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15 Best Things About Having An Elder Brother

  1. You get to master a wide range of slangs in the middle school itself.
  2. When it comes to Algebra, you have already learnt the tricks before your friends.
  3. You are certainly the first one in the class to know what movie/music is cool this season.
  4. And you know everything from Politics to Sports.
  5. Brothers are our lifetime bodyguards. One fight and they are just a Watsapp away.
  6. They start earning before you do. So that means lots and lots of wonderful gifts.
  7. A row with your parents and they know how to tackle it right.
  8. Not to forget “Raksha bandhan”. Tie a brother band and ask for anything.
  9. You get to taste wines/champagnes much before any of your friends do.
  10. You had the coolest wrestling match ever.
  11. Because you know the perfect meaning of love-hate relationship and no else knows it better.
  12. You are never too scared to watch horror movies.
  13. Any problem with guys and you know whom to ask first.
  14. Your boyfriend gets a proper background check and any anomaly he’s just out of question.
  15.  Also crushing on his friend is cool. You already know a lot about him.



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3 Most Innovative Dressing Ideas That You Must Try This Season

A new day begins with crazy ideas. Here is one for you. Give yourself a chance to get lost amidst a rainbow colored world and then later be ready for an unconventional twist. Rediscover your wardrobe today by bringing your quirky sense out of the closet. To begin with, check out our three most innovative dressing ideas that are must try this season. Picture2                                                                                                                           Via Sabyasachi

Look at those evenly paired piece of chic stripped tees and amazingly classy saris. If you see yourself as confidently bold and somewhere in the mid twenties definitely try this one out. It is hot, classic, smart and as beautiful as a dream. This one is a creation of Sabyasachi Muckerjee, portrayed in Lakme Fashion Week, 2013. Oh don’t you forget to wear that statement royal blue neck piece. Picture3Guys, here is one for you too. Lungi has grown old, true, but who said it is out of fashion?  You can always redefine it by putting your own ideas. While a graffiti Lungi paired with black tee will make a casual look, a glossy brown Lungi teamed with white leather jacket will make the look more formal.  In which ever way you try, Lungi will definitely be a cool statement this season. And girls, a bright checked Lungi (you can try Polka dots as well) paired with neon orange knotted shirt is quite enough to make the air hot. Go, try (And guys, definitely not the Khan way, not that cap either). Picture4                                                                                                                     Via Purple Peeptoes

While billowing skirts are a new in (but way too girly), you can try out something very different (yet cool). Okay, this is coming from my favorite fashion blogger, Karishma Rajani. Cropped pant, a classy blazer and a black bow tie is enough to make you look enthralling. I admit with my heart that the bow tie does the sheer magic but the other parts compliment as well.  Make it complete with your own favorite shade of lipstick, cherry pink or ox-blood-red, whatever.

Love / hate /already started wearing them? Share with us your valuable feedback on the aforementioned ideas.

“And as for Audrey, well — she even makes a cigarette look sexy.”  But what about you?  Tell us about your unique style and attitude. Tell us how gutsy you are when it comes to fashion?  Are you totally beguiled by Charlotte Free? Well I am. So Men and Women out there tell us about your fashion story.

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6 Reasons Why Microsoft Is Losing Its Way


Not many years back, Microsoft introduced us to all the big products (like Windows, MS office, Skype, Xbox among plethora of others). But things are not same as they were in nineties.  They didn’t initiate anything new while they sat on the top and enjoyed their monopoly business. They failed to understand that being on the top comes up with even more responsibilities and eventually, the inevitable downfall started before they even realized. Here are six reasons why Microsoft is losing its way in today’s market.

1. Windows as an OS:  There was a time Windows OS was ubiquitous but gradually it is taking the rear seat. People are leaning more towards MAC and Linux. While Mac is the new cool with its super sexy designs, Linux is also appearing in the front pages these days with its high usage in enterprises and colleges. Be it in the development platform, servers (web/application/database) or for simply monitoring services Linux is the OS for enterprises. It is slowly taking notice as people have started moving out of their comfort zones. They cannot rely on everything being served before hand. It’s definitely not easy for a bunch of computer science graduates to stay as stupid end users for their whole life. Linux is Open source (that means bugs are solved readily by proficient programmers all over the world and you don’t have to wait for the next release), cheap (unless you are unethically using the pirated version of Microsoft) and flexible (for example you can change codes and do everything with right click what others do with left etc). 

2. MS Office Vs Open Office:  Open Office is absolutely free while MS office cost depends on the number of computers that needs to be installed with it (the main reason why enterprises chose Open Office).  Open office is completely cross platform, it can be used in any OS including Linux. It gives you the option of saving the file in .doc/.xls formats and later you may open the same in MS Office (Okay there are some formatting issues, I agree). On the contrary you save a file in MS office and later opening it in Open Office will give you some hard time. Also Open office has the advantage of being open source. Change the code and use it in your own way.

3. Decline of Internet Explorer:  True Microsoft crashed Netscape and came out with some innovating ideas like Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) but it stopped competing with the growing technology and innovations and so it got lost, already before IE7 or IE8 were released. Microsoft did absolutely nothing when people migrated from Internet Explorer to Firefox/ Chrome. The substitutes they provided were not really out of the box or cool. According to the recent statistics the market share of IE is much lesser than Chrome and has lost its popularity among the youth. IE9 is good but I am afraid it’s pretty late.

4. Why not Windows phone:  Microsoft procrastinated in entering the Mobile OS market.  Also even today the marketplace does not look good and finding an app takes much effort. Who wants to do big tasks when Google’s Android is so user friendly? More over you have to buy most off the apps, while android has a big free market. The windows phone has many not so cool stuffs, like every time you hit the search button, Bing opens up. Who uses Bing anyway? Also wireless goes to sleep if you turn your phone off.  Watsapp your friends and you will never able to reach them.  Multitasking is a big pain. On the other hand android (or I phone) handles these stuffs in smarter ways.

5. And that Surface is a big flop: “The fact is, the more you look at a tablet as a PC, the more the baggage from the past affects the product.” says Tim Crook, the Apple CEO.  Also Apple and Android markets are well established. They have large customer base. Apple or Samsung already garnered the trust of their clientele by wonderful smart phones they provide.  More of Android is open source. Microsoft really has to come up with something innovative to lure its customer in the tablet market.

6. They are not doing something Big: While others are continuously inventing, Microsoft is doing nothing about it. For example look at “StreetView” or “Hangout” app. Microsoft is only replacing the old ones with the newer versions (remember the time when everybody used Skype?). But unless they come up with something absolutely new and good they will never be able to beguile their customers. It’s not a good idea to come into the market with what already exists when there are big players like Apple/Samsung/Google already capturing most of the market. The market is competitive today like never before and it’s high time that Microsoft sets their foot in with something very unique and smart.

I know some of you worships Microsoft products and believe me there is absolutely nothing wrong in it. Microsoft still generates high profits every year and lure young graduates just like before. But somewhere I believe the glamour is lost today because of cooler inventions that are happening every moment and because Microsoft is playing it too late.

What is your say about Microsoft? Do you think these are the potential reasons for its downfall?

Be it good or bad share with us your everyday experience with Microsoft.

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20 Problems Only People With Glasses Will Understand



Glasses are cool, they say but not unless you are Harry Potter. Glasses make our life pathetic most of the times. So here are top twenty problems that only people with glasses will understand.

  1. Glasses don’t ever go with traditional dresses.  You cannot wear it with make up, earrings or nose rings. In most cases they make you look over accessorized and so not cool.
  2. And every time it rains you feel less romantic. You mess it up and get yourself too busy deciding on whether to take off your glasses or not. Umbrellas/Raincoats/hoods don’t help either.
  3. You never get a chance to look in the mirror and check how cooler you look without them (unless you are trying contact lenses off course)
  4. Also you have to shower without your glasses. You cannot even read the label and you end up using Shaving cream instead of Conditioner.
  5. Reflections give you more trouble than anything else. It leads you to have innumerable embarrassing photos (Imagine I even have one on my ID card).
  6. And every time you plunge into the swimming pool you feel sadder. You lose your way, cannot find friends. Most importantly you cannot even check out cooler guys (or hot girls).
  7. Coming out of an air conditioned car or mall makes your world foggy and gives you hard time.  
  8. Similarly, you cannot drink coffee or any hot drink. Wait, you have to take off your glasses first.
  9. Hugging or kissing is a big time problem. In the middle of something you just have to blurt out, ‘Wait! Let me take off my glasses first’. Imagine the awkwardness.
  10. You cannot flaunt your super sexy Sunglasses ever.
  11. You spend a whole lot of time searching for your glasses (and end up finding it on your bed side table). Some one should be appointed for this job alone. How do people, on the first place, even expect a blind person to search for it?
  12.  And if you are sports person it’s a real curse. Be it football, cricket, tennis, you always have the fear of smashing them.
  13. People rebuke you all the times, saying ‘you have two pairs of eyes and you still cannot see?’ ‘Well I am blind on the first place, remember?’
  14. Sweating and crying is a big no no for you.
  15. You spend your salary on buying cooler glasses and become a bloke while others get to spend it on buying food and dress. So unfair.
  16. Friends want to try it out. They cannot see you through it and neither can you without it. Why give trouble to the feckless blind woman then?
  17. Going to a 3D movie is a complete LOL situation, wearing two glasses amidst a whole lot of other strangers.
  18. You have to clean your glasses most often. Not that only. You also have to carry a small piece of cloth or napkin to clean it up every five minutes. Such a big task.
  19. You cannot even wear a headphone. They give you head aches.
  20. You always have that big chance of falling asleep with your glasses on and eventually you end up breaking them.

Wearing your glasses? Tell us why you hate/love them. Not wearing one? Never mind tell us why you feel luckier. 

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