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Wear your passion on your sleeve!

Are you so passionate about something that it is all you think about? Do you worship someone so much that they become a part of your identity?

Haven’t we all seen that crazy friend who takes off his beloved team’s jersey that he had been flaunting and whirl it around like a cowboy when his Team wins? Haven’t we seen that familiar music freak on the road who beats his imaginary drumsticks incessantly. No prizes for guessing what he skins his laptop with or what does his bandana say. Yes, everything about him shouts out “I am the biggest fan alive”. Haven’t we awed that college gang who proudly showed their College sweatshirts off?

We all can identify with this level of worship for someone or something.. It could be that Hollywood hunk you can’t stop thinking about, it could be a bike that sets your pulse racing, a sport you breathe, a TV show, it could be a photo that makes you say “WOW!” every time you see it or even your alma mater. The ‘what’ may vary, but the ‘how’ does not.

Let’s just say there are some things you are so crazy about that if it was socially acceptable, you wouldn’t have mind shouting it out from the rooftops just so the whole world knows. Given rationality prevails, we settle for more subtle ways of expressing our devotion- like poster our walls with The Beatles, Bob Marley, Don Corleone, Fight Club and that awesome stuff; searching for bags that boldly declare those cult lines you can recite by heart from that epic film..and the list goes on and on. Sometimes we come up with awesome creative ideas ourselves but can’t find a way to bring them to life. And we continue to try to find a way, till we do.

We are the fans. We are the freaks. We are the cool fanatics. And we want to let the world know.


Written By Kriti Saxena

(B.Tech Student @ NSIT, Delhi)

Edited by Anuvi Srivastava (Co-Founder, PosterGully)

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Propaganda Posters | Still Going Strong Propoganda Posters PosterGully Propoganda posters

The other day while fulfilling a customer order for ‘We can do it’ poster, we got talking about what makes the Propaganda Posters striking and cool even now? Is it the strong imagery, or the old school feel to it or because these posters break the rules of the real world? A more known PG bestseller, ‘Keep Calm and Carry on’was also a WWII British propaganda poster intended to raise the morale of the British public in the event of a Nazi invasion of Britain.

Over the past hundred years posters have been used as a very effective tool for war-time recruitment, persuasion, motivation, vigilance and also, at times, to instill some form of guilt on the general public. War propaganda has included the most notable images in the history of coercion. Big, bold uses of strong and brave men and women, selfless dedication of soldiers and civilians, suffering of civilians, heavy lines, pushed angles and depth, and powerful use of photographic images, color  and shading. Undoubtedly, these give us an interesting visual into times gone by.

We also found some really interesting takes on what could possibly be WWIII propaganda posters. We’re not kidding. World is ending in 30 days. Like , really! *sigh*

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