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8 Problems Of A Curly Haired Girl

#1 What goes in, never comes out. And this automatically makes our hair a place to store things like leaves, bits of paper food, stationary, etc. enhanced-buzz-5535-1372183214-0
#2  Money wasted on hair products. More than half of our pocket money/salary is spent on hair products like conditioners and serums only to realize that this brand doesn’t work on our hair. So, we do the same next month with some other brand and realize the same thing again. anigif_enhanced-buzz-27720-1372183134-0
#3 Straight hair envy. Because of this, we try several things like straightening, fringes only to realize that doing this was the biggest mistake of our lives. anigif_enhanced-buzz-13578-1357926064-3
#4 Moisture. Moisture is the biggest enemy of curly, frizzy hair. The moment we leave or rooms, hair looks great. We step outside in the moist climate and “puff” goes the hair! enhanced-buzz-23801-1357919061-11
#5 Everyone sees curly hair as something to be fixed. And so we get thousands of tips to “fix” our curly hair from our mum’s friend, neighbor aunt, our own aunt, sister, friend, etc. anigif_enhanced-buzz-4119-1357933721-4
#6 Curly hair are extremely unmanageable. And when we sleep with our hair untied (by mistake), we wake up looking like a huge pom pom anigif_enhanced-buzz-16375-1372178126-8
#7 Hair length. No matter how long we grow them, they just don’t seem to grow because , for curly hair, it doesn’t grow “long”, it grows “wide”. anigif_enhanced-buzz-31296-1372192291-24
#8 The drying process is completely unpredictable. You wash your hair, they look great. But you never know, how your hair will look after drying. Usually, they get frizzy and make you look horrible.
But lets admit, curly hair also has its pros. Curly hair is never out of fashion and is very uncommon. Also, they give a new hairstyle with every wash.
I specially love it when my friends look at my hair and say “WOW! your looks gorgeous! Did you go to the saloon to set them?”
So, yeah I’m proud to be a curly haired girl!
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10 Annoying Things about Being a Very Tall Girl


1. The cute dress you want would probably be of tunic length instead of actual bum-covering dress length. Unless you have the fashion sense of Rakhi Sawant.

2. If you like wearing heels, even small ones, everyone will be like “But you don’t need heels!” Not understanding that it’s about the feel not height!

3. You’re mission on date-hunting outing is not looking for a cute or hot guy. It’s about looking for a guy who doesn’t look like a pipsqueak with you.

4. You will never have the perfect posture since you’re always hunched over while talking to people who decided to have Bournvita instead of Complan.

5. Old ladies, old men, kids and even random folk would approach you in departmental stores to get something off a high shelf.

6. People in queues or in kiosks would actually get scared and jump if come up behind them. Even if you’re wearing ribbons in your hair.

7. Modeling agencies will forever try to get you to sign up for their 75000rs journeys through hell to become a starving toothpick that may-or-may-not be addicted to cocaine.

8. No matter how well you can do something in a group performance, you will always be at the back and look like a disembodied head.

9. Everyone will just assume you play basketball. Hello, there are short basketball players too! Get over it!

10. One question that everybody will ask – ‘Why are you so tall?’ Like it was a life choice we made between getting a haircut and choosing a college.

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20 Problems Only People With Glasses Will Understand



Glasses are cool, they say but not unless you are Harry Potter. Glasses make our life pathetic most of the times. So here are top twenty problems that only people with glasses will understand.

  1. Glasses don’t ever go with traditional dresses.  You cannot wear it with make up, earrings or nose rings. In most cases they make you look over accessorized and so not cool.
  2. And every time it rains you feel less romantic. You mess it up and get yourself too busy deciding on whether to take off your glasses or not. Umbrellas/Raincoats/hoods don’t help either.
  3. You never get a chance to look in the mirror and check how cooler you look without them (unless you are trying contact lenses off course)
  4. Also you have to shower without your glasses. You cannot even read the label and you end up using Shaving cream instead of Conditioner.
  5. Reflections give you more trouble than anything else. It leads you to have innumerable embarrassing photos (Imagine I even have one on my ID card).
  6. And every time you plunge into the swimming pool you feel sadder. You lose your way, cannot find friends. Most importantly you cannot even check out cooler guys (or hot girls).
  7. Coming out of an air conditioned car or mall makes your world foggy and gives you hard time.  
  8. Similarly, you cannot drink coffee or any hot drink. Wait, you have to take off your glasses first.
  9. Hugging or kissing is a big time problem. In the middle of something you just have to blurt out, ‘Wait! Let me take off my glasses first’. Imagine the awkwardness.
  10. You cannot flaunt your super sexy Sunglasses ever.
  11. You spend a whole lot of time searching for your glasses (and end up finding it on your bed side table). Some one should be appointed for this job alone. How do people, on the first place, even expect a blind person to search for it?
  12.  And if you are sports person it’s a real curse. Be it football, cricket, tennis, you always have the fear of smashing them.
  13. People rebuke you all the times, saying ‘you have two pairs of eyes and you still cannot see?’ ‘Well I am blind on the first place, remember?’
  14. Sweating and crying is a big no no for you.
  15. You spend your salary on buying cooler glasses and become a bloke while others get to spend it on buying food and dress. So unfair.
  16. Friends want to try it out. They cannot see you through it and neither can you without it. Why give trouble to the feckless blind woman then?
  17. Going to a 3D movie is a complete LOL situation, wearing two glasses amidst a whole lot of other strangers.
  18. You have to clean your glasses most often. Not that only. You also have to carry a small piece of cloth or napkin to clean it up every five minutes. Such a big task.
  19. You cannot even wear a headphone. They give you head aches.
  20. You always have that big chance of falling asleep with your glasses on and eventually you end up breaking them.

Wearing your glasses? Tell us why you hate/love them. Not wearing one? Never mind tell us why you feel luckier. 

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