff competition.

7. You are long used to seeinglorries with“Horn OK Please”,sceneries, various gods, and declarations of patriotism painted on the back in vibrant colours.

8. The idea of drivers stopping before zebra crossings and actually allowing pedestrians to cross the road makes you burst out laughing until your stomach aches.

9. Three-lane roads are by default converted into single-lane ones thanks to people using them as their personal parking areas.

10. You have participated in (or at least witnessed) a screaming match with a crazed rickshaw walawhile driving at least once by now. The sentence “Terebaapka road haikya?!” is sure to have featured often, along with a peppering of the choicest Hindi expletives.

11. You have learnt to keep a 10-foot distance between yourself and any buses/lorries/cement-mixers because they switch lanes like they own the road.

12. While waiting for the signal to turn green, you are entertained by 90s Bollywood music being belted out by at least three rickshaws around you.

13. You are also used to seeing 20-year-old guys driving around in their pimped up Santros as if they were driving a Ferrari, subwoofers blaring away to glory.

14. Rickshaw walas are unfamiliar with the concept of tail lights. If they want to signal left or right, they do so by sticking their hands or feet out of the rickshaw.

15. You often see men lounging in the storage areas in the back of tempos/lorries. These men also very creepily stare you down at signals, regardless of your gender.

16. You get showered with compliments by eunuchs at signals. Again, regardless of your gender. Their word of choice is usually chikna/chikni.

17. Getting pushed into the divider by the neighbouring car and having to honk like a mad person to remind them of your existence is a daily occurrence.

18. If ever pulled over by a hawaldaar, you have learnt that it is smarter to unburden your wallet a bit rather than argue.

19. You pass by the same road construction site every day for five years but it still never seems to be anywhere near completion, and there is always a traffic jam around it.

20. Every single time your car goes for repairs, the bill features the words “Break Liner Replacement” without fail.

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