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Weird Celebrity Trivia


1. Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds, 500 Days of Summer) shattered his knee and had to undergo a six hour surgery with three sugar screws and two 2 inch titanium screws. The cause? A dance-off!

2. Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Star Trek: Into Darkness) was carjacked in South Africa while filming the BBC series To The Ends of the Earth. Then, he almost died again of altitude sickness and dysentery while hiking in Nepal.

3. The Harvard educated Hollywood star that The Social Network refers to? Natalie Portman. She graduated in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

4. Tommy Wiseau’s The Room (go watch it for the laugh of a lifetime!) was financed, he claims, by importing and selling leather jackets from Korea.

5. Matthew Perry (Friends, 17 Again) is missing part of his middle finger on his right hand due to a door-shutting accident.

6. Tom Cruise admits that he still does the Risky Business underwear dance when he’s home alone. He calls it his “dance of freedom.”

7. George Clooney owns a pet pig named Max.

8. Sean Connery had to wear a toupee for all seven of his Bond films.

9. Nicholas Cage turned down the role of Neo in The Matrix.

10. Nicholas Cage ate a live cockroach to get a part in Vampire Kiss. He also got his teeth extracted for Birdy. This man *shakes head*

11. Madonna’s last name is Ciccone.

12. Christopher Walken (Pulp Fiction, Seven Psychopaths) worked as a lion tamer as a child.

13. While visiting the British Embassy in Washington D.C. a diplomat cut off a lock of Ringo Starr’s hair.

14. Rupert Grint bought an ice-cream van with his hard-earned Harry Potter money.

15. Richard Harris played Dumbledore because his 11 year old granddaughter threatened to never speak with him again if he declined.

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Five Must-Watch Cillian Murphy Movies

Cillian Murphy is perhaps Ireland’s best export to Hollywood. Aside from looking like he was lovingly kissed into existence by the sweet breath of angels, he is also one powerhouse performer. Notoriously private, he believes in a strong work ethic and staying away from the shallow end of Hollywood (which means almost all of it.) This leads to an extremely eclectic resume, which has Box-office superstar, Inception and the indie drama On the Edge riding side by side. Here are five must-watch Cillian movies:

1. Disco Pigs disco-pigs

Written by Enda Walsh and directed by Kirsten Sheridan, this 2001 movie is also one of Cillian’s earliest. Murphy and Elaine Cassidy star as Cork teenagers who have a lifelong, but unhealthy friendship that is imploding as they approach adulthood. Tragic and searing, scary and raw Disco Pigs is adolescence careening wildly out of control captured on camera in all its heart-breaking beauty.

2. Sunshine 4931708_f520

A 2007 sci-fi flick, Sunshine is written by Alex Garland and directed by Danny Boyle. Fifty years into the future, the Sun is dying with fatal consequences for the Earth. A team of astronauts are sent to revive the Sun- but they fail. Seven years later, a new team is sent to finish the mission. A wonderful cast, stunning visual effects and some profound questions posed- Sunshine is one of the best of the genre.

3. Peacock peacock-7361-poster-large

Written and directed by Michael Lander, Peacock was released straight to DVD in 2010 despite its strong cast which features Murphy, Ellen Page, Susan Sarandon and Bill Pullman. Murphy plays a bank clerk in rural Nebraska whose seemingly normal life is gradually unravelled due to a train accident. This is the kind of claustrophobia inducing movie which hinges on a single performance for its impact and Murphy, as always, delivers.

4. Red Eye red_eye_ver2

Directed by Wes Craven, Red Eye (2005) is one entertaining romp of a thriller. A woman is kidnapped by Murphy’s charismatic sociopath Jackson Rippner on a routine flight and embroiled in an implausible plot to kill a high-ranking politician.

5. 28 Days Later twenty_eight_days_later

Danny Boyle’s 2002 zombie movie has developed quite a cult status now. Four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the UK, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary. The movie is not a gore-fest but a study of how human beings react in situations of extreme crisis- kindness, bravery, savagery, selfishness- and how they adapt to impossible situations.

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Image Credits: IMDb

Five Awesome Things About Delhi University


With all the bad rep that Delhi University’s decision to implement FYUP has garnered, I thought it was time to remind everyone of the nicer aspects of this antique institution. Here they are:

1. No dress code.

Other universities might have regressive dress codes or a strict formals-only policy but DU is extremely friendly to those who are sartorially inclined. From t-shirts with politically incorrect slogans to barely-there shorts, from bathroom slippers to killer heels, DU welcomes it all. And while I wouldn’t recommend it, some hostel students have been known to turn up in their night suits.

2. One meets people with all kinds of obscure, esoteric, weird interests.

Like 13th century Norwegian love poetry? You will find like-minded people here. Crazy about a specific sub-genre of anime? Play the ukulele? Read only Asimov’s sci-fi? It’s quite literally impossible not to make friends here!

3. The professors.

This sounds nerdy but bear with me. DU has some of the best faculty in the country. These are people who have graduated from universities spread all over the world and hobnobbed with the who’s who of academic fields. A professor who loves the subject can change a student’s life. I know because it happened to me.

4. The extra-curricular opportunities.

DU is vast. It only figures that it would have societies for every activity available to mankind- films, theatre, sports, music, quiz, literary, journalism, social work. DU also has affiliations with foreign universities and student exchange programs. And numerous scholarships.

5. Food!

If you happen to be a hosteller, this criterion is nothing to scoff about since the bad quality of hostel food is nothing short of legendary. What saves the student from starvation, at least in North Campus, are the numerous affordable food joints- Kori’s, BYD, Rico’s, China Bowl and the more local college canteens and hangouts. Not only do these places provide sustenance, they are also cultural, intellectual hang-out zones. These are the times you will look back on nostalgically when mid-life crisis and arthritis attack.

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Image Credits: DU Beat

Ten Awesome Things About Having a Younger Brother


1. Who amongst us hasn’t been dragged kicking and screaming to boring family functions? From prodding relatives who have no idea what personal space is to well-meaning acquaintance whose idea of small talk is to ask about your exams and future plans, these occasions are a necessary nightmare. On such occasions, a younger brother is indispensable because you can easily kill time poking fun at the said relatives and indulging in discreet mimicry.

2. From broken vases to incomplete homework, ruined clothes and undone chores, a younger brother makes an excellent scapegoat to get out of trouble. And he doesn’t even demand very expensive bribes in return!

3. If he happens to be of the nerdy persuasion, all your technological problems can be safely deferred to his expertise. Be it buying a new phone, getting rid of laptop trouble or downloading software, he is up to the task.

4. You will always have someone to watch super-hero flicks with! And if both of you happen to be interested in memes and other pop-culture commentary, you are in for a session that is fun on meta levels!

5. You have someone who looks up to you and holds you to a certain standard and that makes for a very handy external conscience.

6. Parents are easily persuaded to buy the more expensive gadgets because these will (presumably) be shared.

7. You always have a ready partner for video-game or board-game sessions. It’s kind of hard (and a little narcissistic) to play chess by yourself.

8. Shared childhood memories and experiences are always a source of great joy (and blackmail in future times!)

9. Your taste in movies, music, sports and other areas is inevitably widened when you have another person in your life forever blabbing about his interests. And sometimes, once in a blue moon, this leads to great discoveries.

10. Convoluted, complicated inside jokes and rituals!

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